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Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by steffenka, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. Though I may give my Trainer OC a recolored grey Torracat instead, I was really wanting a Pokémon that I could use as an in-game representation of my cat and settled on Shiny Eevee. After a few days of bouncing between VC Gold (SRing) and Ultra Sun (hatching), I got it yesterday! :D


    Though I still can't help but see fox in it, I recently learned that Eevee, albeit not directly based on any particular animal, was once likened by its creator to a "fluffy cat" or "dog-like creature." [Source] That combined with the fact that some of its evolutions appear more feline than canine (Espeon being the most obvious, clearly based on a nekomata) has made me want to start seeing Eevee as a cat—a puppy cat.

    EDIT: I won't be transferring "Ciel" to the newer games since its shade of grey only reminds me of IRL Ciel in GSC, but I did clone him so I could bring along a Shiny Leafeon. I named this one Rumple (what we'd planned to name our colorpoint, Milly, if she'd been a boy).

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  2. PokeFanForever New Shiny Hunter


    I still have never been able to dedicate a large chunk of time to shiny hunting qwq I did try to get a shiny Poochyena in ORAS but after 150 search level, I was tired and stopped. Still haven't tried it again XD
  3. I'd been interested in Shiny Midday Lycanroc ever since I saw its sprite leaked prior to release and tried hunting it a few times back in SM/USUM, but I never got one until I happened to come across a Shiny Rockruff on the Isle of Armor last night and evolved it this morning. Full-odds too, I reckon!


    His nickname is a nod to an old, Inuyasha-inspired username of mine (KougaWolf), though I'm thinking about changing it to Shugo (the main character from .hack//Legend of the Twilight) since my mind immediately jumped to Ouka when I first saw Midday Lycanroc.
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  4. Finally got a pre-3DS full-odds Shiny Sneasel! Not the male I was hoping for, but I traded her to SoulSilver where the "feather" being shorter isn't as apparent.


    I also caught this big boy I'd been hunting (I'm still assuming that not having any previous battles registered in the Dex means that it's full-odds). The yellow jowls used to put me off, but I think Shiny Avalugg looks great this Gen!

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