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    Bob was an ordinary man, with a a fine-looking wife named Ursula and a beautiful young girl named Emma. He studied architecture, but went on to become accountant in a company which manufactures television screens. It wasn't an exiting job, but Bob felt that it was very satisfying, as he gave many a family the ability to spend their nights together watching commercials. Bob also had a house, a pretty big house. The house had a front door with one of those old doorknobs which have this metal object used to knock the door. He also had a doorbell, though, because the knocking was bad for the door. He had recently painted it in a beautiful black, and didn't want the paint to go off. He also had a garage, in which was his beautiful new Hyundai. It was a relatively big, dark green car, he had been saving up for it for a little over 2 years now. Now that he finally bought the car, the family no longer had to buy the cheap food they're used to. So Bob had an idea, "let's go eat somewhere special, maybe a real restaurant". His wife and 9-year old girl were delighted, finally some decent food.

    As bob buckled up and put the key in the ignition, Ursula asked him whether or not it would be a long drive. Bob said that they were only going to the small Indian restaurant not far away from where they lived. Ursula was happy, she suffers from motion sickness and therefore doesn't like long drives. As they drove down the road, Bob suddenly realised he forgot to feed the cat. So they drove back. Bob opened a can of cat food with his rusty can opener and put the content on a small plate. He also filled a plate with water and put it next to it. He screamed his cat's name, Felix, but there was no response. He went to the living room, where he found the cat sleeping on the couch. Bob waked the cat up, and went back to his car. Finally they were able to take off and drive to the Indian restaurant. After 10 minutes, the drive took a bit longer than expected because of a few unfortunate red lights, they finally arrived. Bob parked the car somewhere and he and his family entered the restaurant. The restaurant used to be the home of an old man who lived in this street, but the man died because of a cancer in his left lunge. He had been a smoker ever since he was 17, and never really felt like quitting. The owners of the restaurant just moved into the country, and felt the need to start a restaurant as it seemed like the fastest way to earn some money. Their house was pretty cheap, so they went ahead and bought it.

    Bob ordered some sort of cow meat and some rice, his wife wanted a salad. Little Emma had some French fries and chicken. After drinking their water, and waiting 23 minutes and 42 seconds, the food finally arrived. The beef was rather dry and a bit too spicy, but Bob enjoyed it nevertheless. It was better than the food he usually had to eat at home. Emma didn't even touch her food, she said it smelled funny. So Bob ate it, because it would be a shame to waste money like that.
    After they paid the bill, they went outside again and tried to find the car. For some reason they couldn't find it, but then Bob suddenly realised they parked at the KFC because it's free there. After finally reaching the car, they drove home. It was getting late, so Emma went to bed and Bob and Ursula watched some more television. There was nothing on, so they just watched The Sound of Music for the 4th time, it was that time of the year.

    Bob didn't exactly hate The Sound of Music. He liked music, especially musicals. He could spend hours listening to musical music. Sadly, he didn't really have the money to go to a real musical, and his wife didn't really like them. Ursula preferred action movies. Her father always thought she was a violent kid, but after his heart attack, he's been very quiet and Ursula doesn't seem to care about him any more.
    It was 10:14 PM, when Bob's cellphone suddenly started to ring. His cellphone was a Nokia, and a pretty old one, but Bob didn't really feel like buying a new one, he barely ever used it any way. The man calling him at this hour was his friend Lloyd, who had just bought a new dog, and he wanted Bob to know. Bob likes dogs, but Ursula can't stand the barking, so they decided to get a cat instead. But Bob was very interested and decided to take a look at Lloyd's new dog. He opened the garage door, entered his car and started to drive to his friend's house.


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    Not to be a know it all, but shouldn't this be in the Fanfics?
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    I blame PMJ and his stupid idea of reorganizing everything :mad:
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    Cool story though!
  5. LuckyLuigi7 Aspiring Trainer


    Well, I can defenitely say there has never been a fan fic like it before. And this fan fic is soothing- it is suprisingly different and unique. I'm always used to the Pokemon fics, but this one is just about the normal life of a middle-class family. Please write more, because it's a story that is consistant and enjoyable. :)
  6. Lenny its back boys and girls


    Bob, the ordinary man who doesn't care much about the world. He's content with everything. When I saw this thread, I thought it was going to be lol hilarious, but it wasn't. It was...normal. Not that normal is bad. It was a nice read. Interesting, you could say. I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR ABOUT LLOYD'S DOG : D
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    As bob arrived at his friend's house, he rang the doorbell. No answer. This was weird, because Bob knew his friend was home. But then, he heard a dog barking, and went to the back yard. There was Lloyd, playing with the new dog. It was a golden retriever, but rather small one. Lloyd asked him if he wanted to pet the dog, Bob replied with "yes", and walked over to the yellowish dog. Lloyd and Bob had a lot of fun, until the dog, who had now been named Rover, licked Bob's face. Bob didn't like to be licked in the face, it was just one of those things Bob doesn't like. So Bob called it a day and left Lloyd and Rover. He drove back home, and discovered that Ursula had already gone to bed. Bob brushed his teeth quietly and went to bed.

