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    Ready to show the world who you are? PokéBeach now features an exciting new badge system that allows you to display badges under your avatars! These badges will not only represent your Pokémon interests, but they will more importantly represent your accomplishments in the fandom and in this community. Wear them loud and wear them proud - many of them are honors and trophies. And only the most dedicated members will earn some of them.

    As you can see on the badge list, every department on PokéBeach gives out badges (the Website Department, News Department, Forum Department, Article Department, Activities Department, Chat Room Department). The Badge program is essentially a "shared" department that covers every area of the website. It works with all the departments to insure badges are created/given out when necessary.

    In addition to badges under your avatar, every PokéBeach department is also represented by a banner for its staff members, such as "News Staff" or "Forum Staff." And then under those banners are the individual badges which denote what that staff member specifically does in that department, such as a "TCG Moderator" badge for a Forum Staff member or a "Translator" badge for a News Staff member. This way it's very easy to tell what a staff member does on this website just by glancing under their avatars.

    As a member you also get a banner! Most members will just get the "Member" banner, but if you are especially prolific on this website, you'll also be able to earn the special "Advanced Member" and "Elite Member" banners. More on that later.

    Types of Badges

    Badges come in three general categories for both regular members and staff members:
    • I.D. Badges - These badges let everyone know who you are, such as your interests in Pokémon and your involvement in this website. For example, if you play the TCG all the time, or watch the TV show every Saturday, or you run a certain PokéBeach forum, you will receive a specific badge which denotes this. These I.D. badges essentially serve to help other members figure out who you are at a quick glance. The Staff I.D. badges are obviously awarded by existing staff members to new staff members. For the Member I.D. badges (such as the TCG Player badge), you can award them to yourself by visiting the User CP. Note that they may take up to an hour to appear on your profile. Again, these badges serve to let others know who you are at a quick glance and should always be "up to date" for you. If you are no longer playing the TCG, you should remove the badge from your profile. If a staff member no longer holds a position, the corresponding badge will also be removed from their profile.
      • Example Member I.D. Badges: TCG Player, VG Player, Anime Watcher, PokéBeach Chat Regular, Collector, Verified Seller
      • Example Staff I.D. Badges: Translator, News Reporter, TCG Forum Moderator, Chat Moderator
    • Honors Badges - An honors badge is awarded by the PokéBeach staff to a member who consistently demonstrate a specific positive quality. For example, if you are someone who consistently comments on news stories with very astute commentary which always adds valuable discussion to the conversation, the staff will eventually take notice and award you the "News Commentator" badge. These badges will not be given out lightly - they are only meant for members who go above and beyond. They can also be taken away if a member no longer demonstrates the quality for which that badge stands for.
      • Example Member Honors: Writing Pro (for someone with beautiful writing), Cheery Helper (always helping other members), Intelligent Poster (very astute observations, etc.)
      • Example Staff Honors: Professional, Punctual, Swift (special rule: staff honors will only show on a staff member's profile page, never under their avatar)
    • Awards Badges - Did you win a tournament in PokéBeach's Activities program? Were you voted as the TCG forum favorite for 2015? These badges are essentially trophies that denote a major accomplishment. Except for the Activities program awards, most of these are awarded at the end of the year.
      • Example Member Awards: Most Forum Likes of 2015, 1st Place PokéBeach's March TCG Cup, Anime Forum Favorite of 2015
      • Example Staff Awards: Most Forum Passion of 2015, Star TCG Organizer of 2015
    Member Badge and Banner Breakdown

    Staff Badge and Banner Breakdown


    How do I get a certain badge?
    If you feel you exemplify above and beyond what a badge stands for, the staff will most likely take notice and award it to you. If not, you should fill out the Badge Application form to let us know.

    Wait, I can nominate myself for a badge?
    Yep! If you represent a positive quality and there's a badge for it, we want you to be rewarded for it. Don't feel embarrassed to let us know. However, you must be sure you represent that badge's qualities above and beyond any regular member or it will not be awarded to you by the staff.

    Can I nominate other members for badges?
    Absolutely! In fact, this is how we expect most members to be awarded their badges. Use the same badge form to nominate other members. Again, you will need to present us with evidence for us to even consider if you or others should get a badge, and the staff will make the decision behind closed doors.

    Can I report a member for not exhibiting the qualities of a certain badge they possess?
    Yes, there is a form for this too. Just as if you report someone on the forums for breaking the rules, spamming, or any other issue, we also expect members to be on the lookout for a badge holder who does not represent the qualities of a badge they possess. However, it will again be up to the staff to decide if a member's badge should be revoked, and it will only be decided behind closed doors.

    How do I get an "Advanced Member" or "Elite Banner" banner?
    An "Advanced Member" banner is given to members with 5,000 posts. An "Elite Member" banner is given to those with 10,000 posts.

    Long-term subscribers to PokéBeach's Article program are also given an Advanced Member banner.

