PokeBeach’s April 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored By TCGplayer.com!

Finals @ShinyZard won against @NerdyNinetales 2:1

Great games! My opponent ran me over game 1. I got set up game 2 and was able to seal the win. Game 3 was a gamble for my opponent to let loose me with two marshadow which ended up hurting my opponent more. Very excited to have finally won my first Pokebeach tournament after playing in it many times and Top cutting a few times, but never managed to take it home until now. Thank you to all my opponents for making the time to play!

@PokeMedic - Thank you so much for hosting this monthly's tournament.
Thanks to everyone who participated. I'm putting together prize information and you'll be getting it as soon as it's completed.
Very cool!
Is it possible to fix the prizes you owe from before as well? : )

There's going to be a thread that will ask everyone who is owed their awards to send us the event they played in, their place, and what they should've gotten. That along with their correct TCGplayer account email. I want to make sure you all get what you're owed, no matter what someone might think.

That's going to be a bit of an undertaking. I know you're owed, and there are others as well. Now that the tournaments are concluding I want to make sure everything is right.

I'm still working on prize emails. I'm hoping to get it all done late this evening since I'll be off duty for the next 3 to 4 days.
I can nudge them one more time. People have been messaging me to check, so you're not alone.