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Trades [USA] H: Tapu Leles W: Marshadow GX FA/HR

Anthony Orosco

Aspiring Trainer
Hello! Welcome to my humble trade thread! I have 5 rules to follow before you trade with me:
1. Cards you trade me must be either lightly played, near-mint, or mint.
2. You live in the U.S (Sorry, maybe after I get more stock I'll go WW)
3. You be courteous to everyone on this thread.
4. The person with fewer positive refs trades first.
5. A referral must be submitted after trading, one from me and one from you.

If a category is blank, that means I have nothing of that type from that set. Think you could help me out? If you're looking for Meta Trainers please ask!
Thanks, and I hope you find what you're looking for!


x2 Hoopa EX PRXY 71

Giratina (Devour Light) PRXY 184

Jirachi PRXY 67

Rayquaza EX Dragons Exalted 85/124

Florges EX (Phantom Forces, Heavily Played)

Thundurus Holo (Legendary Treasures)

Gliscor Holo (Boundaries Crossed)

Giratina Holo (Platinum)

Kyogre Holo (Call of Legends)

Furfrou Holo (XY Base)

x1 Magnetic Storm (Flash Fire, League Promo)

x4 Phanpy Plasma Storm 71/135

x2 Donphan Plasma Storm 72/135

x4 Fighting Stadium (1 Rev Holo) Furious Fists 90/111

x4 Robo Substitute Phantom Forces 102/119

x4 Of all Night March Pokemon

4-4-4 Crobat (Phantom Forces) Line

x4 Rev Holo Professor Sycamore

x4 N

x5 Shauna (1Reverse Holo)

x1 Professor Brichs Observations

x3 Teammates

x1 Lysandre

x1 Giovanni's Scheme

x4 Korrina

x1 Pokemon Center Lady

x3 Pokemon Ranger (1 Regional Promo Holo)

x1 Olympia (1 Rev Holo)

x1 Maxies Hidden Ball Trick

x4 Ninja Boy (1 Rev Holo)

x1 Brigette

x1 Judge

x4 Hex Maniac

x1 Team Flare Grunt

x1 Ace Trainer

x1 Winona

x2 Pokemon Fan Club (1Reverse Holo)

x1 AZ (Reverse Holo)

x1 Fisherman

x2 Faded Town (1Reverse Holo)

x1 Silent Lab

x1 Shrine of Memories

x2 Fairy Garden

x2 All Night Party

x3 Team Magmas Secret Base

x11 Ultra Ball (1 Sun and Moon)

x4 Dive Ball

x2 Mega Turbo

x1 Escape Rope (2 Rev Holo - Primal Clash/Burning Shadows)

x2 Buddy Buddy Rescue

x6 Crushing Hammer (1Reverse Holo - 3 Sun and Moon)

x2 Energy Switch

x4 Evosoda

x4 Puzzle of Time

x5 Trainers Mail (1 Rev Holo - 2 Regular - 2 SR)

x5 Acro Bike

x4 Forest of Giant Plants

x4 Bursting Balloon

x3 Devolution Spray (1Reverse Holo)

x5 Float Stone

x2 Random Receiver (1Reverse Holo)

x2 Super Rod

x1 Town Map

Secret Rares:

x1 Switch

EXs: Whoops, nothing here! Think you could trade me some?:)


Medicham 80/160

X2 Aegislash 100/160

Groudon 84/160 (Shatterfoil)

Reverse Holos:

Vulpix 20/160

X2 Corphish 42/160

Tentacool 70/160

Electrike 59/160

Torchic 25/160

Chinchou 57/160

Combusken 27/160

Marshtomp 34/160

Nidorina 67/160

Masquerain 14/160

Medicham 80/160

Gorebyss 52/160

Whiscash 41/160

Walrein 48/160

Delcatty 114/160

Gardevoir Spirit Link 130/160

Scorched Earth 138/160

Wonder Energy 144/160

Shrine of Memories 139/160

Secret Rares:

x1 VS Seeker

Full Arts:


x2 Shaymin


Absol 40/108

Reverse Holo:

Exeggcute 1/108

Gligar 36/108

Bagon 54/108

Pelipper 19/108

Deoxys 33/108

Zekrom 64/108

Revive 88/108

Steven 90/108


Hoopa EX


x4 Gyarados AT (2 Promo - 1 Prerelease)

Jolteon 26/98

Reverse Holos:

Golett 34/98

X2 Combee 9/98

Vespiquen 10/98

Cottenee 55/98

Wooper 38/98

X3 Baltoy 31/98

Sableye 44/98

Whimsicott 56/98

Kirlia 53/98

Goodra 60/98

Eco Arm 71/98

Faded Town 73/98

Level Ball 76/98

4-3-3 Vileplume Line

x4 Unown

EXs: Glalie EX


Zoroark BREAK


Reverse Holos:

Cubone 77/162

Woobat 71/162

Granbull 99/162

Starmie 30/162

Dedenne 57/162

Stunfisk 56/162

Aromatisse 106/162

Rainbow Energy 152/162


x3 Darkrai EX (1 Full Art)


Reverse Holos:

Petilil 7/122

Espurr 58/122 (Would not recommend trading. I often find it following me around my house)

