Saturday, 6/17, New Game Mechanics in Furthest Ends


Team Twilight 4eva \m/
What are you guys so worried about? Tyranitar ex will be alive in the next format where Pidgeot is out. Without Pidgeot, stage 2's are going to be very hard to set up efficiently without burning a bunch of draw cards. That's why Tyranical Power didn't do very well. I had to use as many draw cards and search cards just to set up and in the late game I couldn't get the cards I needed. In my opinion, without a steady search engine like Pidgeot, ex's, Like Tyranitar 'd' ex,will not be as 'broken' as people think.

Arcanine 274

But that's the reason we have Magcargo DX and Porygon 2 DS. That's our new draw engine for Pokeman. Tyranitar EX will live BECAUSE it is good with Magcargo. though it'll hurt without Electrode EX :(.

The seal counter sounds weird though, but kool.

Arcanine out.