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    Trainer Name, Gender, Age:
    Hestia Kalani, Female, Age 22

    Physical Description: Somewhat taller than average, tanned skin, brown eyes. Dark hair with red highlights, kept in a ponytail.

    Hometown/Region: Originally from on Akala Island, Alola, but left to wander the world with her dragons. Currently based in Blackthorn City, Johto.

    Occupation: Dragon Tamer, but also works as a freelance artist for commissions

    When Hestia was 6 years old, a travelling trainer visited Akala Island and challenged the kahuna at the time. The trainer’s Pokémon was a Salamence, and the whole town was awed by the powerful battle that took place. Hestia, however, was mesmerized by a different thing: the utter grace of the trainer and her Salamence, and the obvious trust between them. From then on, all she wanted to be was a Dragon Tamer, just like that trainer.

    Just before she took her Island Challenge, at 12 years old, Hestia’s older cousin Kiawe became a Trial Captain. This led to many comparisons between the two, with relatives anticipating great accomplishments on Hestia’s own challenge. Hestia cared little for their high expectations. All she wanted was to get off the island and find dragons. Given a Litten by Professor Kukui, Hestia rushed through the trials on her own island. When it became time to fight the kahuna, however, she was nowhere near battle-ready. Having encountered no Dragon Pokémon, she had caught no other Pokémon. Not willing to give up, she stowed away on a ship to Poni Island, becoming a runaway. (Or so she thought. In truth, the kahuna knew Hestia would do something like that, and covered for her.)

    In the Vast Poni Canyon, she found a young Jangmo-o. It rejected her attempts to bond with it at first, but Hestia was persistent, and the Jangmo-o slowly warmed up to her. She wandered all over Poni for a few years raising her first dragon until it evolved, first into a Hakamo-o, and then into a Kommo-o. When Hestia was 17, she decided it was time to leave Alola entirely, and went to Johto, hoping to visit the famous city of dragons: Blackthorn.

    Hestia quickly adapted to life in Blackthorn, becoming a well-known figure around town. The Dragon-type masters in the city also liked her attitude towards dragon taming and Pokémon in general, and gave her a Dratini in the Dragon’s Den. Hestia stayed in Blackthorn for 2 years, before her wanderlust took hold of her again, and she left to travel again. She still considers Blackthorn her home, and visits often.

    Hestia doesn’t battle much, prefering to soar in the sky with her dragons. (Well, dragon. Her Kommo-o can’t fly, much to its chagrin.) She also likes to dance with her dragons, and their dances are special events in the many far-flung villages and towns Hestia visits. In her spare time, Hestia likes to draw her Pokémon, but also takes art commissions to earn money.

    Hestia’s wanderlust is her biggest drive, but it also hinders her from forming many human relationships; her greatest friends are dragons (and her Litten, of course). This leads her to be somewhat anti-social, preferring canyons and fields over cities, and keeping to herself when she is in a foreign city.

    Pokémon 1: Litten (male)
    Caught: Given to Hestia by Professor Kukui 10 years ago on Akala Island
    Ability: Blaze
    Nature: Serious
    Learnset: Return, Lick, Sunny Day, Fire Fang
    Litten is Hestia’s oldest companion, and it keeps her out of trouble often, being the voice of reason on the team. Being Hestia’s only non-dragon Pokémon, it sometimes struggles to keep up with Hestia and her dragons’ wild antics, but Litten was never a battler anyway, and Hestia always listens to its warnings… eventually.

    Despite not being a battler, Litten can fight, with its Return being extremely powerful due to its bond with Hestia.

    Litten’s current headache is Dragonair’s attitude problem. Dragonair can get disobedient and sassy, and as much as Litten would like to keep up, Dragonair’s energy is too much for it to handle all the time. Litten learned Sunny Day to keep Dragonair’s thunderstorms from tearing too many countrysides apart.

