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  • Shök, Nice! I added a Yvetal and Yvetal EX to my deck, and my roommate, who uses Yvetal EX, said he "quit" because my deck is too good now. I told him to buy new cards and quit crying haha. My other roommate is building a Plasma deck right now.
    Haha, yea! I only just started learning a little about it around a week ago. I understand the basic rules now, but I'm far from being good at strategies and making my own decks! I'm currently in Japan, but once I'm home in the Netherlands I'll get English cards, which I can use for battles. I got some Japanese now, since I love Charizard and wanted the cards from it. :p
    Welcome to PokeBeach! I read your introduction post and I'm also just starting the Pokémon TCG. :) I also used to play Yu-Gi-Oh (the only other TCG I played:p) many years ago. Not that competitive, though.

    If you have questions or need help around the site, feel free to let me know! :D
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