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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by AngryBokoblin, May 18, 2019.

  1. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    It seems like every deck is going to be inconsistent next rotation but I can think of many different engines to go in many different decks.
    If you think of any more, post them below!

    My list:
    • Electromagnetic Radar/Dedenne GX/Pokemon Communication (for fast, aggressive decks like Malamar)
    • Pokegear 3.0/Professor Elm's Lecture/Pokemon Communication (for decks with 60 hp basics)
    • Pokegear 3.0/Jasmine/Jirachi/Pokemon Communication (for metal decks, as well as basically anything else) also maybe a metal tech like Jirachi prism star
    • Pokegear 3.0/Pokemon Maniac/anything with 4 retreat/Pokemon Communication
    • Cherish Ball/Order Pad/Jirachi (for tag teams)
    • Green's Exploration/Cherish Ball/Mismagius (Unbroken Bonds)/Dusk Stone/Mysterious Treasure (for tag teams)
    • (Fairy) Alolan Ninetales GX/baby Whimsicott (Unified Minds)/Shiinotic (Ultra Prism)
    • Judge's Whistle/Acro Bike/ Pokegear 3.0 (Any deck can play this) also, combined with welder, is a good fire engine
    • Jirachi/Order Pad/Mysterious Treasure (for dragon and psychic)
    • Dunsparce (?)

    • Yes, I know treasure, net ball, and radar exist but those aren't "engines"
    • Order pad, judge's whistle, acro bike, p. comm, red's, cherish ball, and pokegear can be played in any deck but are not an engine by themselves, only in addition to other cards.
    • Salazzle helps fire out but you still need an engine to get IT out
    • I am constantly editing this with suggestions from below. If I don't have something on this list that you commented (AKA I forgot), feel free to say so. Just give me a day or 2 to add it.
    • If you are wondering what I mean or what the combo is, ask! I will gladly specify.
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  2. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    Don’t forget the Green engine for Reshizard and Blacephalon.
    All of these should include the following, since they’re less of “engines” and more of staples.
    Red’s Challenge
    Pokegear 3.0

    Either way, I prefer the Dedenne GX option more, because if you play them in mass amounts, Giovanni’s Exile could be played too.
    There’s another engine. Fairytales and/or Whimsicott (UMI) and/or Mismagius and/or Dedenne GX and/or anything that has a “when you play this, boost consistency effect”/ Giovanni’s Exile.
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  3. Ghostrickster Aspiring Trainer


    I'd argue Acro Bike/Judge Whistle is a solid engine, even though they're just deck thinners. It's still an engine to boost consistency, especially for non-GX decks that can't benefit from Treasure, Net Ball, or Cherish Ball.

    I'm not sure Whimsicott will really be that good but it's an option worth bringing up, I guess. Without Marshadow everywhere, Green's Exploration becomes even more viable. However, it can't grab Ultra or Nest Ball for decks like Gardevoir & Sylveon TT, which really need it to do dig for those for setup. Alolan Ninetales is not as good without Beacon Vulpix, but it still can grab important Items that some decks may rely on, similar to Green's Exploration. Again, key targets like Ultra Ball are going away. Pokemon Communication is a decent fill-in, but it's definitely not the same. Poke Maniac may help a few decks out, but there's not a lot of good Pokemon around right now with a retreat cost of 4.

    Colorless and Fire decks can use Salazzle with Welder as a draw engine. Tag Team "quad" builds have Mismagius for draw power. I also have thought about how some people might tech 1-2 Radar in certain decks that will want to run 2-3 Dedenne.

    Honestly, the options are somewhat slim, but that should hopefully change when the first Sword/Shield set drops.
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  4. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    Thank you for the input.
    I knew I was forgetting something!
    I'll add them to the list!
  5. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    Forgot about the Quickthinners. That’s a viable engine especially because we lose so many consistency cards. You effectively cut your deck to 52 cards. You’re 100% right.
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  6. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    I dunno about just thinners but it works in reshizard so I'm willing to put it up there.
  7. Ghostrickster Aspiring Trainer


    They work well in decks that don't run many energy too. They also have synergy with Jirachi builds and things like HitmonRun (although not a meta deck). ReshiZard and Venusaur and Celebi can run both, and the latter benefits from being able to recover Judge, if needed. I haven't done too much testing, but with staples like Guzma, Rescue Stretcher, and Field Blower rotating, I can see some decks having more room for deck thinners. Bike/Whistle is best as a supplement to another small engine to help boost consistency.
  8. Otaku The wise fool?


    Then aren't those decks dead upon rotation, since Nest Ball and Ultra Ball are both rotating? I mean, the discussion is about post-rotation, right?

