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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Decmaster, Dec 26, 2010.

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    @Number51x thank you for the recommendations, they sound great! Really like the layout and offers!
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    As a collector, I would recommend buying cards/items from the first two original Gens. While the cards probably don't have much value in terms of playing the game, they have a high value due to being originals, the artworks and because of how Gen 2 was originally intended to be the end of PoKémon.

    If your a Type collector, then I recommend Dark & Steel-types original cards that came out during Gen 2.

    And for special collectors, I would recommend any & all promo cards.
  3. dom Aspiring Trainer


    SO i committed to doing a master set of hidden fates/shiny vault. (never putting myself through that again, getting a complete set of this kind is horrific)

    I've 100%ed the hidden fates side. just shiny vault to go and I currently need 27. (including charizard, 3/4 secret rares and 3/4 stadium cards)

    spent a lot (north of a £1000) & have now sold enough to have got all the money back...actually made HUGE profit on that (lots of luck for example, I ordered the zoroark & metagross cards for £5 each , but due to clerical errors the sent the whole sets, which they let me keep, and bought a huge bundle on ebay at £120 and made £300 on it) and so I'm about to do my next big haul.

    product availability wise (I'm in the uk.) pretty much the only hidden fates products that have been readily available are the 3 tins. that was initially what i was going to buy in bulk. but in the last few days all my usual sites have suddenly got tonnes of the pin collections in.

    I don't know wether to buy tins or the pin sets. the tins i'm guaranteed to be able to make some money back on (usually anywhere between 60-100%) but i've had kinda crappy luck pull wise with them. i know the original wave of pin sets had very good pull rates compared to everything that's come since. but with this being the first time they're in stock since then is that still going to be the case.

    anyone know if the new wave will have good pull rates or is it just random ?
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  4. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    Even if you go singles only and have to buy the Charizard, you'll still probably come out ahead of by product at this point.
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    The best cards to buy are ones you can find in bulk! Sometimes the best deals come randomly as people post them on various platforms: anytime someone is selling a "pokemon card collection," or a "card lot," or anything like that, it should peak your interest. Look for mint/near mint condition. Sometimes its okay to settle for slightly used condition if it means you get way more cards out of the deal.
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    The Binder Guy


    A friend of mine found someone selling Sword and Shield packs and booster boxes early, should I see if he could pick up some product for me or is it too risky to consider?

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