    The next day, Bob woke up and had breakfast with his family. His daughter had some Corn Flakes, and had some pancakes. The pancakes were pretty pretty bad, but Bob didn't care, he was hungry. His wife was still sleeping, she didn't have a job and she didn't care. Bob drove Emma to school and drove to the factory. He said hi to his only colleague who actually works with him, as the others all work in the factory itself. His colleague, John, told him that he went to a roller coaster with his kids last weekend. Bob despises John, he earns way more than Bob does, yet he does pretty much the same job. So they talked a bit about the weather, which was rather nice for the time of the year, a bit cold, but it wasn't freezing, so nobody was complaining. Bob re-organized his database on his computer again. He was using Microsoft Access and it crashed on him a couple of times, so he was having a pretty bad day.

    After a long day of work, Bob picked up Emma and drove home again. His wife was out shopping, and he decided to mow the lawn. The grass had been growing for quite a while now, and although Bob's yard wasn't that big, he still wanted it to look beautiful. Sadly, there's only a few flowers, a tree and a whole lot of grass there. Bob got out his old lawnmower, but suddenly noticed a Bratz doll in the grass. He picked it up and gave it back to his daughter, who had lost it a few days ago.
    Bob finally started to mow the lawn, which didn't take long, but he did have to refill the oil in the lawnmower. He had been considering buying an electric lawnmower, but figured it wasn't worth it. Bob liked cutting the grass, green was his favourite colour, and grass is green. Bob also likes nature, which is why he uses the grass to make compost. Just as Bob went back inside after cutting the grass, his wife came home with 2 big bags. She bought some food, a chicken, some broccoli, a can of corn and some candy for little Emma. Bob didn't really appreciate this, as he didn't want his little girl to have bad teeth. However, Bob didn't feel like arguing and decide to just relax and watch some television. Bob wanted to watch the news, but Emma wanted to see cartoons. Bob finally gave in because he doesn't want to make his daughter cry. So Bob went out for a walk.

    After he returned home, Ursula had already prepared the food. After a decent meal, Bob and his family watched some television. It wasn't really interesting, but there was nothing better to do, Bob and his family didn't have a computer at home. Bob wants one, but he just can't afford it. After Tom had failed to catch Jerry once more, Bob decided that he didn't really think it was funny and went to the garage where he could admire his Hyundai. He noticed a scratch on one of the doors, but figured that it really wasn't worth it to get it fixed. He decided to go drive around a bit looking for something to do.
    He arrived at some bar where some of his friends also hang out. He played some darts, told a few lame jokes, and drove home again. Emma had already gone to bed, and Ursula was sleeping in front of the TV. Bob woke her up and asked her if she would like to see a movie he rented a couple of days ago. She agreed, and they watched Kill Bill II. Ursula was a bit horrified, but Bob was rather disappointed, he preferred the 1st one, more blood.

    It was getting late, so Bob and Ursula decided to go to bed.

  8. LuckyLuigi7 Aspiring Trainer


    Lol, in this chapter, I'm sensing that this Bob is bored with his life. I like it how you don't use actual diologue but you just say what they are asking. It makes more comical. Although this is just about a man's life, I can't help but find it interesting. I can't explain it. :p

    All I know is I want to hear more. What will happen next? :)
  9. Shade Daroach


    This is very.... Odd.

    Bob seems like he is lazy in a way he can't or won't do anything he doesn't like or doesn't usually do.
  10. Flare 2011 Worlds Winner


    I like this story. I'm guessing i9f you ask Bob for something, you'll get 1 of 2 responses.

    "We don't have enough money to get it".


    "I'm to lazy to get it".
  11. Noobnerd ~I see a little silhouetto of a man~


    I don't think this is meant to be a proper fanfic. Some of the statements made are very redundant. For example: After drinking their water, and waiting 23 minutes and 42 seconds, the food finally arrived.
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    It was 7:15 and Bob woke up once more, same old routine, same old breakfast, same old story. Ursula also decided to wake up, as she wasn't really all that tired and wanted to go shopping with some friends today, but she had to do the laundry first. After kissing his wife goodbye and waving at Emma, he went to work once more. John wasn't there for some reason. Maybe he was sick? But 5 minutes later, John finally arrived, his car wouldn't start. It was a Mercedes, but John was a reckless driver, and it had been through a lot. This time it wasn't his fault, though, but as John was trying to explain everything, the boss walked in. Mr. Maxwell, a balding man, 57 years young, who had been running this company for a little over 12 years now. He told them that he needed the accountancy done by tomorrow. John told him this wouldn't be a problem, and Bob nodded. The boss left again, and Bob didn't feel liked asking about John's car, so he didn't.

