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Not sure if this is the right channel, but I'm starting to consider getting a Japanese booster box of Eevee Heroes or two and I'm wondering where the best place is. I guess Korean also works if I could save a lot, but I really like the backs on the Japanese cards. Anyways, I was wondering where the best place is for getting Eevee Heroes for a good price.
P.S. I'm also considering Matchless Fighter and may be open to still other options. At this stage I'm just trying to get my bearings and figure out how this whole "Japanese booster box" thing works and how much I should expect to pay on average, etc. I still haven't heard back from my brother, but he may possibly be interested in a Japanese box of Eevee Heroes as well. As I already said, I'm still figuring it all out. In any case, even if I order these boxes as early as the end of this month, the intent is for me and my brother to open them together around Christmas. Come to think of it, maybe it would be wise to get different sets. Then we could trade bulk repeats to offset the fact that about 50% or more of each box will be duplicates.
(Actually, now I'm starting to consider Rapid Strike Master. The artwork in that set is some of my favorite artwork from this entire era.)
P.S.P.S. The reason why I prefer the idea of Japanese to Korean is because of the unique card back, but if I can save a lot by getting Korean, I'm willing to consider sacrificing that one luxury.)
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Collecting, playing, & making family memories.
Hi, I'm thinking of buying a Reshiram EX tin, because I need a Reshiram EX for my Reshiram/Emboar/Mewtwo EX deck.
Is it worth it?
Is it worth spending $300 on an old tin to get a $3 card? Most certainly not, at least unless you have some other reason for spending hundreds on a sealed product with only 4 packs (or maybe it’s only 3 because of the figure).
That being said, maybe you don’t mind spending $300 on a relatively small sealed product and opening it, but if the main objective is to get a Reshiram EX, you’re better off buying one on TCGPlayer (or whatever your country’s equivalent is if you’re not in the US).

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I managed to score a Celebrations pre-order (consisting of two ETBs) from Pokémon Center when they dropped last week and some news just came out about if it’ll get restocked or not...
…so it appears that, in a somewhat unexpected shift from past PC-exclusive ETBs, is in fact getting a restock at some point.

So with that said should I get in on this when it does? I have a feeling that, despite the claims of bots running rampant on the site, I always have better luck there.


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Would love some advice or thoughts, please. Sorry if this is the wrong place!

New to this forum, but recently opened an ETB of celebrations and got me looking over my old cards. I'm after a Dragonite Base set pref edition 1, mine is very heavily played with by myself back in 2000 (to go on my wall in a 3 card frame along with Dratini and Dragonair but am struggling to tell the real from fake even amongst graded cards now. Any Advice?

Have attached images of a card I'm thinking of purchasing... but I noticed the same seller has a PSA slab that is clearly fake, as it is missing the PSA stamp at the bottom (willing to give him the benefit of the doubt of not knowing... if this is real tho)


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Welcome to the What Should I Buy Thread! Here you may ask for advice about which product/cards you should buy. When posting in this thread, list your price range and what product(s) you have your eye on, to give other members a better idea of what you're willing to purchase. Some examples of things members often ask about are "What product should I buy to get X card?" or "Which set should I get a booster box of?" or "Which metagame deck should I buy the cards for?".

My 12-year old son is obsessed with Pokemon and seem to know what he is talking about, or at least he can talk for long periods of time in great detail. Now he wants me to buy him a card for $15 that he says he wants to collect because it is "rare." I tried to coach him that if it's being sold for $15 then it is definitely worth $15... or less, otherwise the seller would be selling it for $20, $200, $2000, whatever.

Here's the concrete example:

If there is indeed a market for these cards then I think I would be fine giving him a $50 head start and let him go off and trade cards until he goes to $0 or builds something he likes.

Any advice is welcome.



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I'm looking to get back into Pokemon cards. The last time I played was 20 years ago now, so I don't quite know where to start. I'm mostly looking to play with my boyfriend, but I think I'd also like to do some deckbuilding/collecting.

There's so many booster boxes/trainer box things out now. Is there a recommendation on what I should be looking for when deciding what to buy?



lost ends 2010 so sad

I’m looking for some advice, do you know if the giratina sleeves from the elite trainer box of lost origin are on the side of the card matte or clear (the last one I have was the urshifu one, which were Matte, which I don’t like) this is got casual play.

I hope I used the Terms correctly, have a good day