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Would a pokemon themed chess set be a good gift for you?

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Yo, as i am a huge chess fan - will start off with a thread about chess :D If anyone wondered if there was a chess set where instead of figures you would have pokemon figures - then the answer is yes there have :D

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some more of these can be found below, some interesting choices for who would be the king, rook, or bishop

which pokemon would you choose to be a king and a queen if it was up to you? Or figures in your best scenario?


Black :

king: Mewtwo

Queen: Mew

Bishop: Alakazam

Knight: Golduck

Rook: Gengar

Pawn: Diglett


king: Dragonite

Queen: Articuno

Bishop: Charizard

Knight: Rapidash

Rook: Onyx

Pawn: Diglett
Honestly I think the biggest missed opportunity is not a single member of the Pawniard family made it in. This is pretty cool though, I think Spectrier would make a pretty cool black knight, and maybe Duralodon for white rook and Stakataka for black rook.
i think you are probably right, i believe it will probably be due to the majority of people out there will only know or be familiar with the first generation of pokemon, hence why these are being used for pokemon chess :D but who knows, there seems to be a lot of them printed
They could come up with chessboards for each generation of Pokémon, which I think would be cool! For Johto, I could see Ho-Oh and Lugia being opposing Kings for starters. I'd also be up for Wooper pawns haha