Contest PokéBeach Create-A-Card: February 2018 - Create-A-Card Anniversary ~ All Results Up!

Soo.. thanks for the oportunity to rejoin into the contest!

Here's my entry hope this time i meet the requeriments to enter jeje so..


I think the wording is correct and adecuated to the current era.. so, thank you again see ya!
My entry:
Latios-GX - Basic
230 HP - [N]

[P][C] Jet Rush
This attack does 70 damage to 1 of your opponent's Pokémon. You may switch this Pokémon with one of your Benched Pokémon.

[P][P][P][C] Luster Purge 300
Send 3 cards from your Hand to the Lost Zone. If you can't send away 3 cards, you can't use this attack.

[P][P][C] Psychic Breakdown GX 120
Search your opponent's deck for 5 cards and discard them.

Weakness: Fairy x2
Resistance: Dark -20
Retreat: [C]

Pokémon GX Rule: When your Pokémon-GX is knocked out by an attack, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.
/in again for image literally a day later

What can I say, I had time to do this after all, haha. Afraid Stunfisk didn't work out this time, but I've got something almost as cool for y'all.

  • I regret nothing.

Thanks to @aschefield101 as always for the blank, sun lava holosheet, and most other resources.
Thanks to @Nekoban Ryo for the heart holosheet.
The base art is an official Pokémon thing done for PMD: Explorers of Sky.
Everything else done by me.
Twenty hours from the time-stamp of this post remains for you to submit your entry! If you've submitted, please check the OP to see if I've listed your entry as seen - and haven't forgotten!
No idea if the wording for the ability is right, because I can't find any references for it, but eh, let's hope it is.

Feraligatr / Stage2 / HP: 160 / Water
~ Evolves from Croconaw


[ NO. 160 | Big Jaw Pokémon | HT: 7'07" | WT: 195.8 lbs ]

[Ability] Hunt The Weak
When you play this Pokémon from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokémon, you may put 4 damage counters on the opponent's Pokémon that has the most damage counters on it.

[W][W][C] Storming Tides [100]
You may discard as many [W] Energy from this Pokémon as you like. This attack does 20 damage to each of your opponent's Benched Pokémon for each card you discarded in this way. (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon.)

Weakness: [G] x2
Retreat Cost: [C][C][C]

[Pokédex Entry: This Pokémon might look very slow, but when it is hunting down its prey it can go at blinding speeds.]
CaC Promo 02/2018
Twenty hours from the time-stamp of this post remains for you to submit your entry! If you've submitted, please check the OP to see if I've listed your entry as seen - and haven't forgotten!

So for those who have entered, but have not been bolded, means that their entries have yet to be seen by you, correct?
Yeah looks like i'm gonna have to drop, I had a weekend trip to go to, cut the time I had to do it by quite a bit

Sorry everyone!
I ended up editting my entry to remove a game-breaking overlook. The ability now has an energy requirement to be active.
Fan-Voting Results
Here are the long-awaited results!

@Jabberwock - Swalot-GX - 27 points
2nd: @Robin Aisaga - Arceus-GX - 24 points
3rd: @Edwin Santanger - Lopunny-GX - 10.5 points

@rainyman123 - Necrozma-GX - 15 points
2nd: @TheFlyingPidove - Feraligatr - 12 points
3rd: [TIED] @Jadethepokemontrainer - Dusknoir ◇ || @GamePhoenix - Silvally ◇ - 8.5 points
5th: @Lord o da rings - Salazzle ◇ -6.5 points

Congratulations to the winners of the fan voting! The March Create-A-Card competition has just gone up [click here], so we'll probably see you there. ^.^
Image-Based Results

Judge: @bbninjas


There’s an interesting theme that you’ve got going on here, Kanga, with the Johto Pokemon! We don’t normally see other Pokemon feature so heavily in effects, so that’s nice. However, I’m a bit confused about the choices. Why Tyranitar and Ho-oh, of all Pokemon? Would it not make more sense to choose Steelix or Blissey, both of whom fit the Kanto-Johto Evolution theme that you’re going for? Also, why does Tyranitar enable Scizor to inflict a Burn status? Wouldn’t Ho-oh make more sense out of the duo, especially the attack name is “Flying Scissors”?

Everything else looks like it’s in working order, so that’s great. ^.^

Wording errors:
- Looks fine to me!

