Collecting The "Look What I Pulled" & Pull Rates Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by MrSquarepants, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I finally got my Sun & Moon booster box! (CoolStuffInc is getting slower with these preorders every quarter...)

    - Arcanine
    - Krookodile
    - Oranguru
    - Toxapex
    - Tsareena

    - Decidueye GX
    - Espeon GX
    - Lapras GX
    - Umbreon GX

    - Lurantis GX FA
    - Team Skull Grunt FA

    - Lurantis GX FA SR (Hyper? Rainbow?)

    Other notable pulls:
    - Rainbow energy reverse foil
    - Incineroar line in reverse foil (always cool to get a full line)

    Overall I am very pleased with my pulls. Of the four ultra rares I really wanted, I got 3 of them -- including Team Skull Grunt, despite having horrendously bad luck pulling Trainer FAs. I was also really hoping for at least one Ribombee holo, but she dodged me for now. :p

    I was planning to try to complete this set, as I do with all base sets, but the sheer amount of secret rares is a bit daunting. I'll at least try to complete the normal checklist though.
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  2. Pokemon OG's Aspiring Trainer
    Pokemon OG's


  3. LadyRinsun Aspiring Trainer


    I decided to just get some random boosters to unpack for the Sun and Moon series, but I'm starting to think I'd have been better off buying a whole booster box instead. Is it just me, or are the pull rates somewhat different from before? I know the Generations series has been very generous to us, because it just included so many Full Arts and EX cards. The Full Art/GX pull rates seem slightly lower for the SM set. And is it just me - or is the 'regular
    holo rare pull rate super duper low? o_O I got just one holo rare out of five packs and it seems others haven't pulled many holo rares either.

    Anyways, for anyone who's interested:

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  4. Pokemon OG's Aspiring Trainer
    Pokemon OG's


    The luck keeps coming, the last video we pulled a Base Set Charizard and now an Ultra Ball and then a Full Art Shaymin EX! crazy night of pulls

  5. SkyeVictini Seriously, calm down.


    I finally got the ever elusive Venusaur Spirit Link after buying pack after unsuccessful Evolutions pack.

    Also got a FA Brock's Grit, RH Mewtwo and Holo Gyarados.
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  6. professor layton Aspiring Trainer
    professor layton


    Went to a local card store, and talked to them about Sun/Moon boxes being able to be mapped. The dude told me they'd NEVER do something like that. I was a bit paranoid, but I decided to buy three packs. Being my first Sun/Moon packs, I wasn't expecting much.

    On my first pack, I pull the full art ultra ball. I almost died opening it. Absolutely unbelievable. I even got 3 popplio :D
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  7. TheSilentEeveening Aspiring Trainer


    I think it's just luck. I stopped buying tins after my tenth one. The other nine the closest things I got to Ultra Rare was the Promo card. Tenth time lucky I thought but no, the best card I got was the Yveltal EX promo.
  8. Snibachi Aspiring Trainer


    Just bought my first Sun and Moon cards. A Moon elite trainer box. I'm happy.
    Incineroar GX 27/149
    Lunala GX 153/149 "Rainbow"
    Plus several decent trainers and pokemon.
  9. Mightyena Still just a delinquent ;)


    I bought a rockruff blister pack and pulled a decidueye gx it felt amazing
  10. Pokemon OG's Aspiring Trainer
    Pokemon OG's


    Couple more Great pulls
  11. SkyeVictini Seriously, calm down.


    I got the Mega Absol EX Premium Collection and pulled Yveltal BREAK and RH Tyranitar. Fine with me because I wasn't expecting much out of it. Totally worth it for the Absol promos and the pin.

    Also was feeling lucky at Toys R Us today and got 2 Togedemaru 3 pack blisters and a single S/M pack that was just sitting on the shelf. Pulled Espeon GX, Lapras GX and Primarina GX.
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  12. PokePirate Aspiring Trainer


    Recently when Roaring Skies got another print run I bought another booster box to keep, however because I already have one master set of it complete and had enough left to make it worth completing another I went and opened it today. Good move as it turned out.


    Holos (5): Deoxys, Jirachi, Togekiss, Reshiram & Zekrom
    EX (4): Thundurus, Rayquaza Dragon type, Hydreigon & Shaymin!
    FA (3): Hydreigon, Rayquaza & Shaymin again!