    Pokémon 2: Kommo-o (male)
    Caught: Found as a Jangmo-o in Vast Poni Canyon 9 years ago
    Ability: Bulletproof
    Nature: Adamant
    Learnset: Clanging Scales, Noble Roar, Dragon Dance, Protect
    Found as a Jangmo-o on Poni Island, Kommo-o has been with Hestia almost as long as Litten. It is quite stubborn, but also is quite experienced, and is Hestia’s main battling Pokémon, for the rare times they actually battle trainers. It has retained most of its huge pride from when it was a Jangmo-o, and its stubbornness can rival Hestia’s levels sometimes.

    Kommo-o is fiercely protective of Hestia and her other Pokémon, keeping watch whenever they visit new areas.

    It has heard the story of the trainer with a Salamence from Hestia one too many times, and is thoroughly sick of it. However, Kommo-o would like to see that trainer and the Salamence, and hopes to fight with them someday.

    Pokémon 3: Dragonair (female)
    Caught: Given to Hestia by the elders of Blackthorn 4 years ago
    Ability: Marvel Scale
    Nature: Sassy
    Learnset: Extreme Speed, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Rain Dance
    As a Dratini, it was given to Hestia as a mark of her worthiness as a Dragon Tamer, and she spent two years in Blackthorn trying to work with it. Like all dragons, it was quite prideful, and only learned to cooperate with Hestia recently.

    Dragonair has a sassy attitude, and likes to use its Rain Dance to create thunderstorms wherever they go. When it thinks others aren’t looking, it likes to dance in the storms it creates. It also enjoys the times when Hestia goes soaring with it through canyons and mountainsides, although Dragonair’s pride would never let its happiness show.

    Hope people like it... I had fun coming up with it!
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    @Vom @mirdo @SneaselGenesis Your entries are due later tonight! Once I get off from work and get home I'll be making the poll so please get your entries in as soon as you can. I will be posting the poll and leaving some conversation starters tonight to bring more discussion into the mix. Remember, you can like a post and compliment the author, but votes are only counted from the poll!
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    Trainer Name, Gender, Age: Karl Briney (Mostly refered to as Briney Jr.), Male, 24 y.o.
    Physical Description: Quite Large, Midlong Blonde Hair, Blue eyes, looks timid but is pretty charasmatic and outgoing. Clothing is usually mostly whilte with some blue and orange shoes. His trademark is the fact that he lost a finger on his right hand a few years ago. Which he uses as a point of pride.
    Hometown/region: Route #104 / Hoenn
    Occupation: Ferry Operator / Farmer
    Backstory: Karl was born as the son of Mr. Briney and grown up with him alone on Route 104 in their house on the Pier. Karl had to grow up fairly early. His dad was pretty old already and he started to lose a few of his abilites already. Operation of the ferry was still done by the Senior but he had to get the groceries and take care of the Route. Mr. Briney owned the land between the forest and Petalburg City but didn't do much of it except basic groundkeeping. Junior started to cultivate some of it. Which would usually cover for their own needs, cutting the cost on groceries, but they would also become known for some of the best berries in the region which they sold in Petalburg.
    Briney Enterprises picked up. They were able to pick up an employee so Senior can take care of his health. Unfortunaly that didn't help much. Mr. Briney called his son to him one night. Karl never met his Mom. His dad never talked much about her either. But this time he decided to tell him about her. She was a Pokemon Trainer, very good one at that. Similary obsessed with Birds and Seagulls as Mr. Briney was. Senior admitted that he was the reason she left him. He didn't want her to pursuit a career of a trainer, and possibly a gym leader. He wanted her to stay and help operate the business. Which she couldn't do. Her passion for fights was stronger and she didn't want to have her life be "dictated" by a man. A man she loved deeply though. So heavy hearted she wrote a letter. She packed her bags and her Pokémon and left.
    But there was one more thing she took.
    Their daughter Winona.
    Of which Karl never knew excisted. Senior never heard of them ever again after. He started to fall in to a bit of a depression because of this. He could never quite find piece with himself. Was it his fault? He was too scared to let her be a trainer. He wanted to protect her and take care of her and just work on their business until the end of times. But Mr. Briney felt like he wasn't fair to her. He didn't consider her feelings, and he felt a deep regret of about 20 years now. He doesn't even know where she went.
    That's why he came to Karl as he felt like he might be facing his last few years on this realm. He was told to find his mom and his sister and tell them that he is sorry.
    Junior was determined. He promised to do as he was told. No, he would do one better. Karl was going to find them and bring them back. So his father can see them one more time. Just for a day at the very least.

