PokeBeach’s April 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored By TCGplayer.com!

Round 2 Results, Table 50

@Holden Sheeks over @ShaunTheBoufflant 2-1

G1 - Holden
G2 - Shaun
G3 - Holden......I think.

Game 1 played pretty normal, game 2 was one of the worst opening hands I ever got after getting my hand shuffled, and game 3.....well, my opponent was proceeding his turn, stopped for quite a couple minutes as I was messing around with some chat functions while he was probably doing something, and then the game just gave me the victory about 5-10 minutes later. Not sure what happened but either-way I feel like I should take that as a win for what seemed to be either A. slowplaying (probably not exactly what happened), or B. other inabilities to play out the match. He did tell me his internet was having particular issues so that probably has something to do with it. I'll just take the win as, in the tournament rules, a disconnect is a game loss. Good luck in the rest of the tournament! :)