    Bob didn't really do much at work, so he usually buys a newspaper every morning. Today, there was a pretty big article on the economic crisis, but he didn't really care, so he just went on to read some of the dirt on Paris Hilton and then finally decided to actually work a bit. John was playing Tetris on his computer. Bob prefered minesweeper, there's less pressure because it's less speed-based. Yet for some reason he really liked pac-man, but it's the game he grew up with. Bob didn't really have an interesting youth, most of the soon to be architects were either too feminine or too geeky for him, so Bob usually hung out with his old friends from high-school, when he wasn't playing pac-man, of course.

    After a long and unexciting day at work, Bob decided to pick up Emma and surprise her by taking her to the local Toys "R" us. He bought her another Bratz doll, it's what the kids seem to like these days. Bob didn't quite get this, he was never the kind of kid who played with the stereotypical toys like cars. He wasn't really a sportsman, either, though. He preferred just playing with his friends, playing hide-and-seek and similar games, when he was Emma's age. But all Bob really wanted was his little girl to be happy, and if dolls with oversized heads did just that he had no problem with buying them. Bob drove Emma home again, and noticed that Ursula was still shopping with her friends. Bob decided to just relax and read a book he bought. He wasn't really a reader, but he had heard a lot about this book, and decided to read it now that the hype was over. Emma was playing with her dolls, she liked them.

    Ursula came home, so Bob closed his copy of the Da Vinci Code and helped her with her bags. Emma moved her dolls out of the way so Ursula could enter the kitchen without tripping. Ursula told Bob she has bought a new pair of shoes, and showed them to him. Bob liked them, they went well with her other clothes. Ursula decided to not tell him the price, for her own sake. "It's not a lie when you don't say anything" was her motto. Nothing else worth noting happened that evening, Bob read some more, Emma went to bed and Ursula watched Oprah for some reason.

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    This fanfic is definately one of the most captivating stories here. It's not about Pokemon, which is a huge change as well. I'll be reading this closely from now on.

    dmaster out.
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    Bob had a good night sleep, he dreamt of some sort of castle and ponies, and he was king of the moneys or something. He didn't quite remember, but he knew that it was pretty fun. Ursula wasn't interested, and didn't think that it was necessary for him to wake her up just to tell her that. Bob said goodnight to his wife, because she didn't feel like waking up just yet, and left. It wasn't really night at that time, though, it was morning, but Bob didn't notice his easy to make mistake and went downstairs. Their house had 2 storeys, one with the bedroom of Emma and the bedroom of Ursula and Bob, and also the bathroom. And the bottom one with the living room, the kitchen and the garage, which did not have a second floor above it. Bob suddenly realised that he forgot to wake Emma, so he ran back upstairs and woke her up. Emma was still a bit sleepy, but went downstairs with her dad any way. They had the same breakfast as always.

    Bob drove Emma to school once more, and arrived at the TV-screen factory. He was a little late, there was a pretty long line at the shop where he buys his newspaper, but nobody seemed to notice or care. John was there, doing nothing important, but not playing Tetris for once. He was reading his e-mails, and had just received one of those chain letters with a lot of smilies and a weird song in the background. He was enjoying this song, but trashed the mail as soon as Bob came in. He didn't want Bob to think he was the kind of guy who likes that kind of songs. Bob didn't react to the mail, and just said "Hi" and sat down in front of his computer. The accountancy was done, and there wasn't really anything to do, so Bob decided to read his newspaper. There was something about an accident with a fire truck, he found that rather ironic, but didn't give it much thought. Nothing special happened the day before, as always, so the newspapers were filled with interviews with celebrities and stuff like that again. Bob decided to get some tea, but noticed that there were no more teabags, so he went to the water cooler and drank a glass of water instead. It was a bit too cold, especially for the time of the year, so he only drank half. He threw the cup away and went back to work. John was calling his wife about something, but hung up a couple of minutes after Bob came in. John started complaining about how his wife always says that she has to everything in the household and he does nothing. He has a job, d*mn it, he puts the food on the table. Bob wanted to point out that he didn't really do anything here, but decided that he didn't want to make John even more angry.