Fonts and Placement errors:
- The “Scizor” text is a few pixels too low. (-1pt)
- The “Scizor” text and the attack name text should be more condensed (this is fixable by simply squishing the text lengthways). x2 (-2pts)
- The “Evolves from Scyther” text is too large and should be down a few more pixels. (-1.5pts)
- The “HP 130” text should be a few more pixels over to the left. (-0.5pts)
- The PokeDex information is much too large. (-1pts)
- The Retreat Cost symbols are a couple of pixels too high and too far to the right. (-0.5pts)
- The effect text should be left-aligned to the first Energy cost of the attack - they are too far to the left, and last up until exactly where the attack damage ends. x2 (-1.5pts)
- The “80” attack damage is quite a bit too far to the right. (-0.5pts.)
- There are two different shades of grey in the background of the evolution icon (this can be fixed by using a small-size eraser tool to erase the grey that came with Scyther image.) (-1pts)

Creativity/Originality: 9/15
(Standard effects with a twist.)
Wording: 15/15
Fonts and Placement: 0.5/10
(Quite a few errors. You might like to check out this DIY placements guide for some tips!)
Believability/Playability: 4/5
(Odd choices of Pokemon for the effects.)
Aesthetics: 1/5
(Rather basic Sugimori art.)
Total: 29.5/50


A very aesthetic card, Knight! You’ve done the holosheets very well to compliment the ice-typing - it feels something like an aurora. The flavour is also rather nice.

I’m generally not a fan of such predominant type hate, since it effectively reduces the viability of a whole smorgasbord of cards. Although the SM-era has relaxed somewhat on this guideline, Frozen Land is still too punishing. A single Ability make virtually all [G]-types a push-over, and virtually useless if the effect is stacked. It’s also very splashable (potentially nullifying the Weakness of even [F]-types). Even for similar effects that only impact the Pokemon with the Ability, the amount of reduced damage caps at 30, and a similar, more versatile effect on Diancie-EX requires Diancie to be active.

Avalanche is more interesting version of your standard “high-damage-with-spread” attack which is nice. The balancing is somewhat precarious here, as the base damage + spread would net pretty consistent KOs (especially with the right support), making it a highly competitive card, but I think the 4-energy cost and the self-damaging keeps it in check.

Wording errors:
- In the SM-era, Pokemon no longer have damage done “reduced”, and instead will “take less damage”. (-1pt)
- All effects that reduce damage should reduce it after applying Weakness and Resistance. (-1pt)
- There should be a “for” between “except” and “this Pokemon” (or “[W] Pokemon”). x2 (-1.5pt)
- Avalanche should really be doing “40 damage” instead of “4 damage counters”. It’s otherwise unorthodox and unbelievable, as this would prevent Pokemon that reduce straight damage from reduce the spread from this effect. (-1pt)
- You need to state that damage is reduced from “the attacks of your opponent’s [G] Pokemon”. (-2pts)
- The order of the clauses in Frozen Land should be swapped around: “Your Pokemon take 50 less damage from the attacks of… (before applying…)”. (-2pts)

Fonts and Placement errors:
- The “evolves from Bergmite” text should be a few pixels over the right. (-0.5 pt)
- The outline of Bergmite in the evo outline should be thicker. (To do this, either rip a picture of Bergmite from an official card, or draw over the outline with a pen tool.) (-0.5pts)
- The effect text is a few pts too large. (-1pts)
- I think that the Retreat Cost orbs are a pixel or two too small in size in radius, but it’s within a reasonable margin of error, so I’m not docking points here.
- I’m not going to dock points for this, but you can see white on the outside corners of the card.

Creativity/Originality: 11/15
(Great flavour and some interesting spins on attacks.)
Wording: 6.5/15
(A number of sneaky errors.)
Fonts and Placement: 8/10
(A few minor errors.)
Believability/Playability: 4/5
(Too much type-hate.)
Aesthetics: 5/5
(Very well done, each aesthetic aspect compliments the others.)

Edit penalty: -2pts
Total: 32.5/50

Robin Aisaga:

Welcome to the seen, Robin!

The Colors of Creation effect is a nice way to incorporate the versatility of Arceus’ types without making him able to hit any Weakness easily (and although it’s still possible, it requires some good deck building to pull off). Charge Beam has some obvious synergy, but otherwise there’s nothing too spectacular going on there.

Judgement is a very neat effect, and rather fitting on an Arceus! I’m a bit uncertain as to whether the GX attack should have damage alongside that effect, since it is highly disruptive and on a splashable basic Pokemon. I’d say it’s probably fine though.

Wording errors:
- “Energy” is referred to as an “Energy card” when it would not be presently attached to a Pokemon. x2 (-1.5pts)
- “the type of that basic Energy card” should be “the type of that Energy card”. (-1pts)
- “the type of” should be “the same type as”. (-1pts)
- “Used a GX attack” should be “used their GX attack”. (-1pt)
- There should be a “during your turn” after “ this Pokemon”. (-2pts)
- In the SM-era, “Shuffle your deck afterward” should be “Then, shuffle your deck”. (-2pts)
- I’m pretty sure that the “yet” in the GX attack should be there, but there’s no proper reference for it so I’m not entirely sure. Additionally, using how the SM-era rulebook discusses GX markers, “flip their GX marker is if they did” should be “turn over their GX marker as if they did”, but that’s ambiguous still.

