'Unbroken Bonds,' May's English SM10 Set!

I know there was a rare candy in celestial storm but I can't remember if it was an A alternative or an actual reprint.
Waiting ten years to bring back Baby Pokemon and make them worse than ever.... well, some choices were made!

Happy to see Dewgong back too. <3 And the Wigglytuff and Snorlax art are adorable and derpy.

Where are Bellossom and Politoed? Stop doing this, PCL.
Do we think that if we have an effect of any Pokémon being able to use moves from their previous evolutions from the number of cards that give that effect, that the non-gx Persians ability will allow Persian GX to use its attacks without needing energy because it’s previous evolution meowth knows cat day?
I am so pleased the baby Pokémon are making a comeback. That had given me an idea for Stage B Pokémon (where Pokémon such as Pikachu, Togetic, Lucario and Jynx (for example) could either be played as Basic Pokémon, OR (if you wanted) evolve them from Pichu, Togepi, Riolu and Smoochum respectively. As Togepi and Riolu are technically classed as Baby Pokémon, the Stage B concept would give the TCG an opportunity to properly represent the Baby Pokémon, AND acknowledge the fact that the 18 Baby Pokémon are pre-evolved forms of the respective Basic Pokémon).
Wait a second, why aren't we talking more about espurr? It can kill any bench pokemon with less than 2/3 of its health remaining. It has the attack cat day which means with Persian it attacks for free. Isn't it the dream of every spread deck? 80 Damage on a Pikarom and kill with espurr. Am I misreading the attack?
This is the best set in a long time!! Really interesting, fresh, new Pokemon, and a ton of super cool combos.

Whether it's Cat Day Espurr, or milling with Giovanni's Exile, or Gengar, what an amazing set. It's criminal that amiami doesn't have preorders open yet!!
The combo of Gionvanni’s Exile (any maybe Surge in the future), Spiritomb from Team Up and Giratina looks like it could be part of a nasty spread deck. I assume the "once during your turn" part of Giratina's ability is per card, right? It seems like if you can only use an ability once per turn it's been more explicitly stated.
Yeah if it says just once per turn it's per card and if it moved between zones again that once per turn resets.
Now I just need to get them back into the discard, hand, or into the deck once the Giratina end up on my bench at the end of the combo.
Edit: In addition to the below, are we going to talk about how thick and muscular regular Persian's neck is?? Wouldn't want to take a Headbutt from that one!

When I heard that Baby Pokémon were returning in this set, I immediately began to wonder how they would interact with the rest of their pokémon families.

And the answer turned out to be that they simply don't. At all.

They can’t evolve into the other members of their families, they do not grant a special effect or boon if they are played together etc.

I don't know, it feels somewhat off-putting that these Baby Pokémon are technically completely stand-alone pokémon from the rest of their evolutionary line.

Totally agree with this sentiment. The only "special" or unique thing about them is that now they have "attacks" you can use from your Bench I guess. If they didn't completely end your turn that would have been nice (albeit potentially broken, so the effects would need to be a little reduced).

I feel like people are grossly underestimating how busted that Mismagius can be. If you go second, use a Dusk Stone to evolve into it, KO it, and attach a Counter Energy and Counter Gain to a Pokemon, you can use a three-energy attack on your first turn.

Or even better: use a Fighting-type with Fighting Energy, Fighting Dojo and Diancie. The Landorus that's coming in this set could do 120 (60+40+20) damage, meaning it could OHKO PikaRom on your first turn.

Didn't think of this but you're right. Mismagius can be used for Prize manipulation early in the game, whether you're trying to hit a specific number for an Ultra Beast attack or trying to put yourself at a temporary Prize Card disadvantage to reap the rewards of some effect like Dojo, etc.
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And don’t forget zoroark. That can definitely help with draw. Also, pairing this with zoroark mill will probably be something seen.
The downside of adding Zoroark is they can Guzma it and replace the stadium easily. I would just add extra supporters for drawing...
Sad that this looks to be a more heavily stylized version of Red and not his more serious look from older stuff
They're trying to make them all look cute to be popular with the families....though remember this kid single handedly took down an entire criminal organization at age 10, so at the same time...
Well cute and deadly, it is I guess.