    Bob picked up Emma and drove home, he decided to try a short cut, but it turned out it was a dead end. Bob finally arrived at his house, a few minutes later, and his wife was home drinking some soup. Bob said "Hi" and gave her a kiss, Emma ignored her mother and went to play with her dolls. After a few minutes, Emma suddenly remembered that she had to ask whether or not Kathy could come over to play this weekend. Ursula said she'd call Kathy's mother. Bob said he had nothing to do then any way, so he could even pick Kathy up at her house and drive her here, so that Kathy's parents wouldn't have to go through the trouble. Bob totally forgot that Kathy only had 1 parent, her mother. Her father left her when she was four, he met someone at a bar, decided that he liked her more than his wife, and left. Nobody seemed to have noticed Bob's mistake, though. Emma went back to playing with her dolls. Bob sat down and talked with his wife a bit about family and friends and such, nothing important. Ursula said she had to make dinner, and this ended the conversation. Bob decided to read some more, as he wanted to know what exactly the Holy grail really was. But before he got to that part of the book dinner had been served. Nothing special happened after that, the family watched some more TV. Some documentary about the 2nd world war.
  15. PMJ happy thoughts

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    Fifth best fic on pokebeach.
  16. LuckyLuigi7 Aspiring Trainer


    Eh, I'd agree with PMJ. It's a steady ride and it's enjoyable. This could be a very good and well-written novel and it already is starting off on a good note. :)
  17. ~Magma King~ Nettle Carrier
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    Action packed and extremely gripping. The build up in this story is intense.
  18. Flare 2011 Worlds Winner


    I know. It's so boring you know something exciting is going to happen soon.
  19. Phoenix bulbasorrre


    What if something exciting never happens? What if the exciting part is boring? :eek: *gasp*

    EDIT: I was just kidding. .-.

    Good job Spoon. Xp
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    It was Thursday, and Bob woke up as usual, tried not to wake up Ursula, and woke up his little girl. They had the same old breakfast again. Bob drove Emma to school, bought himself another newspaper, thanked Alfred, and drove to work. Alfred has been selling newspapers all his life, he started at the age of 10, with his little bike he drove around town, throwing newspapers at people's doors, dogs and faces. It was very important to him that people knew what was going on in the world, and he saw it as his mission to provide them with that information.

    John was at work, playing Tetris, with a cup of coffee on his desk. Nothing unusual. Bob said hi, sat down on his chair, and started to read his newspaper. Heavy snowfall somewhere Bob didn't care about, an article about some scientific study which didn't really affect Bob, and again, a lot of articles about celebrities. Bob got bored, and decided that he might as well work. John was quite surprised by this, and also started working. Mr. Maxwell walked in, mumbled something, then said "oh, yeah, almost forgot, never mind", and left the room again. John asked Bob what that was all about, as his desk was closest to the door. Bob said he didn't understand a word, but figured that it wasn't important.

    It was finally afternoon, and Bob was going to pick up Emma. As Bob tried to cross the zebra crossing which lead to the car park, a truck suddenly appeared from behind the corner and ran over him. The truck driver didn't like his job, he always wanted to be an astronaut, but he really wasn't smart enough, and his family was rather poor. He learned to drive a truck at the age of 20, and decided to make it his job, as it pays rather well and you see a lot of different places and meet a lot of different people. He didn't meet a lot of people, though, as his job was just to transport goods from a company in town to a warehouse just outside of town. But at least this meant that he could have a decent house. The weather today was quite nice, a bit windy, but if you stayed in the sun and out of the wind, it was actually quite enjoyable.

    Bob's funeral wasn't very special. There were some flowers on his coffin, which was just made out of ordinary wood, not even coloured. Ursula didn't have the money for something special. The coffin was going to be burned any way, because Bob stated in his will that he wanted to be cremated. The pastor said some things about love, life, Jesus, abortion, suffering, car accidents, the importance of prayer and some more things about Jesus. Bob wasn't really a religious man, but he wanted a pastor at his funeral because otherwise his mother would be upset. Besides his mom, his mom's new lover, since Bob's father died 12 years ago and his wife and kid, John, Lloyd, Lloyd's wife, John, John's wife, John's 3 children, Kathy, Kathy's mom, Mr. Maxwell and some other friends of Bob and Ursula were also at the funeral. They drank some coffee afterwards and went back home. Ursula had to be driven home, because she never learned how to drive a car. So she decided to start doing that now, it would be a shame to let Bob's Hyundai go to waste.

    Emma and Ursula watched some television that night and went to bed. There was nothing interesting on that night any way. Ursula still got a phonecall from her brother with his condolences, a bit late, but Ursula didn't care. It was her brother, he was always late, at least he didn't completely forget this time.


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