Several 'Dream League' Cards Revealed, Including Special Full Arts!

Interesting that there's a holo Magneton with not much room for a Magnezone to be revealed. Wonder if there's some other card to combo with it like the Clefairy and Doll combo?

There's no room for Magnezone, unless they make it a Metal type (EDIT: Just saw Steffenka's post - scratch that). It's not gonna happen though, Magneton being a holo also doesn't help it's case. As someone had mentioned, this has strong synergy with Lt. Surge, maybe that could be the combo if there's nothing else in the set. Wouldn't be surprised if the Koffing is a standalone as well as a representation of Roxie's Koffing.

When I saw Piplup I was like that's an unusually powerful attack, then I saw Empoleon and now I see why. I imagine the Prinplup will have some interesting/solid attacks as well.

I noticed they used a female Vileplume, obviously to represent Erika's Vileplume.
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SUM Solgaleo and Lunala GX don’t rotate since the gold versions were printed in UPR. Play them both with Lunaleo TTGX. It’s slow but with the format as slow as it’s gonna be, might be worth a look,
So the English cosmic eclipse set is gonna be super huge

Silvally GX could be the new fairy type Alolan ninetales GX
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Silvally GX helps make that new Professor Oak supporter that benches 3 different types a lot easier (and more incentivized) to use. Right now a lot of decks aren't really running a ton of types of Pokemon, and if they are a lot of them are play from hand abilities like Dedenne GX.

Silvally GX unlocks the ability for people to bench their main Tag Team of choice (none of the big ones have play from hand abilities) and a Type Null. That just leaves one more Pokemon type to make Oak a really good supporter and would probably swing lists more in favor of Pokegear 3.0.

Noteably "counters" Reset Stamp too. if Silvally GX becomes a 2/2 in a majority of lists like Octillery used to be, Reset Stamp just becomes a brick card in your deck really.
GXs haven't been "5ban exclusive" for a while though haah, most of them are now done by PLANETA artists, or other 3d-artists! :p
Right, Planeta. I more meant that (besides those old pikachu and mimikyu) that they're not just the same 2-3 3D artists. I wrote that at almost 2AM so I was dead tired, sorry.
When I get allergies I get a runny nose. But when Vileplume is around I get poisoned burned and paralyzed. I would want to go to the pokemon center but I am literally paralyzed.
Oh no
Roxie will either be banned in Expanded or get Exeggcute banned in Expanded. Also, Malamar is going to be BUSTED next set with Solgaleo & Lunala-GX, Clay to discard energies and Giratinas (it seems profoundly better than Hapu), Lana's Fishing Rod to recover Pokémon and Spell Tags, and -- most importantly -- four cards from Remix Bout: Great Catcher, Blacephalon, Rollerskater, and Marshadow.
Rosa sure has been getting a lot of love lately. I imagine that means the Serperior line will appear in this set.

Figured Silvally would get a second GX because of the Grass/Water Memories being in the B block while the original Silvally GX is still in the A rotation in Japan.

It's a long shot, but I'm hoping for a CHR Colorless Emolga with Elesa, CHR Golisopod with Guzma, and CHR Bewear or Fighting Nihilego with Lusamine.
Vileplume is a stage 2 that is weak to fire. Nuff said. This just does not hit numbers at all. It's only slightly annoying.

Empoleon is a basic wall. Seems bad but may I remind you of upr Empoleon. 20 x all pokemon ring a bell? They could make a really annoying rogue deck. But I'm more excited/concerned about using this with Meganium as well. If you could get that Empoleon out consistently... Sure you run into inconsistencies with nidoqueen in the mix. You could either keep the Queen or use upr Empoleon as a solid 2 shotter. I'd choose the latter

Magneton seems very interesting. It could be a very spontaneous Surge or 'Hat Trick' from a ditto. Prizes don't mean as much in this this meta. Gardeon gets away with Mismagius. Granted Mismagius is instant with Duck stone.

Koffing... Weezing spread gets pretty damaged by rotation but this could help.

Roxie will be very good in deck that run lots of extra pokemon. It seems Weezing is a prime Candidate. Though Weezing usually goes through as many Weezing as it can. Though there is Ditto.

Mimikyu is one of dozens of pokemon that copy supporters. They are never any good. Mimikyu is not an exception.

Excadrill has eleventh hour tackle. upr Hippowdon never saw any widespread success. Excadrill might, but only for the second attack. Any deck that plays Ditto can Instantly promote and Ditto and use rainbow energy and Excadrill for an instant ko. (I use the words instant and spontaneous way to often) Milling your own 4 sucks though. No way around that.

Steelix is just bad. Dce is gone. Pokemaniac only searches 150 worth of pokemon. That is your supporter for the turn and you have to discard them in a format without rescue stretcher.

Silvally is just good. Octillery was good. ohko ing an UB for a Tae is pretty good too. Though Blowns are the only relevant ones left. Zoro rotates but I would not be surprised to see a Silvally deck without it. To bad both miss Tag teams with memory weakness. Most people splashed Octillery into... everything. I expect the same for this.

Lana's Fishing rod is the replacement for Rescue Stretcher. Getting back tools is good but shuffle one pokemon is nothing compared to Rescue Stretcher's 3.

Clay is... very feast or famine. You could get everything you want or mill half your energy. Honestly would rather play it safe and use Bill's analysis.

Whew... I hope they don't drop too many more reveals as big as this... My fingers want a break from typing. Though once we get 300+ card sets I doubt reveals will get any smaller...
I absolutely love the FA Piplup! Seems like he might be a fun wall against Tags and GXs too, especially with Empoleon recalling to use it for one energy so he's not as vulnerable.
GXs haven't been "5ban exclusive" for a while though haah, most of them are now done by PLANETA artists, or other 3d-artists! :p

I am super happy that we have a Vileplume GX, and that it debuts the female Vileplume to the tcg, but, I really want my Bellossom haha ;-;

Also rather weird that there won't be a Magnezone in the set. Solgaleo/Lunala comes right after Magneton, and Clefairy after Steelix, so there's no room for it. I also wonder which trainer it represents?
Watson for Magneton?