    What about all of those end-of-the-year badges? How do people get those?
    Well it of course depends on the badge. If it's a "forum favorite" badge, such as "TCG Forum Favorite," the members will vote for who they feel deserves the badge at the end of the year. These votes will be taken into consideration by the staff, who will then award the badge do they feel is most deserving. The same basic process applies for most of the award badges.

    If you win a PokéBeach Activity, you will automatically be awarded the appropriate trophy by the staff.

    Wait... who runs the Badge program? Who are these people?
    The badge program is run by the Badge Staff, who are lead by the Badge Head(s). You can see who is a member of the Badge program by visiting the Staff page. Or, if you see a staff member with either a "Badge Staff" or "Badge Head" banner under their avatar, you'll know they're a Badge staff member. The Badge staff operates behind closed doors and they, along with the heads of PokéBeach's departments, determine if a member deserves a badge. This way every department of the website is represented (such as the forums, chat room, etc.).

    I have a suggestion for a badge that I feel we need. Where can I let the Badge Staff know?
    Right here in this thread! :)

    Can I help make the badge images? I love making sprites.
    Oh we would love you for that! Please PM the Badge Heads if you're an artist and want to help us make badge images. Because that too will award you a badge! ;)
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  2. pokeperson18 Aspiring Trainer


    I find this amazing. Rewarding people who work hard in the Pokemon fan base. Great improvement to this website!
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  3. pokeperson18 Aspiring Trainer


    At first look at the new website I was amazed, and when looking through the new updates to the server something caught my eye the badges'. When looking at the new page, I noticed the description for almost all the badges. The instructions to achieve them where, well "bland " if you will in telling how to get the badge you seek . I think who ever is in charge of the badges section, of this server, should have it you can click on each badge it will show you how to obtain the badge step by step or at least bullet holes, containing key criteria ,to guided the person to the badge.

    My idea can looks something like this:
    EXAMPLE (This is just the example not representing any badge)

    Instructions to get the badge called XYZ

    First do this, that ,and that
    Then be here then and stay for this long
    Finally post this
    Then apply for the badge
    Receive the badge

    I'm not trying to add a badge but give advise in improvements in getting badges.
    mods please look at this and get back to me. REMINDER: If a viewer comment and ill get back to you and tell me if you like the idea.
  4. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    I personally think we need a badge for those who constantly post witty content. I guess the Likes badge has something related, although people also get likes for good, informative content, so...
  5. Victorsaurus Aspiring Trainer


    While on the forum/profile page is there a way to limit how many badges will appear (besides removing them yourself/report) because on mines it only display 5 badges while on my profile there's 13 badges/trophies?
  6. Athena The Cooler Danchou

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    Right now, if you change your profile settings to sections that would give you additional badges (or remove badges that you had previously), those badges are not properly appearing next to posts. This is a known bug and should hopefully be fixed sometime in the future.
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  7. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    @Drohn @Shining Raikou @BigfootAUS @Ice Espeon @Luispipe8

    I'm starting to become concerned and doubt the badge nomination system. I for one do not have the time to prioritise submitting badge nominations over other forum activities and discussions as well as real life stuff. As much as I wish I had the time, and as much as I like the idea of badge nominations, I simply feel no incentive to submit applications. This is because of how the nominations work. It is a very tedious and boring process to look through lots of posts to find a few which fit into the guidelines of a certain badge. I am also yet to see any badges actually being given to members, which is starting to make me think that there are a very limited amount of people submitting these applications, and therefore a large amount of members in the same boat as myself.

    I am wondering what could be done about this. The badge nomination system is something I can see becoming really helpful and awesome once it actually gets going, allowing me to pick the quality of writings and other information - such as people that are fun to talk to etc. - from a simple glance (I like to know the 'authority' of a person I'm discussing with :)). I think one of the primary problems is the actual submission form. As I mentioned earlier, it is a very long and tedious process to nominate somebody for a badge with the current system. I am also still a bit confused on what detail and information is actually required in a submission. Am I, along with many other people, over thinking what I need to provide? Is this actually really simple and not as time-consuming as I am assuming? I think that there needs to be a viewable sample submission - what you badge staff are actually looking for.

    I hope this is taken into consideration. I'd also like to hear other people's views on the current system. Thank you for reading.
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  8. Shining Raikou Your friendly neighborhood Raikou fan!
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    I'd like to apologize for some of the "lag" associated with the badge program. It's an entirely new system and taking a bit of time to get things properly organized. That said, you can expect some badges to go in from nominations as early as tonight. Things will certainly get faster with time, and with more dedicated badge staff joining the team (plug: if you'd like to help out, click here!).

