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Standard Scizor GX Deck

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Ron, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Ron Aspiring Trainer


    Hi all, i am building my own Scizor GX deck and want it to be ready after the sept rotation.

    Let me know if i need to change or add anything? *Sorry i am new to Pokemon TCG

    Pokemon (14)
    4 X Scyther
    3 X Scizor GX
    1 X Dhelmise
    2 X Kartana GX
    2 X Registeel
    1 X Celesteela
    1 X Celesteela GX

    Stadium (2)
    1 X Parallel City
    1 X Mt Coronet

    Trainer Items (12)
    2 X Metal frying pan
    1 X Rescue Stretcher
    3 X Choice band
    1 X Nest ball
    2 X Ultra ball
    2 X Field Blower
    1 X Pal Pad

    Trainer Supporter (16)
    2 X Acerola
    4 X Cynthia
    4 X Guzma
    2 X Copycat
    2 X Judge
    1 X Prof Kukui
    1 X Cyrus (Prism Star)

    4 X Double Colorless energy
    12 X Steel Energy

  2. Colton Young Aspiring Trainer
    Colton Young


    I think replacing mt. Coronet with another frying pan would be ideal. From what I've seen Mt. Coronet is only good for decks that involve a decent amount of discarding, and this deck doesn't really do that. Another frying would be cool, because it increases your chances of bulking up your scizor. Also, teching in a magearna could be nice because you could use it to switch out your frying pan for a choice band to finish up your opponents gx pokemon.
  3. Christopher Shehan Aspiring Trainer
    Christopher Shehan

    Advanced Member Member

    I absolutely love Scizor GX and I have been playing around with a couple variants of the deck. You have some different options for dudes. The version I have had the most success with is one that primarily utilizes scizor GX as the attacker. 2 Dhelmise and 2 oranguru (instruct) seem to really help with the consistency of the deck. I am trying to not use tapu lele because they aren't all that cheap. It is definitely a slow grind it out kind of game but between the frying pan and steel wing he takes a few hits before KO. I haven't tested Acerola, how is that working? I was interested in using it myself.
  4. Ron Aspiring Trainer


    I see your point of the mt coronet, i initially wanted to add in because i am afraid of stadium cards like broklett hill.
    Maybe i will consider one more frying pan hmm
  5. Ron Aspiring Trainer


    Yes i am definitely thinking of adding one more Dhelmise and one oranguru, Tapu lele is really exp right now so i might wait.
    Acerola is great because if my Scizor is low on HP to activate the ability but the opp is just a non GX pokemon, i will use acerola as it's not worthwhile to KO and get one prize card while he next turn can KO my siczor and get 2 prize cards.
  6. Colton Young Aspiring Trainer
    Colton Young


    I was looking into potential deck builds, and mt coronet could potentially work if you throw in some zoroarks. Just ideas atm, but if you could use zoroarks trade to discard metal energy and just bring it back that turn with mt coronet.
  7. Itchaboi Aspiring Trainer


    How comes noone has tried shining celebi/victini with scizor-gx?
  8. Ron Aspiring Trainer


    Yo Itchaboi, Shining Celebi is quite rare hahaha but i dont think its useful? Victini as well? You talking about the reroll the dice ability right
  9. Itchaboi Aspiring Trainer


    yea, i mean hitting with 100 (without choice band) and being immune is not bad at all
  10. GengarBreak Aspiring Trainer


    I apologize, I'm lost - Scyther's agility attack does 20 base damage, how do you hit for 100 without choice band - even with the dhelmise's? And do the dhelmise's work if attacking with the (leaf/green) scyther attack, despite being a (metal/steel) scizor - forgive the newbie question. I feel like I'm missing something obvious due to being a noob.
  11. Srmb Physics, that's what pokemon is all about!


    @GengarBreak, they talk about scizors ability. It adds dmg to the attack when its low on hp. This also counts if you use a previous attack from the previous stage card. Dhelmise will also work, because scizor is attacking with a previous move. He’s a steel type so you get extra dmg.

    Always ask questions, you will learn the game:)

  12. Anthony Dello Aspiring Trainer
    Anthony Dello


    Parallel City is rotating out

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