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Something funny happen in PokeBeach's chat room? Post the logs here so we can all laugh about it! :D

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[18:02] <dialga> how do u put internet on a ds?
[18:02] <@scampy> you download it onto a floppy disc and insert it into the ds system
[18:02] <dialga> i already tried that
Gobsmacked: what happened to Drohn?
[5:44pm] Gobsmacked: ah
[5:44pm] bacon: Newdude
[5:44pm] zero: noobnerd was from singapore
[5:44pm] Shining_Raikou: Newdude was from Belize
[5:45pm] Gobsmacked: OH
[5:45pm] Gobsmacked: yes
[5:45pm] Rusty_Sticks: drohn died
[5:45pm] Shining_Raikou: Drohn is from Netherlands
[5:45pm] Shining_Raikou: and yeah sadly
[5:45pm] Shining_Raikou: he ded
[5:45pm] Gobsmacked: WHAT
[5:45pm] Rusty_Sticks: super dead
[5:45pm] zero:
[5:45pm] zero: rip in pieces
[5:45pm] Gobsmacked: WHEN?!
[5:45pm] Rusty_Sticks: press F to pay respects to drohn
[5:45pm] zero: f
[5:45pm] Gobsmacked: fffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
[5:45pm] Gobsmacked: ffffffffffffff
[5:45pm] Gobsmacked: fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
[5:45pm] Brave_Vesperia: f
[5:45pm] Gobsmacked: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
[5:45pm] Shining_Raikou: kidding clam down peeps
[5:45pm] elbow: fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
[5:45pm] Gobsmacked: when did he ded?
[5:45pm] Gobsmacked: oh
[5:45pm] bacon: fffffun times at the seaside
[5:45pm] Rusty_Sticks: he died just now
[5:46pm] Brave_Vesperia: inb4 this chat is a type of Death Note
[5:46pm] Brave_Vesperia: And we killed Drohn
[5:46pm] Shining_Raikou: Zer- I mean hi
[5:46pm] Gobsmacked: did he leave?
[5:46pm] Rusty_Sticks: all according to plan
[5:46pm] Shining_Raikou: In that case we're all dead
[5:46pm] Shining_Raikou: and we just don't know it
[5:46pm] Rusty_Sticks: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Drohn scaring people away like a pro:

[01:04] * Jade ([email protected]4.qld.optusnet.com.au) has joined #pokebeach
[01:05] <Teal> (Drohn is the right way to pronounce Tron)
[01:05] <&Drohn[Away]> anyway bye
[01:05] <Tron> ohai Jade
[01:05] <&Drohn[Away]> hi jade and bye
[01:05] <Tron> Drohn[Away] go away already
[01:06] * Jade ([email protected]4.qld.optusnet.com.au) Quit (Client exited)
[01:09] * Jade ([email protected]4.qld.optusnet.com.au) has joined #pokebeach
[01:09] <Jade> So someone told me to go away? You are being childish. Btw anyone got a good irc chat for ipad?
[01:09] <Teal> hello
[01:10] <Teal> Drohn said he would go away
[01:10] * Jade smacks Drohn
I'm just gonna keep all these quotes in one post.
[15:51:57] <~peer> Shining_Raikou: stop being a butt
[15:52:06] <~Shining_Raikou> never
[16:46:16] <Rusty_Sticks> dank memes can't melt these steel beams
1:01 PM <Takeshi> I fed some ducks
1:01 PM <Takeshi> 1 female, 5 males
1:01 PM <Takeshi> she got abused
1:02 PM <Takeshi> but ate loads
1:03 PM <~peer> sounds like america
1:03 PM <~peer> amirite
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<zero> we thought it'd be cute to have the finals of a cities in front of the store
<zero> in like an outdoor mall
<zero> it was a really nice day, but random gust of wind made life sad
<zero> :(
<@Brave_Vesperia> Gust of Wind made everyone sad
<zero> yeah
<zero> then they called it Catcher
<zero> and made people sad again
<~Shining_Raikou> !dex espresso
<Rusty_Sticks> solid random
<Chaos_Jackal> I still wait for memberdex
<Rusty_Sticks> I miss DNA dex
<~Shining_Raikou> !dex macchiato
<Rusty_Sticks> I had an entry in it
<Chaos_Jackal> I didn't
<~Shining_Raikou> !dex flat white
<Rusty_Sticks> sr pls stahp
<Rusty_Sticks> you're spamming
<~Shining_Raikou> Not good enough PMJ
<Rusty_Sticks> that's against the rules
<Chaos_Jackal> SR, please kick the spammer
* Rusty_Sticks was kicked by Shining_Raikou (Shining_Raikou)
<Absol> You know, I wish real life was like pokemon
<Absol> where you could go up to someone
<Absol> and they would talk to you
<Absol> without you having to say a single thing
<bbninjas> Words of wisdom right there
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<Skyleaf2000> Tales of Phantasia has ton of fanart all over Deviantart. Tales of the Abyss always seems overlooked. :(
<Token> I guess you could say that its popularity is....
<Token> ...in the abyss.
<Icey778> Ouch
<Skyleaf2000> Q_Q That made me so sad but it is an amazing joke.
<Token> LOL