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It was a bright and sunny day at the beach. Water-type Pokémon splashed in the sea while Flying-type Pokémon soared in the skies, and Pokémon of every shape and size frolicked on the shore. It seemed that no wrong could be done this day. That, of course, couldn’t last.

In a darkened grotto, a few Pokémon of a more devious sort met and plotted in secrecy. For they wanted the beach to themselves, and they would stop at nothing to rid it of the happy masses that currently occupied it.

The sun was on its way down in the sky, and soon it would be night. The Pokémon at the beach stopped their playing and headed to their dens and nests and homes. They hardly knew what they were in for the next day...


Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3
Night 3

Day 4
Night 4
Day 5
Night 5
Day 6
Night 6
Day 7
Night 7
Day 8
Night 8
Day 9
Night 9
[URL='']Game Over

Welcome, young one! You have stumbled across a game of PokeBeach Mafia, a game that tests one's skills in logical deduction and reason, and a game long popular in our Forum Game community. This particular game is an opportunity for some of you to try a game that you wouldn't otherwise play, and who knows - you might even enjoy it enough to play more!

Your hosts will be @bbninjas (thats me!) and @Jabberwock (that's him!). We will be processing the game, and are the ones to ask questions about the roles, mechanics, rules and the like.

The Basics
There are devious Mischief Makers at large on the beach! They act entirely normal by day, but each night, they will murder an Innocent Beachgoer as they unfold their sneaky plot. The Beachgoers must each day vote for a player to be lynched (that is, executed), and kill all the Mischief Makers before they do the same to them.

Each team will also have access to Team Advisers - @Camoclone for the Mischief Makers, and @NinjaPenguin for the Innocent Beachgoers. Mafia can sometimes be a learning curve, so if you're ever confused about what's happening or would like some direction, you can ask these folk.

If you've never played forum mafia before, click the spoiler for details. Additionally, after reading the spoiler contents, you might like to read a few pages of this past game to get a better idea, and check out this terminology glossary for any unexplained lingo.

This is how the game will work: At the game start, each player will be sent a PM, which will tell them the role that they have for the game (more information on this in the Roles section). Your role is known only by you, unless found out by the power of another role. These roles split up into two factions - the Innocent Beachgoers and the Mischief Makers - with each faction having their own win condition. There are no independent factions.
  • The Innocent Beachgoers must kill all of Mischief Makers. They are the uninformed majority, who would use deduction, process of elimination and their role to figure out who the threats are, and lynch them during the Day Phase.
  • The Mischief Makers must achieve parity with or outnumber the Innocent Beachgoers. They are the informed minority who must blend into the crowd, trying to not act suspicious, accusing the innocent while avoiding being lynched themselves. They can communicate with each other privately via a QuickTopic chat (example) during Night and Day Phases, and will be able to kill a player each Night Phase.
There are two phases - the Night Phase and the Day Phase, which will normally last 36 hours (1.5 in-real-life days) and 72 hours (3 in-real-life days) respectively. There will be a 12 hour period between the Night Phase and the Day Phase that will be used for processing Night Actions.

During Night Phases:
  • Players may NOT post in the game thread.
  • Players may use night actions, if they have any, to work towards their role's win condition. (See your role PM if you have a night action.)
    • When using night actions, you should PM the hosts the name of the player you will act on (or players, if more than one), according to the role description. The player must be currently alive unless your role states otherwise, and you may not act on yourself.
During Day Phases:
  • Players may post in the game thread, to discuss what you have found out during the night, and to deduce which players are the Mischief Makers.
  • Players may cast a vote, by posting in-thread ##VOTE: . If you change your mind and would like to vote a different player, post in-thread ##UNVOTE and cast your new vote. You don't have to vote again after unvoting.
    • Once the Day Phase ends, the player with the most votes on them will be lynched.
    • If more than half of the remaining players are voting for the same player, the Day Phase will end early and that player will be lynched.
If that's all a bit hard to remember, don't reminder!We'll be reminding you all throughout the game of what you can and can't do in each phase. ^.^

The Prizes
Our mafia games don't normally have prizes, but this one does! These prizes are mostly to encourage new people to get involved in and excited about the game, and so there will be a minimum participation requirement for you to be eligible. We don't have high expectations, but you should be periodically posting your thoughts, casting a vote, and using your role. This is somewhat subjective, but don't worry - people who need to pick up their activity will be notified. As a general rule, if you are subbed out or modkilled, you probably won't be eligible for prizes.

Player Participation Prize: x5 random booster packs
Player MVPs Prize Pool: Zoroark-GX FA Promo, x3 Dragon Vault, x6 Shining Legends, HGSS Bundle: (Plusle, Minun, Raikou, Suicune Promos), Plasma Bundle: (x3 Plasma Freeze, Heatran-EX)
Host's MVPs: x5 boosters of your choice
Raffle: x10 random boosters (watch this space!)

(NOTE: All of our prizes are for PTCG Online. They are not
physical cards.)

More information will be given once the game has ended.

All new players who participate with reasonable activity will receive the New Player Participation Prize. All players are now eligible for the Participation Prize!

At the end of the game, players may vote for a few MVPs - these are the people who others feel played notably well during the game. Only one veteran player will be included in this prize pool. The players who receive the most votes will be able to select their prize choice first.

The host's MVP prizes will go to players who were not voted MVPs. These winners will be chosen by outside observers such as the hosts and the advisors, to reward those who might have played well outside of the thread, such as through great QuickTopic activity or thoughtful actions, that wouldn't have been otherwise noticed by the players.

