News Strengthening Expansion Pack, Best of XY Pack, and Ash VS Team Rocket Deck!

Can't wait to see what will be included in the Best of XY set, perhaps we will see a return of older decks like Seismitoad Ex or night march back in standard. Both scary and exciting at the same time x3
Bit too early to have an opinion or claim anything about the "Greatest/worst hits of X&Y". It could end up as another thing that doesn't come to the US. Much like the set that came out in Japan in between Fates collide and Steam Siege.
I am satisfied if Shaymin, VS Seeker, Trainers' Mail, and a Lysandre-like card will include in the set. I'm fine for that. VS Seeker are in the brink right now because next year, they'll be rotated. I am so worried.
No thanks

Id really prefer if theyd keep all the game breaking cards that came in XY in expanded after this rotation. Ive had enough of item lock, ive had enough of having to spend 120$ for 1 card. Shaymin, Lysandre, Hex, Seismitoad, Trevanant, etc can all never come back. I would in fact like to see trainers mail, and VS Seeker get reprinted because overall they were healthy for the meta. I think that if they got rotated running 1 or 2 ofs would stop. You would have to chose what is most important to the deck. This reduces supporter techs

If none of the above cards get reprinted, the meta change will be HUGE. This change is what I look forward to, the meta has been pretty cancer recently
Maybe they can update their templates, and move cards in dire need of reprinting(VS Seeker, Enhanced Hammers, etc., along with now-rotated cards that gave certain types a lift in their day: Blacksmith, Korrina, etc.) to NA's SM3, as by the time their Japanese versions come out, the first run cards in SM2(to be released in the Americas in May) will already be out of the printers, meaning the Best of XY, if it's released in America, won't make it to SM2, meaning it will be likely an SM3/Promo product(projected to be released in the Americas in August)...

But please, oh please, don't reprint Night March, though Battle Compressor is ok(as that could speed up the slow GX-era meta so that the no-first-turn attack rule has a legitimate reason to stay as-is: In my opinion, slow metas could cause temptations for the higher-ups to allow 1st-turn attacks, as after all, if the game is too slow to cause easy T1 KOs before the opposing player has a chance to act, then it's easy to think "Why not?", when in reality, 1st-turn attacks could make the game like solitaire if the 1st-turn attacker has enough to KO a lone active to end it before the opposing player has a chance to move)...
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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I added a quick update to the article. Nothing big enough for it's own separate article, but we know how many cards will be in each of the sub-sets, and also that the Best of XY set will have mirror holo cards! It may end up being like EBB where there's one mirror holo print in each pack.
I agree that Shaymin-EX should be included in any list of "best cards" from the XY series, however I'm not positive I'd actually want it reprinting at this point (if we do get this set). I think they've left it way too long now, and since any reprint would allow it to stay in Standard for another season, it should be allowed to rotate out in the summer. It's been fun, but I think it's crazy price means it needs to either go, or see a replacement with a similar / the same effect (the latter only if they see to it that the same thing doesn't happen again with the value).
More like Resurrect: Make another Darkrai card every 3 sets and never let dark die
  • Fini GX - Meh! Not good enough! This is the reason why Koko and Lele are in Guardians Rising while This one and Bulu aren't.
  • Darkrai GX - This is a "3-4 Geodude" card! It can res itself just like Ho-oh EX. Decent attack that counters Fairies. The GX is.... Ok! Maybe Salazzle will do the trick. Like what I said, Special Conditiins aren't the main concern as of now. Maybe he could be an insert to the powerful Dark decks this August because this set will possibly tie-in with Necrozma and Ho-oh.
So. Another basic water -GX, and another basic dark(rai) -GX. Aka the two main archetypes rn.

Welp, guess they wouldn't be archetypes if they weren't painfully ubiquitous.

I think I've seen enough of Darkrai to last several lifetimes, including resurrections (HA HA jokefunny).

EDIT: Also, yikes @ that pack art.
Um... Why do they always want Dark to be BDIF? Instant 1-2 of in Turbo Dark, it's actually pretty ridiculous.