    Pokémon 1: Darius the Wingull
    Caught: given by his father when he turned 8
    Ability: Rain Dish
    Nature: Hasty
    Learnset: Wing Attack, Fly, Scald, Roost
    Backstory: Darius was given to Karl by his father. As was tradition in his family. He is a hasty little fella which became Karls best friend shortly after recieving him. Junior would have him by his side everywhere they went. Going as far as carrying a walking stick so he can land on there while they traveled. The Wingull was very helpful for the Brineys, it would help with navigation on the ferry and help with planting the seeds for the farming. Well.. obviously "planting" is a bit of a stretch. But they dropped them from the sky.
    Darius was also very good at cleaning stray berrys.

    Unique characteristics: One of the blue stripes on it's wing is much thicker than on the other. Which was evident with most Wingull in the Briney family.

    Pokémon 2: Junior Jr. the Farfetch'd
    Caught: about 7 years ago on the outskirts of Petalburg City
    Nature: Sassy
    Learnset: Slash, Swords Dance, Poison Jab, Peck
    Backstory: Karl was walking home from delivering some goods to the market. As he does almost every day. Always with his large stick and Darius sitting on top of it.
    One day there was a farfetch'd standing in his way. Looking at him with large hopeful eyes. Holding it's stick just like Karl was. A group of friends came by and noted how similar they looked. Almost like a mini me... or a Junior Jr. He bend down to his knees and tried to give the small duck a bird treat. They came close and took it. It's almost like they were already familiar with Briney Jr. He picked his Mini Me up and put him next to Darius on his stick and walked home. It didn't look like they were owned by anyone. So Karl kept him and made a friend.
    Jr.Jr. would take care of house cleaning after recieving a small broom and doing similar with a duck sized rake outside. Occasionaly they would take the role of a guard dog.. duck. Despite it's small size. It knew how to be intimidating and a small Slash Attack with it's leek stick or it's broom would make most foes turn away again.

    Unique characteristics: Jr.Jr's feet are a orange-ish color. Making it the most gull looking duck there is.
    And of course Jr. carrys around his broom almost as much as his Leek Stick

    Pokémon 3: Simon the Shroomish
    Caught: 3 years ago. Petalburg Woods
    Nature: timid
    Learnset: Spore, Headbutt, Leech Seed, Giga Drain
    Backstory: Karl was having a walk through the closeby forest. His favorite place to chill and go to if he needs some time for himself. But not at this day. Junior heard a distress call. It was a small Shroomish. Seems to have not been developed much yet. It was all by it's own and beeing attacked by an very angry looking spearow. Karl tried to chase the bird away. But it wouldn't listen. It was filled with rage. He stands infront of the Shroom. But the bird flies up slightly and dives down onto the plant which moved to the right, out in the open. Junior tried to block the Spearow from hitting the Shroomish and hugged it tight to himself. After the impact of the bird Karls Pokemon attacked the Spearow and made it retreat.
    They went back to the home and checked on the odd plant Pokemon. Due to the adrenaline Karl didn't realise that the smallest finger of his right hand was severly damaged. Compleatly crushed. So that must be where the Spearow impact happend. Further investigation in a hosiptal led to it getting amputaded.
    Karl is somewhat proud of this "battlemark". He uses it as his trademark and isn't shy of showing of his stump. It makes him unique, special, and he lost it saving someone that turned out to be one of his greatest friends. Simon was a great help at cultivating the lands. His spores would help fertilize the crops and his sleep spores would help taming other angry pokemon. Karl would also use them in a weaker portion to help his farther sleep when he was struggeling due to backpain.

