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I've only ever got a hold of two shinies unintentionally in the past:

During my first playthrough of SoulSilver, when I met Zapdos, it did a sparkly effect thing. Back then I had no idea what it was and since Zapdos' shiny is god awful I couldn't tell if anything was special. I did catch it, but this save file ended up being deleted because of a bad egg I encountered further down the line.

Second shiny was a shiny Budew in Platinum that also ended up being deleted because my friend jokingly pulled up the "delete save data" menu and ACTUALLY accidentally pressed yes. Unfortunate, that. But it was Budew so it didn't really hit me that hard

Never tried shiny hunting before. If I really wanted a shiny I'd just get one from my friend solely for the color change and not really for the 'woo, this is super rare' thing. I should give it a try, though..
Not what I was aiming for, but I got my first ever Ruby Version Shiny today!


Not a shabby nature either. I may try using her to take-on the Orre Colosseum that I never beat before transferring her to SoulSilver to join my Shiny Furret (after I evolve and EV-train her, of course).

I also found my third Shiny Exeggcute, this time in VC Gold. Can't evolve him since I already used my Leaf Stone for my Shiny Victreebel, so I may just use him to breed a different Shiny.
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Just yesterday I got a shiny Salandit and a shiny Noibat via SOS Chaining in Ultra Sun. Salandit is female, and was at a chain of 107. Noibat was at a chain of 52. The Salandit chain was the first time I used the Harvest/Skill Swap/Leppa Berry trick. I also used a male Wigglytuff with Cute Charm to increase the chances of the shiny being female.

The Salandit is Bold (which isn't the best, but I suppose it doesn't matter too much because Salazzle doesn't really use either attack or defense). Noibat is Sassy, which is bad, but oh well.
The past couple months haven't been kind Shiny-wise, but I finally scored another today, my first full-odds Shiny Zangoose!


Not one of the cat-like Pokémon I've had my eyes on lately, but I'll take it! (While Zangoose is clearly inspired by mongooses, I feel that they deliberately made it look more cat-like as a reference to the literal translation of the Japanese word for mongoose, "cat-ferret.") I ended up using the Luxury Ball I had planned for a Shiny Nincada/Shedinja because it looks so cool.

I got his nickname from Kyanite (a blue gemstone), but I'm pronouncing it as Kian (kee-in). Not sure which game I'll train him in yet, but I'll eventually transfer him to SoulSilver to join Noa (my Shiny Furret). I could totally ship these two—they even have the same Nature!
I was doing some quick Shiny-hunting before bed (100 encounters), planning to leave Dark Cave after 25 to hunt elsewhere. Just as I was about to exit, #25 shined!


His nickname is Japanese for "angel," referencing one of Dunsparce's Abilities in later Gens., Serene Grace (Heavenly Blessing in the Japanese games), as well as his little white wings. Tenchi (heaven and earth) may have been more suitable, referencing the former as well as Dunsparce's burrowing habits, but I don't want to think of Tenchi Masaki every time I see it. xD


I'm ecstatic about this one. Shiny Dunsparce has been one of my favorites for years, but I'd never gotten a full-odds one until now. I had only recently started considering Wartortle my favorite (having SR'd a full-odds Shiny one last year), but I wonder if finding this guy will encourage me to bump Dunsparce back up to #1?
I decided that I wanted to try hunting a better-natured Shiny Froslass. I found this instead a couple nights ago:


My second full-odds Shiny in Ultra Sun, and what a cutie!

I named her Zefir, after the marshmallowy Russian confection. She won't be going on my main team, but I'm still raising her for use on a casual Ice-Monotype team. (It's a shame that Snow Warning is only available on Alolan Ninetales as a Hidden Ability, but I guess I could always pair her up with Aurorus or Vanilluxe.)

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Yesss!!! I finally found the full-odds Shiny Nincada I'd been hunting. :D


Shedinja <3

I also found a Shiny Zigzagoon (Aki) while hunting it and apparently contracted Pokérus as well, which had expired before I realized it. I evolved and transferred him to Black Version to keep me company whenever I get back to my Shiny Vanillite hunt.

EDIT: Found a Shiny Pidgey while EV-training it in LeafGreen, then caught Pokérus AGAIN while leveling-up in SoulSilver.

EDIT 2: Also found a Shiny Ursaring in SoulSilver while hunting Sneasel.
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Yesterday I found shiny Jynx in Pokemon Y in Frost Cavern in 3,989 random encounters.