    As for the form, all we REALLY need is a name, the name of the badge, and an example. The more examples (preferably links) the better the chances of convincing us. It isn't meant to be a mile long nomination, just a quick few bits of info. The staff sorts out the rest. If the badge is something painfully obvious, say someone is a "Cheery Helper", we could probably just look at their posts on our own. So one example is more than enough. So in short, the system is designed so if you see a post/member that makes you think "wow, I think they should get a badge", you go find the badge, then nominate them for it. It should take 5 minutes tops honestly. Think about it this way, instead of trying to find what badges who should get, and you'll have more success in nominating members. :)
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  9. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    How do you check who has which badges? I want to see how many have the chat regular badge I have.
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  10. DKQuagmire Who else but Quagsire?


    I have an idea for a banner system, though, this is just a suggestion. If you don't like idea then feel free to disregard this.
    Is it possible to have a banner that denotes a certain small number of member posts. I don't mean like the advanced member or elite member banner titles, since those would take a ridiculously long time to achieve. Especially for newer members. But smaller titles.

    Here's some examples:
    A banner that denotes 20 posts
    A banner that denotes 50 posts
    A banner that denotes 100 posts
    A banner that denotes 200 posts
    A banner that denotes 500 posts (you get the idea)
    Each of these will have a different title, but won't mention how many posts that member has made. (there could be a thread to explain the number of posts each banner stands for) With each banner, it will slowly become harder and harder for you to achieve that next banner, but will result in a greater satisfaction for your hard dedication, every time you achieve a new one.
    Some examples for titles could be "Aspiring trainer", which you already have for the brand new members, as a changeable comment below their user name, (If they haven't already changed it) could be one. This can go onto stuff like like "Beginning trainer", "Raising trainer", "Intermediate trainer", "Great trainer" all the way up to "Expert trainer" and "Master trainer" as you slowly climb up the post ladder of member posts submitted (you could make up your own titles however as these are just examples). You can start of with a picture of a Magikarp or a Bug catcher as well, to go along with it or something as well, and each time you achieve a goal, the picture and banner will change with the title to reflect that goal. So for example if I make like 1000 posts I might have a picture of an elite 4 member or champion, with "Expert Trainer" written next to it)

    This is just so it helps the newer members who have only joined in the last few months or so, get better acquainted with the site.
    Also there could also be specialist badges, like "Fire trainer" or "Grass trainer" (Or any element type trainer) for those who prefer to use those certain types of Pokemon. This could then be upgraded to "Fire gym leader" or "Grass gym leader" over time spent with those types on this site weather it be in the VGC or TCG. It could even be that members knowledge of that particular type.
    There could also be an "(Insert element) Elite member" and "(Insert element) Champion member" but I think I'm getting ahead of my self.
    I would be working so hard to get a "Grass gym leader" badge, since I love using grass types in the Video games and trading cards.

    After all this, may I remind what I said at the start of this post, that these are only a few suggestions. I would not be offended in any way if you decide not to interpret this or a similar method like this, into the site, and would gladly accept any manner of feed back from this.
    I hope this helps in any way possible.
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  11. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    One of the things I believe is in planning is to actually feature the number of posts a person has made under the avy or whatever like in the previous site version.
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  12. DKQuagmire Who else but Quagsire?


    That sounds good. I only joined a few weeks ago, but I just used to browse the forums freely as a non member before the site changed and updated, to get a good look at the deck lists and so on. We really do need more banners and badges to show off our progress made on the site.
  13. Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder
    Bolt the Cat


    I'd like this too, especially since 5000 is a pretty high bar for the first rank. I've been on this forum for almost 3 years and I'm not even close to that.
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  14. TheStrictNein Has tried turning it off and on again


    Not sure if this is the place to ask but I'll go here anyway. A number of days ago, I received the '100 Likes' badge. However, this has not appeared below my Avatar on the forums. Also, I've since adjusted my ID Badges and these have also not updated on forum posts. Is this still something to be fixed in the future?

    Thanks for any help.
  15. Athena The Cooler Danchou

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    Yeah, there's a bit of a glitch with awarded badges not showing up properly under posts. This is related to CaC and TCG Tournament winners badges not showing up, too. It's a known bug and a fix is in the works.
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  16. Supa_Hot_Fire Hoping for Shedinja Break...


    I have some ID badges, but they don't show up under my picture. Are they actually there and I just can't see them or is this the glitch mentioned above (sorry for posting if it's that).
  17. Athena The Cooler Danchou

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    Since the badges are showing on your profile but not under your posts, it is likely the same glitch, yes.
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  18. Rusty Sticks ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
    Rusty Sticks



    It's the only badge tree that has the highest rank at the top of the list. My OCD is requesting that you fix this. Site literally unusable.
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  19. Equinox Stallwart Player


    Just a suggestion, I think you should be able to pick and choose the badges you want displayed.
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  20. Leaf_Ranger Knight of Nature and Pokémon


    If you look at it, it's funnier that I just saw a member with only two posts but since he's a "long time (because the subscribing system has a loooot of time) subscriber", he get's the "advanced member" banner, so it's proof that you can pay to get a banner (and if I remember correctly someone said that paid stuff would never come to existence) and do nothing but that while others that participate actively are just members!
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