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I know this probably gets asked a lot, but is there a "decent" substitute for Tropical Beach in Blastoise/Keldeo?
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There's Electrode PLF for Magnetic Draw since it's a Stage 1 but it's nowhere near as consistent as Beach is unfortunately and to make matters worse you also run the risk of opening the game with a lone Voltorb when you're much better off opening the game with either Skyla and/or Beach on
Turn 1. I don't think Black Kyurem EX is going to be as heavily played in Blastoise/Keldeo anymore due to Druddigon from Flashfire one shotting it for 180 and a DCE attached, it even makes RayBoar unplayable especially when Blastoise/Keldeo and Empoleon/Dusknoir are still popular.
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For a grass deck. I use tropius as my "beach." It does 10 damage draws up to 6 and its resistant to fighting and weak to electric. So with bangle or muscle band it does up to 30 damage and draw up to 6. Which is pretty good. Its second attack is also useful doing 20+ 20 for each energy on the defending pokemon. And with 100 hp and only 1 retreat cost, its pretty great.
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There is also Delphox XY. It's like Electrode PLF but draws you 2 two more cards. It will probably be seeing less play however considering the power of Druddigon FLF
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I hear this card is getting rotated out? Lol.
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Yes, it is going to be rotated. And I am actually thankful for this. See, they're expensive due to supply and demand. Seeing as most stage two decks have them in their deck, to be competitive you have to run said Beach in your deck. This means everyone will try to get hold of them, and due to their limited supply, the price goes sky-high.

But either way, when you want to ask a question about such a thing, would you be so kind as to ask it in another, newly created thread so proper discussion could take place there and no confusion can arise? Thank you!
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Good Riddance Tropical Beach. Pretty much my least favorite card ever. The only substitute is using a pokemon which isn't good for decks with really tight spots. I think Pokemon is pushing us toward Stage 1 and 2s to play with Megas and Pyroar. Sadly there is no substitute to this card. What were they thinking releasing an amazing card and at the time the only good stadium in a very limited quantity.