I actually found 1 shiny Smoochum during the hunt. In 128 RE’s.

I prevously horde hunted for Smoochum and found 9 Vanillite and 8 Cubchoo.
My first Shiny of the year!

Being a classic favorite of mine, I felt guilty about not having a Lickitung on any of my main teams since dropping the Shiny one I found in HeartGold from my Ultra Sun team. Since I neglected to clone him for use in previous-generation games, I decided to hunt a new one. Today I got Lemmy in VC Gold! (I'll probably change his name to Limerick, tbh.)


Now my full-odds Shiny team in VC Gold is complete! (I may still replace a couple of them with Shinies I like more in the future though. A Shiny Jumpluff and Venomoth would be cool.)

Wow, it felt weird seeing myself as post #2. I'm getting back into the swing of actually playing Pokémon now, including actually shiny hunting. I believe my most recent shiny was an SOS chain Growlithe in Ultra Moon. Working on my living dexes first in both USUM and LGPE before I properly begin hunting though. Thinking about hunting for a shiny Magnemite or Voltorb in LGPE and possibly shiny Pikipek in USUM. Shiny Pokémon have really been appealing to me for some reason recently.
Eeee! My first full-odds Shiny Meowth! Her nature couldn't be much worse (not that I care much about natures these days), but cats FTW!


I've been wanting to get a Shiny Persian in FRLG for a while since it's practically white in these games, as opposed to other games where the normal and Shiny palette differences are barely noticeable (outside the pink ears), so now I've just got to evolve her!

I forgot to mention that I got my first ever Gen 4 PokeRadar shiny at a chain of 3 about a week and a half ago \o/. (Needless to say I was shocked when the shiny patch showed up that early)



It happened to be timid without synchronizing, so I'm very happy about that. It's now a Magnezone at Lv100, and is in gen 6 now; I've been going through the games with it and beating the leagues to get each champion ribbon on it. Sadly, I forgot to get the Johto ribbon before transferring it out of gen 4. :(.
Reclaim Shiny! Sort of.


My very first Shiny was Golbat way back in the GSC days, but I lost it with a save years ago and surprisingly never found another full-odds Shiny Zubat/Golbat until now. Funny enough, like my original Shiny Golbat, I also found this Shiny Zubat in an icy cave area.

Fully-evolved pink boi:


Wow, nice! I can almost never get myself to fullodds hunt... The only hunts I've done full-odds were Shaymin and Darkrai in Platinum. And they didn't even take that long lol. (500 RAs for Shaymin and 2788 SRs for Darkrai)

Anyway, I'm now on phase 15 for Heatmor via hordes in XY. 8 Geodudes and 6 Durants (two of which showed up in the same horde). I failed two of the Geodudes (due to Magnitude) and ran from one; also ran from a Durant.

I'm now using a Telepathy Gardevoir with Skill Swap as my second party Pokémon, with a fainted Adamant Synchronize Abra in front. I'll Skill Swap the Telepathy onto the Heatmor so the 4 Durant can't attack it.
i'm currently hunting a shiny baltoy.
masuda method and shiny charm style in ORAS.

don't know what the odds are though :p
SR'd a Shiny Omanyte in Diamond! :D


I'm thinking about naming him Gon (like Gon from Hunter x Hunter) in reference to a Goniatite ammonoid fossil I found a few years ago.

I... honestly thought I put my Heatmor success here. Apparently not. I got my shiny Heatmor after 4000 hordes in Y, and 22 phases.

Then I went on a quest for the Swords of Justice in Black 2:

AND... the highlight of my day just today:

My very first gen 3 shiny, and a reclaim of one in PokeMMO. :D

EDIT: Just realized that the Terrakion spoiler image somehow got replaced with the Meowth image. Lol.
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I've been trying to find a Shiny Snom since beating the Champion. I've yet to find it, but I did fish this up when I accidentally stumbled into the wrong route:


As it would turn out, this Gen. has introduced a rarer variety of Shiny. They still have their regular Shiny colors, but a different sparkle animation. However, due to a fluke in the coding, this "rarer" animation occurs more often than the standard sparkle when encountering Shinies outside Max Raid battles.

Personally, I wish this new animation was exclusive to full-odds Shinies while chained, MM'd, etc. used the standard animation.

EDIT: Got the Snom! Now she's a beautiful green-tinted moth. <3

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