Primordial Altar from ‘Paradigm Trigger’!


Grass-Type Gym Leader
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Primordial Altar has been revealed from the Japanese set Paradigm Trigger, which releases in Japan on October 21st. We should see most of the cards from this set become part of our Silver Tempest in November.
Primordial Altar – Trainer
Once during each player’s turn, that player may look at the top card of their deck. They may discard that card.
This Stadium stays in play when you play it. Discard it if another Stadium comes into play. If a Stadium with the same name is in play, you can’t play this card.

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I'd much prefer if this was "look at two, discard one, draw the other". Even though I like more reserved power level and not the total craziness we have right now, this is way too weak AND it has a built-in drawback of letting your opponent do it as well.
I guess you can combo it with Oranguru to discard things, but any deck that would really want this will probably want PokeStop more (more thinning, more discard). A shame, because the art is super cool
Works well with Trekking Shoes & Rotom Phone, I guess? But even then, i'd much rather just play PokeStop.. ?? Looking at the top deck can sometimes be a plus though and have the potential to work with cards like pickaxe. ?
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This card might have been a bit more interesting if it wasn't for Pokestop existing.

I don't even see myself running this in my expanded Castform deck, as I'd rather run Pokestop to find Compressors faster or run more anti-meta stadiums over this.
I would rather use Pokestop but I guess you could combo with oranguru to discard something specific.
How did we go like 11 messages in without anyone mentioning Kyurem VMax or Gutsy Pickaxe lol. Tbf most of the time you would rather just Oranguru but that kind of feels like what the card is designed for instead of whatever this fake pokestop discussion ya'll are talking about.
I guess this works well with fleet-footed besides whats already been mentioned