Fonts and Placement errors:
- The “Arceus” text and the “HP200” text is much too low. x2 (1.5pts)
- The “Arceus” text and the attack name text should be more condensed (this is fixable by simply squishing the text lengthways). x2 (-1.5pts)
- The “HP200” text is a pt or two too small. (-0.5pts)
- The attack names and effects (including the GX-attack box) are much too far to the right. x3 (-2pts)
- The Ability name and its effect should be left-aligned with the left-most Energy orb of the other effects. Additionally, the effects of the attacks should also be left-aligned to the Energy orb of the attacks. X2 (-1pts)
- The attack effects should be fully justified up until the end of damage integers. (-1pts)
- The white outline on the attack names and effects is much too thin. (-1pts)
- The attack damage figures are the wrong font. (I’m pretty sure it should be a Futura font.) (-1pts)
- The Illustrator and set symbols are a few pixels too low, and the set symbol should be larger in size. (-1pts)
- I’m not going to dock points for this, but you can see an opaque texture on the outside corners of the card.

Creativity/Originality: 13/15
(A very unique GX attack with great flavour.)
Wording: 6.5/15
(A few errors slipped in.)
Fonts and Placement: 0/10
(A number of minor errors. Pretty good nonetheless for one of your first attempts; but you might like to check out this DIY placements guide for some tips! )
Believability/Playability: 5/5
(Seems to be fine.)
Aesthetics: 3/5
(Fairly standard art for a GX, lacking holosheets or the blue lines.)
Total: 27.5/50

Edwin Santander:

A highly realistic and beautiful card as always, Edwin!

Energy Catcher is nice twist on the Bicycle-style draw support, but nothing particularly spectacular there. I am a bit confused as to why it is called “Energy Catcher” though, since the effect doesn’t seem to have anything to do with “Energy”.

Crescent Moon is rather fun! The flavour conjures up a nice image, and searching your deck for cards in this way is different and a nice tool to boost deck consistency in the moment (allowing for situational Supporters to be viable).

Stillness is much too powerful, even for a GX attack - it basically destroys your opponent’s setup, and the discard makes it very difficult for your opponent to recover. It’s also very splashable. To compare, Dialga-GX has a similar non-discard effect for 5 Energy, while Gyarados-GX is similar for a single Energy, but only discards a single Energy from each Pokemon (instead of all). Although it’s a bit ambiguous, I assume that the discarding also affects you, which might seem fine at first glance, but you can play around that to mitigate the drawback nearly completely, so it’s not balanced in that way either.

Wording errors:
- “20 damage” should be “20 more damage”. (-1pt)
- In the SM-era, “Shuffle your deck afterward” should be “Then, shuffle your deck.” (-2pts)
- There should be the necessary clarifier - (both yours and your opponent’s)” - after “from each Pokemon”. (-2pts)

Fonts and Placement errors:
- The HP font is incorrect - it should be bolder. (-0.5pt)
- The copyright text is too small. (-0.5pt)
- The attack effects continue to a new line a whole character too early. (-1pt)
- I’m not going to dock points for this, but you can see white on the outside edges of the card.

Creativity/Originality: 11/15
(Fun flavour and effects.)
Wording: 10/15
(A few minor slips.)
Fonts and Placement: 8/10
(A few minor slips.)
Believability/Playability: 3/5
(The “Energy Catcher” name is a bit odd, and the “Stillness” attack is overpowered.)
Aesthetics: 5/5
(Beautiful and authentic!)
Total: 37/50


I can’t help but laugh when I see the holographic hearts in the background! Is that reflective of your adoration for this lowly Pokemon? xD

I’m not a fan of such splashable Ability blockers - Garbotoxin was already poor design, and Digestive Fluids is even more difficult to prevent than that. It would encourage another Energy disruption meta, with the likes of hammers or other Energy locks, as to “turn off” Digestive Fluids. It would additionally be much less reliable than Tool Scrapper or Field Blower, for obvious reasons. Even worse is that you could attach multiple Energy to make turning it off even harder. You could say that attaching many Energy isn’t ideal, but with cards like Exp. Share or any form of Energy acceleration, that limitation is pretty much void.

At least Break Down has some nice anti-synergy, but you’ll probably never actually use it. Swallow Whole is a unqiue GX attack with some great anti-prize tactics that fits in with whole theme of the card.

Wording errors:
- I thought Swallow Whole had incorrect wording, since it is slightly ambiguous as to whether your opponent is Knocked Out instead, but looking at Frosslass GEN, it appears that’s how they word it now. Weird.

Fonts and Placement errors:
- The red used in the Ability name should be closer to #A50F18 than #C23600 (i.e. darker). Similarly, the blue used in the GX-attack effect should be closer to #0858AD than #20A1BD. X2 (-1.5pt)

Creativity/Originality: 12/15
(Fun flavour and spins on effects with great synergy (or anti-synergy).)
Wording: 15/15
(Looking good!)
Fonts and Placement: 8.5/10
(Wrong font colour.)
Believability/Playability: 4/5
(Digestive Fluids would cause a toxic meta.)
Aesthetics: 5/5
(Somehow, it’s stunning.)
Total: 44.5/50

3rd Place: KnightofDust’s Avalugg, with 32.5/50 points.
2nd Place: Edwin Santander’s Lopunny-GX, with 37/50 points.
1st Place: Jabberwock’s Swalot-GX with 44.5/50 points
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