    Unique characteristics: Simon wears a strawhat when not in battöe because he doesn't like getting splash water into his "top hole".

    [I was about to send it out. Then my tired butt realised that "Mr. Brack" is the german name of Mr. Briney. So i edited that real quick so it makes sense to all you people. Don't need to thank me]
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    Trainer Name, Gender, Age: Anna Razzo, Female, Age 17
    Physical Description: Medium height, light skin, dark eyes. Long, wavy dark red hair down to mid-back.
    Hometown/region: Born in Kanto, been to pretty much every region but is currently in Johto.
    Occupation: Street Performer
    Backstory: When Helena found out she was pregnant, she didn't know what she'd do with the baby. She'd always wanted children, but...not like this. She knew it would be a mistake to get with her new boss, but she did it anyway. That man...there was something intriguing about him. She could clearly tell he was different, but not whether that was good or bad. Either way, even his name had a certain charm around it: Giovanni.

    As soon as her pregnancy became the slightest bit noticeable, she took an assignment that would keep her children away from Giovanni's shady operation: a desk job at Silph Co. This was perfect for her - it was both a relatively safe undercover operation to one day take over the company, and a way to keep the head of Team Rocket in the dark.

    The months passed, and eventually she gave birth to two red-haired twins: Anna and Silver Razzo. However, wanting a better future for her children than Team Rocket's operations (and afraid of what might happen if Giovanni found out she hid the children from him), she gave them up for adoption. A nice couple from Unova happened to be staying in Saffron City at the time, and they fell in love with the children. Having given the foster parents explicit instructions to disappear if something were to happen to her, she parted ways with her children, though she did visit every few weeks if she deemed it safe.

    However, this would not last, as the line of duty called her to a remote island for a top secret project. She said her goodbyes to her children, who were only a couple of years old at the time, and left to work under Dr. Fuji, a man who had devoted his life to researching cloning after his daughter Amber died.

    Despite the secrecy that surrounded her new assignment, with a bit of digging, Helena was able to find Team Rocket's true motivation for funding Dr. Fuji's research - if left unchecked, it could spell doom for the entire planet. Aware of the potential consequences, she repeatedly tried to sabotage the whole thing from the inside. Nevertheless, the team of scientists pressed on, and her efforts proved futile: four clones were manufactured and put in capsules for development.

    Determined to stop Team Rocket at all costs, she sneaked into the lab one night and messed with the clones' life support system. The day after, as she arrived with her friends for the night shift, the lab exploded, putting an end to the experiment and all of the personnel present.

    The news of the explosion was broadcast worldwide: reporters on TV, columnists online, even conspiracy theorists were all over the incident. It spread like wildfire, quickly reaching inner Kanto and Saffron City. Though regrettable, it did not set off any alarms in Anna's foster parents at first - it wasn't until a few days after the death toll was calculated and the dead revealed that they remembered their promise to Anna's mother. True to their word, they quickly packed all their things and sorted their affairs with the now Rocket-controlled city to go back to Unova, hoping it wasn't too late.

    During a stop at Johto's Goldenrod city, the train was stopped and boarded by a few Rocket grunts - they were looking for two adults with red-haired twins. Realizing that Giovanni had found the children, the brave parents did their best to hide them, but when the Rockets got to their wagon, they quickly spotted Silver's shaking legs under some covers. When the parents refused to tell them where the other child was, the grunts executed them right where they were - as per orders. Unable to find Anna, they simply took Silver and let the train continue its course. Unbeknownst to Anna, her twin would escape capture a few years later and live on the streets as a criminal, eventually making his way to New Bark Town.

    In Unova, alone in a foreign land, Anna Razzo would have been doomed if it wasn't for a charitable teacher at the Trainer's School that took her under his wing and took care of her until she graduated. On the day of her graduation, the teacher walked in on Anna talking to her Zorua while the latter had taken the appearance of Anna's birth mother, Helena. Recognizing the woman's face immediately and realizing the implications, he chose not to say anything until the next day.

