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In Search Of [UK-EUROPE] Mostly Older Era Cards

Discussion in 'Buy, Trade, & Sell' started by PokePirate, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. PokePirate Aspiring Trainer


    Firstly I hope I have followed the rules ok and hope this advert has all the information needed.

    Anyway, I have had a long evaluation of what I have and want to focus my efforts on getting some older cards.

    I am searching for the following:

    -POP5 Espeon or Umbreon (that's pretty far out but may as well list them just in case!)
    -Gold Star era cards
    Must be in a pretty good gradeable condition or higher

    Again quite a bit of this is a long shot so I'm not expecting anything to come up but I figured I may as well throw it out there.
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  2. Athena The Cooler Danchou

    Advanced Member Member

  3. Athena The Cooler Danchou

    Advanced Member Member

    Also, speaking as a trader and not a mod now, I happen to have a PLS Charizard SR available (shipping from the Netherlands), but I only have a few wants that I'm looking to trade for at the moment, and you don't have any listed. I'd be willing to sell it to you if you're interested; feel free to hit me up. :)
  4. PokePirate Aspiring Trainer


    Many thanks, I am interested, sent you a PM.
  5. hello i need your lysandre fa @ $30.00 ea

    now i live in the us but i do not mind paying for your extra shipping.
    my list is in the description, i hope we can work something out
  6. PokePirate Aspiring Trainer



    I'm sorry for my late reply. Thanks for your offer but as of right now Europe is as far as I'll go when it comes to this, sorry. Plus I don't think I'm allowed to sell as I'm not a verfied seller.

    Right now I'm debating on adding a few more recent cards from more current sets to my wants list however I'm not sure what to do on that yet. I plan to update and revise my thread after things are a bit more clear on that front. Still looking for mostly Gold Stars although if I can, managed to get a few elsewhere but again if anything comes up here on them I am interested. I am looking for rev holos and EX cards from Dragon Frontiers which I am working on a complete master set of so they have been added to the list.

    Update/EDIT: Now just straight up looking for older cards straight cash sales only.
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  7. Quipboy4 Aspiring Trainer



    I am certainly not a verified seller as i only joined the forum this evening, howevr, I am clearing out my son's things and he asked me to sell his old pokemon cards and i am not sure how to go about this - i have read the rules on selling but dont understand how you gain the experience to become recognised as trustworthy in order to sell - most of his old cards are 1995/1997/1999. I am UK based, and would apprciate some guidance on what to do with these and how to go about it without upsetting the pokemon/forum gods.

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