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PokéPoetry! #10: 5-7-5 (Haiku) Edition
Hey there beachgoers, about a year ago we hosted PokéPoetry! 9 to great success. I’m back (again) with hopes to do the same as (once again) your forum mod! With people finishing up finals and classes around this time, I thought it would be a great kickstart for creativity. In this thread, I’ll outline a quick timeline you’re all familiar with and explain the special rules of 5-7-5. Because the format has changed a bit, everyone should read the rules. As always, contest feedback is appreciated!

In other words, we’re making Pokémon haiku!

1. Signups

In previous iterations, we had you declare a poetry style in your reservation post. Now, just simply state your intent with an “I’m interested!” or “sign me up!” You can also use your post to ask questions. Feel free to ask any time during the competition or PM @Turtwig.

2. Style

In this iteration of PokéPoetry!, we ask you to write a short poem in the style of a haiku, senryū, or a 3-ish line poem more akin to free verse. What do any of these mean?

A haiku is a three-line poem with Japanese origins and often depicts characteristics of nature. The format is usually in a format of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables in its 3 lines, respectively. Here’s an example by @Scorched Feathers found here:

Pokémon: Illumise
The bright glowing tail
Dancing in the moonlight with
Its only true love
In this poem, Scorched Feathers did an excellent example of 5-7-5. Here’s a counting breakdown
The (1) bright (2) glow (3) ing (4) tail (5)
Danc (1) ing (2) in (3) the (4) moon (5) light (6) with (7)
Its (1) on (2) ly (3) true (4) love (5)

If you need more guidance on syllables, here’s a great video you can skip through for some help! Of course, making an error or two is fine.

3. Content

Once signups have closed, I will use a random Pokémon generator to determine the focus of your individual haiku. Learning about a Pokemon you haven’t really used before can give you some new inspiration and maybe lead to a new favorite! For your poem, we recommend you research Pokédex entries and lore to make a meaningful piece fit for your species. Titles are optional but encouraged!

Haiku are known to emphasize nature and changing seasons. With Pokémon as our focus, describing them in their natural habitat can be fun and tranquil.

There is also the senryū poem, which is styled like a haiku in 5-7-5 but deals with humanity and darker contexts. These can also be more playful, so you may enjoy this more than a traditional haiku.

But like any poetry contest, we want you to have fun. Making any themed poem based on your randomly-selected Pokemon will work so long as you follow the 3-line guidelines.

4. Plagiarism

Any instances of plagiarism will result in disqualification from the contest. Please use your own creativity, even if you aren’t a seasoned poet, personality often shines brightest!

5. Grammar

Because haiku is a strict poem form, it’s not uncommon to misuse spelling and grammar to clench syllable numbers. Still, please make sure you spell things correctly if it isn’t for a rhetorical purpose.

6. Submission (New)

In previous contests, we had you edit your poem in your reservation post. However, this time I’m asking you to submit your poem in a new comment after I post that the writing phase has begun. This change is an attempt to make finding these poems easier during the voting phase! I will also link poems back to the participant list in the OP.

7. Voting

Voting is open to anyone, not just participants! You are allowed to vote for up to 3 entries that you think deserve the win. You can vote in a few ways: you can like the poem’s post, PM @Turtwig, or DM Turtwig#1542 on discord if you’d like to remain anonymous.

Please pay attention to when the voting phase begins! Even if the first poem posted becomes the winner, keep your three tallies until all submissions are available. Thank you!

Tentative schedule:

Signups begin!

5/17 Signups end and Pokemon are assigned. Entries may be posted any time before voting.

5/24 Entries are due and voting begins!

5/27 Voting ends and winners are announced!

If a poem here really catches your eye, let that author know in the thread! A few words can go a long way and feedback is always appreciated. And if you enjoyed writing your haiku, consider starting a poetry thread here in Creative Works! Your work can be about anything, not just Pokemon!

List of Contestants.

1. @Vom - Manaphy Posted!
2. @Jadethepokemontrainer - Croagunk Posted!
3. @Ephemera - Lunala Posted!
4. @FourteenAlmonds - Growlithe Posted!
5. @Dravinator - Obstagoon Posted!
6. @Mega Mewthree... - Empoleon Posted!
7. @Serperior - Whiscash Posted!
8. @scattered mind - Fomantis Posted!
9. @mirdo - Heracross Posted!
10. @Blakers - Simisear Jynx Posted!
11. @PMJ - Klefki Posted!
12. @RealArity - Treecko Posted!
13. @Babywinds - Bastiodon
14. @Rhydon_Rider_0-o - Forretress Posted!

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I haven't done PokePoetry before but I'm more familiar with Haiku than other styles of poetry so I think this is a good chance to get into it :D


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Excited to see some new faces :) PokePoetry is a ton of fun, especially since your Pokemon is random!

Also, contest is over, @scattered mind has won.


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Sign ups are still open
Gull shows interest to try
It's snowing on mount fuji.



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Just bumping! You have until tomorrow night to sign up for this round of haiku!


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I will join to beat Serperior and demonstrate the superiority of SNES Rainbow Road.


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Hi poets, I've posted your Pokemon a bit early due to some plans I have later tonight. Anyone can still sign up by midnight PST (about 10.5 hours left) and receive a randomly-assigned Pokemon. I used this website in case anyone wanted to know the method. Use this time to do research on your Pokemon, their habits, habitats, haiku, rules, know the rest! Good luck everyone, I'm so glad to pull off another successful PokéPoetry!


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King of the Pond (Whiscash)

Cobalt blue-backed fish
Whiskers gleam like shooting stars
Lightning bows to him