Primal Kyogre EX Variants

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  1. elsams Aspiring Trainer


    To make it in a Tier 2 , you will use ultra ball instaed dive ball to drop energy to the pile. then you will use mega turbo to power up the 3rd energy that you need anfter alpha growth on 2nd turn.

  2. KoL Aspiring Trainer


    Shaymin EX could be an interesting pick for this deck. Set Up provides additional card draw while Primal Kyogre's Tidal Storm puts energy onto Shaymin EX that it can then return to the hand with Sky Return, allowing you to put that energy back onto Primal Kyogre and giving another opportunity to refill your hand when you play Shaymin EX on the board again.

    Would likely require a Float Stone or some Switch/Escape Rope use to pull off though.
  3. Elbow Klinklang V Plz


    First, you use Keldeo for the switching effect. Not switch.
    Second, I've been toying with this and like it a lot. Shaymin finishes the KO on EXs with 170/180 HP when you don't have a lysandre or don't want to do 150 to the active again. While it would be better to use a Seismitoad EX if its benched, sometimes you'll want the energy to be put on another pokemon and you'll need that extra Shaymin EX draw later.
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    If possible you should run escape rope in Primal Kyogre. After you've already hit an EX for 150, escape rope forces it back to the bench (without needing to use Lysandre), so that you can finish it off with the bench damage and you don't waste the 150. And in a stretch situation it can do for a switch if Keldeo/float stone is not set up or not working.
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    Is Archie version better than normal one? I really think this deck needs two Primal Kyogre, and its not easy to set 2 Primal Kyogre with ordinary Mega Evolution. Archie also suffers from that problem, and you might not be able to set Primal Kyogre at all, but if you can T1 archie into T2 archie, its very strong.
  6. Vinub Aspiring Trainer


    I was thinking about what will happen to this deck when the rotation comes. With the arrival of Sceptile EX and the end of Suicune and especially Keldeo EX/Float Stone, will this deck still be viable?
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    Archies is a very different deck. I play archies blastoise and is really devastating, with two Black Kyurem EX you can OHKO everythink, even a M Ray and M Manectric, with a muscle band. And the Blastoise comes out almost always in your first turn. Archies Kyogre is non viable cause you are limited to put only 2 energy in your primal. And in a format that can hit you with a lot amount of damage with a very few energies you need attack power.
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