    The next morning, he called Anna for breakfast and told her everything. About the explosion, her original foster parents, and Zorua's appearance. She could barely remember these events, but somehow it all made sense. At school, she had always been ostracized and called names, but she could never understand why. Now she knew the truth. Overflowing with emotions, she just exploded at her adoptive father - though she knew it was not his fault, she had not learned to deal with her feelings and reacted the only way she knew. She would come to regret this, however, as the heated argument proved to be too much for the old teacher's heart.

    Horrified and ashamed, she took Zorua and set off on a journey of her own - to detroy Team Rocket as much as Team Rocket had destroyed her life.

    Pokémon 1: Zoroark
    Caught: Trainer School in Aspertia City, Unova
    Ability: Illusion
    Nature: Rash
    Learnset: Night Daze, Extrasensory, Double Team, Psych Up
    Backstory: Anna and Zorua met in the Trainer School. At first, the little Zorua was intrigued by the newcomer, and in a matter of days the little fox started playing little pranks on Anna to get her attention. An apple on the ground one day, her teacher the other, even her own adoptive father at one point. Little Anna was amused by Zorua's expression when she pulled its tail while under an illusion, and that simple, pure fun led to the start of a friendship. It eventually turned into Anna's mother at her request, allowing her to talk to her mother in her own way.

    After they left Aspertia City, Zorua became the backbone of both Anna's team and Anna's means of earning money. While they had room for improvement, Zorua's illusions were often enough to trick people into giving them money, and as far as battling was concerned, Zorua may have been Rash, but it was precisely because of this that after using an illusion to stun little Pokémon that they had no time to compose themselves before being caught off guard.

    Since Anna didn't bother with gym challenges as much as she did tracking down Team Rocket, Zorua's evolution inevitably took place at a Rocket dungeon. Having tricked the guards into thinking they were both Team Rocket members and thinking themselves safe, Zorua turned off the illusion once they were inside. A couple of grunts saw this, and since Zorua was largely negligible to their combined forces, they started attacking the girl instead.

    Seeing its partner like that, now it was Zorua's turn to defend her. It selflessly charged into battle, and in the midst of the chaos it evolved into the mighty Zoroark it is today. Its current moveset is very useful during street performances as well as battling in conjunction with its more advanced illusions.

    Pokémon 2: Dartrix
    Caught: Upon arriving to Kalos
    Nature: Calm
    Learnset: Razor Leaf, Seed Bomb, Phantom Force
    Backstory: Anna found Dartrix abandoned in the train station when she arrived to Kalos. Remembering her own origins, she did her best to nurse it back to health with Zoroark's help. Once it recovered, ir proved to be an extremely valuable member of Anna's team, unleashing powerful ranged attacks from the shadows and overall working very well in tandem with Zoroark's illusions.

    Outside of combat, most of the time Zoroark disguises it as the common Pikachu as to not draw attention, as well as tactical purposes for the surprise attack from Anna's shoulder. As for performing, Dartrix's Seed Bombs create surreal effects combined with Razor Leaf. Phantom Force is no pushover either; disappearing and reappearing at will can become very hard to follow if combined with Zoroark.

    Its Calm nature is also a great asset: it allows Dartrix to strike at the exact moment it needs to; and when performing, it's able to wait and calculate until the perfect moment to make the most of its arsenal.

    Zoroark and Dartrix have particularly amusing interactions as far as Anna is concerned, the former being more of a hothead and the latter always willing to listen to reason and think things through. In their own way, they both help Anna make the right decisions and stay away from bad ones when needed: their duality helps stabilize Anna when she needs it.
    There was going to originally be a 3rd Pokémonas well, but it just didn't fit with where Anna is at her journey right now.
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    Ok, I'm going to go ahead and post the poll with what entries we have because I am sleepy and have a busy weekend to prepare for! As per Nagandel's suggestion, I used and I believe you can do it without an account. If I'm wrong, I'll fix it asap.

    Here's the voting link!

    Before you all go vote, please take the time to read every summary and backgroud! Also, don't vote for yourselves unless you're that convinced. I'll continue reading posts as time goes on before the ending date!