There will also be a few raffle ticket prizes that will be randomly awarded to anyone who participated up until their death. There's still a chance to win big, even if you die early!

A big thanks to our donors:
Athena - 50 booster packs, x3 Dragon Vault packs
Lord o da rings - Zoroark-GX FA Promo, 23 booster packs (Crimson Invasion & Shining Legneds)
bbninjas - HGSS Bundle, Plasma Bundle, 130 assorted booster packs (from Dragons Exalted to Crimson Invasion),​

The Rules
  1. Read all of these rules. Some rules, if broken, could result in a modkill.
  2. A mafia game of 30 players is about a one-and-a-half month commitment, but this depends on how long you live. It's expected that you'll have the time to check in and post at least once every 24 hours.
  3. The Night Phase will last 36 hours, and the Day Phase will last 72 hours.
  4. Do not edit or delete your posts under any circumstances.
  5. Do not 'like' any posts unless a host specifically asks you to.
  6. You may quote what either host says, although not excessively. You may forge quotes. You may NOT screenshot anything.
  7. You may not directly quote the advisers, to avoid any potential disparities between teams. Paraphrasing is fine however.
  8. You may not ever discuss this game outside of this thread with anyone, except for the hosts, unless your Ability lets you.
  9. Do not post in this thread after you've died. The above rule still applies.
  10. Never attack or insult another player, even if that person is frustrating. Being a jerk ain't cool!
  11. Whatever a host says is final. If you think there is an error, talk to the hosts in private.

These are rules are have been drawn rather strictly to cover all scenarios. We're not out to get anyone, and instead are just ensuring that the game environment is fair for everyone. =]

The Roles and Items
Each player will be randomly assigned a role, which will be of a Pokemon and will give your alignment. Each role has at least one or more Active or Passive Abilities, although just one is most typical. Active Abilities are helpful actions that can be to to further your win condition, where Passive Abilities can by either positive or negative (the Passive in sample role has an exemplar negative effect). Be forewarned: any canon that would suggest that a Pokemon is more likely to be evil or good is irrelevant in this game. Additionally, claiming your role could be potentially hazardous to your health, so claim with caution.

You are Squirtle, and you’re aligned with the Innocent Beachgoers. You’re a playful and fun-loving turtle by day, but you also hide a secretive alter ego. Under the code name #007, you go around as a secret agent bringing down the world’s top-tier makers of mischief.

Passive Ability: Master of Disguise
You’re so well-disguised, you’ve even managed to fool your allies! Which isn’t a good thing. If any investigative actions are used on you, they will return the least favorable result.

Active Ability: Water Gun
The right blend of water and explosive firepower––shaken, not stirred––can be just what you need when you’re convinced you’ve found the villain. Once in the game, during the Night Phase, you may PM me the name of a living player. That player will be killed.

Win Condition: Eliminate the Mischief Makers.

Additionally, some Items will be randomly assigned to players during Day 1. If you hold an Item, you must pass it during the next Night. (That includes those who received Items Day 1.) All item passing occurs after the nightkill, and if a player holding an Item dies, it will be removed from play unless otherwise put back in play.

[ITEM] Up-Grade
This is an Up-Grade! As long as you hold this Item, your Abilities will have upgraded, increasingly powerful effects.

The Players
To sign-up, all you need to do is post in this thread saying you'd like to be in! After that, remember to watch this thread for updates, as you will need to confirm your participation before the game starts, in about 5 days time.

For those wondering, sign-ups are limited to 40 players, although we don't expect to get anywhere near that.

New Players:
  1. triplemo - modkilled Day 2
  2. mirdo - killed Night 7
  3. Professor_jplap - killed Night 4
  4. TheSceptileMaster Robin Aisaga
  5. Megapod_781 - killed Night 6
  6. Anime Psyclone - lynched Day 3
  7. FlavorfulPineApl Mariano11887
  8. The Last Shaymin - killed Night 7
  9. Tyler Beta - lynched Day 1
  10. Dusk Form Lycanroc - killed Night 5
  11. DashKing - lynched Day 8
  12. TOTAL_EPICNESS - killed Night 5
  13. Yog - killed Day 6
  14. Lord Goomy - lynched Day 2
  15. Acetrainer_samwise - lynched Day 5
  16. pikachuuuu101 - lynched Day 7
  1. Jadethepokemontrainer - killed Night 1
  2. PMJ - killed Night 2
  3. GekkisaiDaiNi Lord o da rings
  4. mordacazir - killed Night 3
  5. GM Draclord - lynched Day 6
  6. quakingpunch73
  7. rainyman123 Tapu Lele
  8. simsands - lynched Day 4
  9. scattered mind - died Night 5
  10. Luispipe8
  11. Blakers - killed Night 1
  1. Mariano11887 - subbed in for FlavorfulPineApl
  2. Robin Aisaga - subbed in for TheSceptileMaster
  3. Lord o da rings - subbed in for GekkisaiDaiNi
  4. Tapu Lele - subbed in for rainyman123
  5. TeamAqua4Life

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Put me in as a sub, just in case you need to sub out a player in the middle of the game. I don't think I'll have time to play from the very beginning, but will follow this game as much as I can in the meanwhile.


Always standing out from the crowd.
Hey everyone! Just wanted to say that this will be a blast and I'm looking forward to working with all of you townies. Let's kill this!

New Players: I'm here for help, so this is the perfect time to jump in and try something new (and win stuff. That's cool too.). I'll help lead you every step of the way, so please don't worry at all.

Good luck to all!
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