    Out of all 4 Roaring Skies boxes this was the best, I'm very much almost there now with my second master set thanks to unbelievably getting both reg and FA Shaymins. The Rayquaza's were also great too, even though I already have them it means I can at least sell or trade them in order to complete some more sets. I have only really a few rev holos, regular holos and the more cheaper EX's to get to complete my second RSK master set. Most expensive card being the VS Seeker SR which thankfully isn't too difficult to get right now.
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  13. NY TCG HUnter Aspiring Trainer
    NY TCG HUnter


    I have had some decent luck with the Dollar Tree Sun & Moon mini-boosters. Got some decent pulls here:

  14. NY TCG HUnter Aspiring Trainer
    NY TCG HUnter


    Because of this video above, this happened:

    The results were WAAAAYYYY different.
  15. The-Kaiser Starfleet Captain and Pokemon Trainer


    12 packs of Dollar Tree Pokemon Evolutions
    Gyrados Rare Holo
    Magneton Rare Holo
    Mewtwo Rare Non Holo X2
    Machoke Reverse Holo
    Metapod Reverse Holo
    Rattata Reverse Holo
    Fairy Energy Reverse Holo

    4 Packs of Pokemon Evolutions
    Mega Charizard EX Rare Holo
    Porygon Reverse Holo
    Dragonite EX Full Art Rare Holo
    Professor Oak Reverse Holo
    Misty's Determination Uncommon
    Starmie Rare Non Holo
    Fairy Energy Reverse holo
    Dewgong Rare Non Holo
    Electabuzz Reverse Holo

    Absol Promo 2 Pack Blister
    1 Pack of XY Phantom Forces
    Mightyena Rare Non Holo
    Bronzor Reverse Holo
    1 Pack of Pokemon Evolutions
    Beedrill Rare Non Holo
    Mewtwo Reverse Holo

    Vensuar Pin Blister
    1 Pack of XY Phantom Forces
    Goodra Rare Holo
    Pumpkaboo Reverse Holo
    2 Packs of Evolutions
    Raticate Rare Non Holo
    Dugtrio Reverse Holo
    Dewdong Rare Non Holo
    Dodou Reverse Holo

    Blastoise Pin Blister
    1 Pack of Furious Fists
    Tornados Rare Non Holo
    Mountain Ring Reverse Holo
    2 Packs of Evolutions
    Charizard Rare Holo ( Yay! ^3^ )
    Beedrill Reverse Holo
    Beedrill Rare Non Holo
    Kakuna Reverse Holo
    Misty's Determination Uncommon

    Zygarde Complete Form Pin Box
    1 pack Break Through
    Cresselia Rare Non Holo
    Snorlax Reverse Holo
    2 Packs Sun and Moon Base
    Primarina GX Rare Holo
    Sharpedo Reverse Holo
    Dark Energy card
    Stoutland Rare Non Holo
    Togedemaru Reverse Holo
    Fairy Energy Card

    2 Packs of Sun and Moon Base
    Primarina GX Rare Holo
    Pyukumuku Reverse Holo
    Butterfree Rare Non Holo
    Toxapex Reverse Holo
    Both packs had Steel Energy card

    Pikipek Promo Blister
    1 pack of Sun and Moon Base
    Palossand Rare Non Holo
    Toucannon Reverse Holo
    Fighting Energy
    Rockruff Promo Blister
    1 pack of Sun and Moon Base
    Cloyster Rare non Holo
    Araquanid Reverse Holo
    Steel Energy

    Litten Promo Blister
    3 packs of Sun and Moon Base
    Lanturn Rare Non Holo
    Arcanine Reverse Holo
    Fire Energy
    Lanturn Rare Non Holo
    Repel Reverse Holo
    Fighting Energy
    Espeon GX Rare Holo
    Rare Candy Reverse Holo
    Fiary Energy

    Togedemaru Promo Blister
    3 packs of Sun and Moon Base
    Umbreon GX Rare Holo
    Poliwhirl Reverse Holo
    Dark Energy
    Bruxish Rare Non Holo
    Rainbow Energy Reverse Holo
    Steel Energy
    Lanturn Rare non Holo
    Snubbull Reverse Holo
    Electic Energy

    Shiny Rayquaza EX Box 2016 Reissue
    1 pack XY Phantom Forces
    Exploud Rare Non Holo
    Chandelure Reverse Holo
    1 pack XY Roaring Skies
    Victini Rare Non Holo
    Jirachi Reverse Holo
    1 Pack XY Ancient Origins
    Entei Rare Non Holo
    Kirlia Reverse Holo
    1 Pack XY Break Through
    Zoroark BREAK Rare Holo
    Vanilluxe Reverse Holo

    Giratina Promo Blister
    1 Pack of XY Fates Collide
    Diancie EX Rare Holo
    Minccino Reverse Holo
    1 Pack of XY Break Point
    Ho-Oh EX Rare Holo
    Ferroseed Reverse Holo
    1 Pack of XY Break Through
    Simisage Rare Non Holo
    Zoroark Reverse Holo