Corsola 29/122

Sudowoodo 67/122

Seedot 4/122

Ferrothorn 80/122

Pangoro 75/122

Max Potion 103/122


x1 Genesect EX FA


Reverse Holos:

Carbink 50/124

Binacle 22/124

Minccino 87/124

Burmy 2/124

Random Receiver 109/124

Devolution Spray 95/124

Audino Spirit Link 92/124

Shauna 111/124

Pokemon Fan Club 107/124

Full Arts:

SR Volcanion


Yveltal x2

Shiftry 11/114

Chandelure 50/114

Ampharos 40/114

Reverse Holos:


Litwick 48/114

Tangela 1/114

Clauncher 33/114

Fletchling 94/114

Deino 84/114

Drifloon 46/114

Croagunk 58/114

Meoth 88/114

Ponyta 16/114

Klink 71/114

Larvesta 14/114

Chimchar 18/114

Mantine 27/114

Nidoran (Male) 43/114

Tangrowth 2/114

Persian 89/114

Zweilous 85/114

Hydreigon 86/114

Avalugg 37/114

Primeape 53/114

Armaldo 57/114

Hoopa 51/114

Volcarona 15/114

Nidoking 45/114

Claw Fossil Anorith

Captivating Poke Puff 99/114


Meowstic EX


Butterfree 5/83


x1 Tauros GX RR

x1 Toxipex GX FA
x1 Turtonator GX FA
x2 Tapu Lele - Only trading for HR Leles in return


x2 Darkrai GX FA

x2 Lycanrox GX FA

x1 Golisopod GX

x1 Golisopod GX HR

x2 Alolan Muk GX

x1 Alolan Muk GX HR

x1 Charizard GX

x1 Tapu Fini GX

x1 Salazzle GX

x2 Marshadow GX

x1 Tapu Bulu GX FA

x1 Kiawe FA

Sealed copy of Pokemon Sun - Valued around $35 dollars

Copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby - Case and manuals in mint condition - valued at $25

Copy of Pokemon X - Case and manuals in mint condition - valued at $25


x4 Marshadow GX FA/HR
Reverse Holo of any of the following:
x1 Guzma
x8 Fairy Energy

Any other offers are appreciated!

Completed trades:
ProZlockie x2
Serperior x2
Celty x5

Trades in progress:

Positive refs: +16
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Aspiring Trainer
Hello. I have an Full Art AZ. I am interested in the following:

Xerneas BREAK Steam Siege
Darkrai EX Breakpoint

Please check my list to see if you are interested anything else. Thanks!

Anthony Orosco

Aspiring Trainer
Hello. I have an Full Art AZ. I am interested in the following:

Xerneas BREAK Steam Siege
Darkrai EX Breakpoint

Please check my list to see if you are interested anything else. Thanks!
I actually just traded for FA AZ, but thank you anyway! I'm also sorry for not replying sooner. For some reason I wasn't receiving email notifications >.<


Aspiring Trainer
That is fine, thanks for letting me know.

I also happened to get an Archie's Ace in the Hole FA, would you be interested in that?

EDIT: I also have 4 Vespiqen and 4 Unown for trade.

Anthony Orosco

Aspiring Trainer
I would be willing to trade for Archie, 2 Vespiquen, and 3 Unown. That may seem like a lot, but when it boils down to price, Darkrai is about four dollars more. Btw, I refer to TCGplayer.com for prices. Its a whole lot better then Troll and Toad, and my entire Pokemon League uses it (If that means anything:p). After looking at your list, I think that would be all I could offer fairly.


Aspiring Trainer
That sounds good to me. Do you need more than just the 2 and 3? I wouldn't mind throwing in a few extra (I have a ton). :)

If this sounds good pm me with the offer!

Anthony Orosco

Aspiring Trainer
I'm fine on those, but if you have any Oddish or Glooms from Ancient Origins that don't want, I would happily accept:D


Somebody you used to know
Hi, would you be interested in trading your Weakness Policy (Secret Rare) for my Vs Seeker and 2 Float Stones?

Anthony Orosco

Aspiring Trainer

Subtracted cards that were traded. Added Full Art Thundurus and Mega Pidgeot EX. Made changes to wants and title.


Advanced Member
Hey man, I've got a 1-1 FA Scizor-EX line but I'm not seeing anything I like. Do you have any VS Seeker or sealed product unlisted...or could you buy them via PayPal?

Anthony Orosco

Aspiring Trainer
Hello Serperior! I have 1 Secret Rare VS Seeker that I would be willing to trade, however I only need the Basic Scizor which wouldn't cover the cost. If you have anything else to offer, I would be fine with that. However I can purchase through PayPal if that is better for you. The only problem is I think you need to do something specific before you can sell cards through Pokebeach. If that is not an issue, I would much rather buy it directly from you:)


Advanced Member
Oh you need Xerneas BKT? I've got those man! I like that VS Seeker SR, but I'm also looking for:
  • VS Seeker (non-SR)
  • Team Magma's Secret Base
  • Gardevoir-EX STS
  • M Gardevoir-EX STS
  • Hoopa-EX
  • Dragonite-EX EVO
  • Manaphy-EX BKP
  • Sealed Evolutions product
If you've got em! Let me know!