PokeBeach Downtime Tomorrow

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PokeBeach will go offline tomorrow (Saturday) for most of the day. We will be moving the website to better servers and updating our architecture.
Time and time again I can’t believe how much server power this website needs. I started PokeBeach 21 years ago and still view it as my humble little hobby. Yet I’m constantly reminded it’s much larger than I comprehend!
While the site is offline you’ll be able to enjoy the PokeBeach podcast. We will be recording a new episode tomorrow!

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Will all of the images and our data be safely transferred to the new servers? It would be a real shame if all of the images got destroyed.
If you simply can't handle being without the forums for a day, we do have a Discord server.

Wrong Discord server. I guess you didn't want me back on the Custom Card Community Discord server (or whatever we call it now) that much.

*Charmaster used Warp Point!*
It's back now! I was ever so slightly stressed at 12:01 am when it wasn't there for me.
The broken banner is still broken NOOOOOOO
Just let me into your CSS file for five seconds I will fix this I promise