    Articuno Pin Blister
    2 packs of XY Steam Siege
    Xerneas Rare Holo
    Chandelure Reverse Holo
    Bastiodon Rare Non Holo
    Volcanion Reverse Holo
    1 pack of XY Break Through
    Simisage Rare Non Holo
    Goldeen Reverse Holo

    Moltres Pin Blister
    2 packs of XY Steam Siege
    Klinklang Rare Holo
    Oshawott Reverse Holo
    Armaldo Rare Non Holo
    Fletchinder Reverse Holo
    1 pack of XY Break Through
    Mega Mewtwo EX (Y) Rare Holo
    Florges Reverse Holo

    Zapdos Pin Blister
    2 packs of XY Steam Siege
    Volcarona Rare Non Holo
    Talonflame Reverse Holo
    Steelix Ex Full Art Rare Holo
    Klink Reverse Holo
    1 pack of XY Break Through
    Xerneas Rare Holo
    Swoobat Reverse Holo

    Jirachi Mythical Collection Box
    2 Packs of Generations
    Leafeon EX Rare Holo
    Red Card Reverse Holo
    Flareon EX Rare Holo Radiant Collection
    Pinsir Rare Non Holo
    Cloyster Reverse Holo
    Dedenne Foil Uncommon Radiant Collection

    Genecsent Mythical Collection Box
    2 Packs of Generations
    Blastoise EX Rare Holo
    Persian Reverse Holo
    Jirachi Uncommon Holo Radiant Collection
    Rapidash Rare Non Holo
    Electic Energy Reverse Holo
    Mega Gardevior EX Full Art Holo Radiant Collection

    Meloetta Mythical Collection Box
    2 Packs of Generations
    Dodrio Rare non Holo
    Slowpoke Reverse Holo
    Sylveon EX Full Art Holo Radiant Colecction
    Snorlaz Rare Non Holo
    Clemont Reverse Holo
    Swirlix Uncommon Holo Radiant Collection Pulls 2017 Part 1 Pics here :)
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  16. Vulpixy Just your friendly neighborhood Vulpix


    I got 3 SUM packs yesterday from my LGS yesterday for $10 and pulled the following:

    RF Cosmoem
    Lanturn (needed one more)
    and a FA Rotom Dex (makes 2 I've pulled so far)

    I was pretty happy with the pulls. Don't really need the Rotom Dex but the younger kids there were excited about the last one I pulled. Gotta love trade bait!
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  17. neoshai Competitive casual O.O


    I did something that I wasn't gonna do at all.
    I bought a booster box from sun and moon.
    Thing is, all I needed for myself out of the box were just a few commons and 2 vikavolts (which I don't think you can get common).
    I bought my Lurantis as singles because I thought buying a box would be dumb, I wouldn't pull what I needed anyway.

    So the reason I ended up buying it was more to have some extras and with some luck get some cards for my little brother.
    As far as I remembered he still needed 2 lunala gx, 2 espeon gx (but the oldest of the 2 has one, so technically only needed 1) and maybe, just maybe a solgaleo.
    I've opened 14 packs so far and I don't think I'll open the rest.
    Got a lunala gx ultra or hyper rare (the ugly one with no background but still some colors) and a normal Lunala gx.
    On top of that I've pulled an Espeon gx as well so I pretty much finished his deck, ignoring a few commons.
    And I also pulled a yugioh-ghost rare Tauros gx ... which idk what I'll do with.

    I, myself am still missing a vikavolt and a few common trainers ... idk if I should open the rest of the box or just sell them off ...
    I feel like I pulled most out of it, but I'm a bit afraid there'll be more and I'll sell them just to see them being opened and something amazing like a full art lillie being pulled out of em
  18. Digital Dragon Thinks Chandelure is the cutest Pokémon
    Digital Dragon


    Well, I think that I have the best luck ever with dollar tree packs. A few weeks ago, I pulled TWO Mega Charizard Ys out of Flashfire packs, a full art Toxicroak EX, AND a Tauros GX rainbow rare. Oh, and also some holos (Delphox, Raichu, and Trevenant from XY base, and Pyroar from Flashfire). The packs were straight out of the box, and I'm lucky no one weighed them. (I didn't weigh them either.)
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  19. The-Kaiser Starfleet Captain and Pokemon Trainer


    Id say open them why miss out on needed cards?
  20. neoshai Competitive casual O.O


    Well, maybe my lil brothers want them.
    Sometimes my mom by single boosters when she's in a toy store or when they behave well (which honestly never really happens but she still ends up buying them something ...) so if she wants she can get the rest of my box ... well, if she pays for them XD
    It's still like 2 bucks cheaper than getting them in a store XD
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