SM9 'Tag Volt,' Japan's December Set!

Latias and Latios finally get a GX and how fitting is it a tag team GX I love that idea!! Malamar could really help recharge Latias and Latios the next turn of course you’ll need a bit of help but in expanded this would be broken with Double Dragon energy.
Erika's Hospitality is far better than Hau, with the potential to pull 6 cards in Standard and even more in Expanded.
Perhaps I'm reading the card wrong, but at best it's on par with a Lilly.
No because you can draw past six, as long as you have less than six when you start drawing. So in standard you can draw from a hand of 5 cards to a hand of 11 cards.
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I'm usually not a fan of cards that rely on my opponent but this seems good. The positives seem well worth the risk of only drawing 1 or 2.
Omg her arts looks so good! When they said she had three hands on the first picture I had to double check cause I never noticed until it was said I was too busy admiring the art to see it, I can’t to find one of these in the coming

No, they'll probably be in a "Best of Sun and Moon" box.

I don’t bet that
No, they'll probably be in a "Best of Sun and Moon" box.
Considering all the FA Trainers in the XY Premium Trainers Box were playable at some point or another, I think it would be a real ripoff for the "Best of Sun/Moon" to have the likes of Aether Foundation Employee and Hiker.
Oh no.
No, they'll probably be in a "Best of Sun and Moon" box.
No no no no! My partial Set List is being disturbed. I put all 10 in my set list of Team Up, yes. I made a forum of that 2 days after the set being leaked. I include the subway bosses, battle chattelaine, Nanu, Jasmine, and these
I assume a TTGX has 2 artworks. MagikWail "SR" is 97 and Venulebi is "99". So 96 will be another MagikWail artwork and 98 is Venulebi and so on