    @DoubleAACE, I really enjoyed the nicknames and Pokemon descriptions, it gave them plenty of personality, and @mirdo, I'm so proud of you for incorporating Wingull into your post. So expected, yet still so satisfying. I'll give actual comments this weekend.
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    Reminder that tomorrow night is the cutoff for voting! I've been reading all the entries and I'm really happy with how the contest has shaped itself. I'll leave a couple more comments as I continue to read, and I'll try and leave some tomorrow as well before the end of voting :)

    @NaganadelIsBeast I love how you managed to fit Naganadel in, well played. Your small descriptions for each Pokemon really made them feel playful and real.

    @His Goominess The Sinnoh callbacks really got to me as a Gen 4 fanboy; I imagine Donna as those random Rising Star trainers that you could find in the Pokemon Centers!

    @Vom You did a fantastic job setting Anna's Pokemon up to help/comfort her in your dark tale, I'd love to see an expanded version of this sometime but what is free time

    (Also, don't be afraid to ask questions, give feedback, or even talk about your own work and how the process was!)
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  7. NaganadelIsBeast Pun Intended


    Woah people who aren’t me actually like my writing? I got votes, what is this sorcery
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    PokéBeach Original Character Contest

    1st Place: @Vom (56%)

    2nd Place: @NaganadelIsBeast, @Ephemera, @DoubleAACE (28% each)

    If someone would pay me for my crown edits I'd try harder
    There we have it, folks! With each voter getting 3 votes to cast, Vom found herself ahead of the pack with over half of PokéBeach's support for Anna Razzo, Giovanni's secret daughter, and her journey with Zorua and Dartrix to destroy the syndicate once and for all. @scattered mind and I will stay in touch to work out your character's drawing, and we'll have it displayed to see what to look forward to for next time!

    All of the entries were very fun to read and I'm relieved ecstatic that Creative Works had another successful writing contest! I look forward to see all of you next time as we struggle to find free time to make this stuff plan for something coming very soon :)

    Have ideas or suggestions for the next rendition? Want this contest to make a return in the future? Post your comments below or send PMs/profile messages to let us know what contests and projects you'd like to pursue (even host)!
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  9. DoubleAACE Professional Lurker


    Congrats Vom!

    Looking forward to more things soon :D
  10. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    Congratulations, Vom!

    (i actually got votes? people liked my entry enough to vote it? i'm very happy rn)
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
  11. NaganadelIsBeast Pun Intended


    Congrats Vom!

    No way I got in second place.
  12. Vom Made of Pure Magic

    Forum Mod Member

    Thank you, this was really fun! :D
    Also that crowned Mudkip is absolutely gorgeous shhhhh
  13. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    No votes for me?

    There must be a conspiracy going on.
    (Or maybe it's cause i wrote that last minute and fairly late therefore didnt really grammar or spellcheck or anything really whoops.)
  14. Turtwig Retired retired Mod. Jovimohnaeliackvid.

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    @mirdo Actually, everyone received votes in this contest and it was much closer than you'd think (especially for second place). I couldn't have called the contest earlier in the day like last PokéPoetry! because it was close!
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    Since I was to lazy to look back, will we all get to see the drawing?
  16. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

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    If course! I am going to work on it tomorrow actually. Really hope you’ll like it.
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  17. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

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    Congrats @Vom - Hope you like it.


    I took several things into consideration mainly that she's Silver's sister and thus should look like him. Also she and her Pokemon are street performers and thus the location with the city background. The purpule swirl suppose top resemble Dartix's phantom attack used here for a magic trick with Zoroark.
  18. Turtwig Retired retired Mod. Jovimohnaeliackvid.

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    @scattered mind thank you so much for helping visualize the winner of the contest, your work turned out amazing! If you haven't already, check out his gallery out!

    Stay on your toes for future activities if I can find free time!
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  19. NaganadelIsBeast Pun Intended


    @scattered mind great job! I really like the contrast of Anna against the tower.
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