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I've noticed that cards like Sacred Ash and (Superior) Energy Retrieval that say "Do X things" instead of "Do up to X things" allow you to add less than the stated amount. For example, let's say you have 7 Pokemon in the discard and play Sacred Ash. It will allow you to add less than 5, when the card normally shouldn't work like that. You would have to add 5 if you had 5, and all of them if you had less than 5.

Also, I'm not sure what other Pokemon this happens with, but Lucario's second attack says, "You may draw cards until you have 6 in your hand," but the game doesn't give you the option, it just automatically does it.

Just some rulings issues I've run into, but love the program and don't know what I would do without it! Keep up the great work! Planning to donate sometime this weekend.
v14.7 Update: Send Challenge and Social Menu!

Send Challenge
TCG ONE now features a new social menu which shows online players and lets you to send quickplay challenges to a specific person. This will allow you play with your friends without the possibility of someone else joining your game. In future updates, the social menu will allow adding people as friends and chatting them in private.

No Spectator Option
It was already possible to toggle spectator mode via in-game settings panel. This update brings the option to create game panel. You can now safely test your secret deck without anybody spying on your board!

  • Selected card count is now shown on card select button, which should reduce some misplays.
  • Quickplay deck lists are now displayed on an extra view for browser-friendliness.
  • Timers were added to selection request windows.
  • Moved to a new big server and fixed many instability problems (your donations are welcome more than ever!)
Card fixes
  • Hugh (BCR) reimplemented for timer-friendliness.
  • Sacred Ash (FLF) now prints the card to be shuffled to deck and requires 5 cards to be selected.
  • Dark Golbat (TR) Sneak Attack will not trigger Focus Band (N1).
  • Hitmonchan (FUF): Bullet Punch damage fixed.
  • Fixed rare issue involving Aromatisse Fairy Transfer from Pokemon-EX to Safeguarded Pokemon.
  • G Booster and G Scope (PLB): removed attachment requirement of Genesect-EX.
  • Master Ball (EXP) will not give error with an empty deck.
  • Garbodor (PLS): fixed a rare issue which may disallow reflipping Biosmog's flip with Trick Coin.
Bug Report (forgot to do on-site error report): Rocket's Minefield Gym affects Pokemon benched from the deck (such as those summoned by Dark Dragonite's Summon Minions) even though it's only supposed to affect those benched from the hand.
I'm having issues with the tcgone page being blank, I checked the help page and didn't see anything that helped. has anyone else had this issue and know how to fix it?
Hello everyone,

Currently I am in need of some "Content Specialist" people which will alert me of new expansions, new promo cards, erratas, bans and help me to prepare card scans and new card implementations. I get overwhelmed by bug reports and new features so I'd like to split up some work (to be credited). This would help TCG ONE to be updated more frequently with the latest cards and expansions.

If anyone's interested, please contact me, thanks!
I'd certainly like to help, considering I'm one of those that bugs you for new expansions D:. Do you want us to PM you or post here or...?
Sorry if this has already been asked, but what has to happen before some or all of the EX series will be implemented into career mode? I understand that time might be a little hard to say, and I have no idea what programming the site is like, but I'd really like to see some of those cards (particularly Mudkip) around. Sorry if it appears this way, but I am in no way trying to show impatience. Thanks axpendix for everything you put into TCGOne!
Ok a glitch happened to me while I was using Dark Charizard TR attack Continuous Fireball and I got five heads and had to discard my energies then it said I did not have enough energies and it did 30 damage to itself and no damage to my op
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I'd be more than happy to help you! Just let me know whatever you need help with and I'll be more than happy to.