    Oh, and further making me sound like a confused old man... the way some of this stuff is listed is a bit confusing. XP

    You can use either card to fetch Dedenne-GX, thus using it for big draws. I suppose you can also just go

    Electromagnetic Radar => Dedenne-GX => Pokémon Communication (should you draw one and something worth discarding)

    Then there's

    Cherish Ball can't snag Mismagius (UNB), unless the front page's translation is really off.

    I know this will sound like a nitpick, but the first time a card is brought up, consider using the full name and especially if it is a Pokémon that has multiple versions in the game, Set and number. Once we all know what we're talking about, it ain't necessary. Yes, it can be argued that anyone not "with it" enough to know what is being discussed without such things shouldn't be part of the discussion... but it that ain't your position, take pity on those of us who are easily confused or just really fussy. XP

    Note: Re-reading Ghostrickster's comment... I really was just a confused old man. Sorry about that. @[email protected]
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  9. NaganadelIsBeast Pun Intended


    For Psychic and Dragon decks there’s Jirachi/Order Pad/Treasure
  10. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    The dede strat is to radar for 2 dede, p. comm 1 away, and then dede for 6
    Cherish ball does not get mismagius but it does get tag teams and you can use treasure to get mismagius. (green's for treasure and dusk stone instead of for nest ball and dusk stone)
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  11. Ghostrickster Aspiring Trainer


    I really do not like Order Pad, but at least it's more viable post-rotation. And yeah, my point with Green's is that it's stronger overall, but weaker because you have to dedicate more deck space in certain decks to be able to search everything using Green's, like Cherish Ball and Mysterious Treasure instead of just Nest Ball. That also means you have less flexibility in general, but the deck should still be viable.

    An important thing to remember about Electromagnetic Radar is that you don't have to fetch 2 with it, even if you have enough targets in the deck. It has neat synergy with Pokémon Communication, but if you don't happen to have that in hand, you can still just grab the 1 Dedenne-GX. A 1/2 or 2/3 ratio for Radar / Dedenne can work, depending on how fast the deck needs to be.
  12. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    I agree that it might be a little clunkier but really, is it that big of a difference?
    If you want a tag team off your green's, you get a cherish ball.
    If you want a mismagius, you get a treasure/dusk stone off green's.

    I understand it has less versatility in your hand, but when you're searching for what you need, you can grab the right card.
  13. Ghostrickster Aspiring Trainer


    Right. I'm simply speaking to the impact that will have on those decks that will want to run Green's Exploration. Functionally, Green's can do the same things in these Tag Team decks, but I'm simply discussing it because those deck's viability affect how good Green's will be.
  14. Geist1848 Aspiring Trainer


    Has anyone considered Dunsparce from Celestial Storm as a possible post rotation set up engine? After rotation, when we loose Ultra Ball and Nest Ball, Dunsparce might be a good alternative for setting up the bench. It does not have the same limitations as Prof. Elm and it allows you to play a draw supporter the same turn to increase you ability to set up. It does unfortunately require an energy attachment, unlike the Beacon Alolan Vulpix we lose, but it can search out three basic pokemon in includes a built in switching effect which is useful.

    At least on paper it appears to be a viable pokemon search engine. I, and doubtfully anyone, has fully figured out just how the tempo and basic structure of the game will change with rotation, but Dunsparce seems a possible route for setting up in a format without the consistent ball search were used to, at least for non- GX focused decks that cannot utilize things like Electromagntic Radar or the yet to be released Cherish Ball.

    I would like to know other's opinions. Does a Dunsparce engine have any place in the post-rotation meta?
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  15. Refrigerated Elements Aspiring Trainer
    Refrigerated Elements


    I feel like some decks will try to use Dunsparce to set up. The two main flaws with Dunsparce are that if you go first you cant use the attack T1 and that you would really like to start with it in the active which is a problem since you can only play 4 of them in an 60 card. Although switching cards will be able to help it get in the active if you can poke comm it out or draw into it later on.

    However, I think non-GX builds especially basic ones will use Dunsparce due to having no other choice.
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  16. Brancus Aspiring Trainer


    only problem with Giovanni's Exile is that you can't have any damage counters on that pokémon and with shrine of punishment/spell tag/... it's not that easy to keep damage counters off of them
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  17. JumpluffTCG Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    I am personally going to be doing a lot of testing with Acro Bike + Order Pad (Cherish Ball & Dedenne GX) + Lillie.

    I want my decks to be as fast as possible.
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  18. Audiofreak19 Aspiring Trainer


    What is going to be the easiest way to get a non gx Pokémon out? Since best ball and ultra ball are rotating.
  19. CrownAxe Aspiring Trainer


    poke comm and fan club
  20. Audiofreak19 Aspiring Trainer


    Ahh ok thanks.

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