TCG Fakes Platinum: Unsung Heroes (FINISHED July 17)

Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by PMJ, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. PMJ happy thoughts

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    Prepare to be rocked by the greatest fake set known to man.

    Not all Pokémon are created equal. There are several that are doomed to fall into obscurity simply because another Pokémon can do that Pokémon's job better. Come visit the land where these unappreciated Pokémon dwell... the land where the unsung heroes of Pokémon thrive.

    From two of the greatest minds on PokeBeach, PMJ Productions and Corporation Xous proudly present:

    Because we're tired of them sucking, too.

    I know what you're thinking: "But PMJ, an awesome set like this needs a set symbol! Where's yours?"

    Well, we got your set symbol, right here: [​IMG]

    Oh man that's awesome. Both of these were made by Xous. He rules so much it's scary.

    This is a set filled with what the video games would put in BL tier and below. There are a few obvious exceptions that you will find very quickly, but they're special cards that are in here because one of us wanted them in.

    In the TCG, Pokemon that are "OU" in the video games may not have "OU" cards. On the other side of that coin, lesser used Pokemon from the games may have awesome cards. And that's the plan. Unsung Heroes is a set that makes people say things like "Use Parasect, that's a great deck" or "Swalot is the play for Worlds" rather than rambling on about how dumb stuff like Infernape, Luxray, Dialga, and Palkia are dominating.

    Set information:

    - Over 9000 100 cards to marvel at and love! (104 total, I just hate when they say "over (number)" to really mean (number) +3 or +4, it's so misleading)
    - A total of eight nine unbelievably awesome Pokémon LV.X, plus an extra tenth LV.X boxtopper!
    - Three shiny cards: Feebas, Lapras, and Shuckle!

    New cards will be added whenever they get finished.

    Q. Can I provide spoilers?
    A. No. I have rough drafts of all the spoilers in this set. In the event I have a spoiler that won't fit on the card without making the text look so small it doesn't even look real anymore, I'll end up changing it completely. You guys won't know that, though. :>

    Q. Can I provide artwork?
    A. The best answer to this question is "maybe." As of this writing, I have three artists who are regularly submitting artwork for the set. I am more than willing to use art from anyone, but there is, of course, a bottom line when it comes to art quality. You don't have to have major skills, but some skill is required. There's a reason I'm not doing my own artwork, people!

    Q. What are the guidelines for submitting artwork?
    A. I won't tell you the guidelines for now, mainly because I don't want anyone to waste their time putting together some artwork and having it end up not to my standards. Don't read too much into that - my standards are not that high. If you want to help me, just ask. Supply me with a recent example of your work, and if it's good enough, you're in. I'll tell you what to do then.

    Q. What Pokemon can I request?
    A. Any card without an asterisk by its name. These are either pieces in progress or cards with specific pose requirements that I only trust Xous to make. He's also the original art guy of this set.

    There's no way I could have done this by myself and it's high time I gave credit where it's due, so here goes:

    Latios101 - It's his blanks I'm using because WPM has not yet posted the high quality DP-on scans. Even if they get posted before I get this set done, I'll still continue to use Latios101's blanks, just for consistency. Latios101's efforts are the reason this set exists in card form.
    Xous - My all-white bread partner in crime. Xous has done an unheard of amount for this set and I'd like to take a little bit of credit for getting on his case about making his arts less Ken Sugimori-y. Xous is the reason why this set exists at all - without him I would not have ever considered doing this.
    Kronar - The lost third man. Even though he hasn't done anything tangible for Unsung Heroes, I can't not thank Kronar. After seeing some of Kronar's scanlations, I approached him about doing actual cards for a set with me as the spoilers guy, Xous as the art guy, and him as the Photoshop guy who put it all together. We were waiting on blanks for a while, but then school ended and Kronar bailed on PokeBeach altogether. However, I got my hands on Photoshop and learned how to fake because he bailed, so it's probably better this way! Kronar is the reason Kabutops and Scizor are in this set, so if you like them (or not), feel free to thank him (or not).
    Everyone else who submitted art - You guys have done more for this set than you might think. While Xous's art is top notch for sure, seeing art done by other people keeps the set fresh-looking, especially when there are so many varying styles of art. It also lightens Xous's work load, so any art he doesn't have to do is a win for everyone. Muchas gracias a todos.

    Without further ado, the set list you've all been waiting for:


    1/100 Abomasnow
    2/100 Alakazam
    3/100 Blaziken
    4/100 Farfetch'd
    5a/100 Kabutops
    5b/100 Kabutops
    6/100 Manectric
    7/100 Medicham
    8/100 Mr. Mime
    9/100 Ninetales
    10/100 Scizor
    11/100 Staraptor
    12/100 Vespiquen

    13/100 Bibarel
    14/100 Darkrai
    15/100 Espeon
    16/100 Flareon
    17/100 Forretress
    18/100 Furret
    19/100 Glaceon
    20/100 Jolteon
    21/100 Kangaskhan
    22/100 Leafeon
    23/100 Lopunny
    24/100 Mawile
    25/100 Sableye
    26/100 Umbreon
    27/100 Vaporeon

    28/100 Altaria
    29/100 Ariados
    30/100 Bastiodon
    31/100 Combusken
    32/100 Crawdaunt
    33/100 Dewgong
    34/100 Honchkrow
    35/100 Houndoom
    36/100 Kadabra
    37/100 Lanturn
    38/100 Milotic
    39/100 Octillery
    40/100 Parasect
    41/100 Probopass
    42/100 Quagsire
    43/100 Rampardos
    44/100 Rapidash
    45/100 Scyther
    46/100 Staravia
    47/100 Swalot
    48/100 Torkoal

    49/100 Abra
    50/100 Bidoof
    51/100 Buneary
    52/100 Chinchou
    53/100 Combee
    54/100 Corphish
    55/100 Cranidos
    56/100 Eevee
    57/100 Electrike
    58/100 Feebas
    59/100 Gulpin
    60/100 Houndour
    61/100 Kabuto
    62/100 Meditite
    63/100 Mime Jr.
    64/100 Murkrow
    65/100 Nosepass
    66/100 Pineco
    67/100 Paras
    68/100 Ponyta
    69/100 Remoraid
    70/100 Seel
    71/100 Sentret
    72/100 Shieldon
    73/100 Snover
    74/100 Spinarak
    75/100 Starly
    76/100 Stantler
    77/100 Swablu
    78/100 Torchic
    79/100 Vulpix
    80/100 Wooper

    81/100 Archaeologist
    82/100 Keira's Thanks NEW!
    83/100 Rival's Revenge NEW!
    84/100 Snowpoint City Gym NEW!
    85/100 Armor Fossil
    86/100 Destiny Knot
    87/100 Dome Fossil
    88/100 Nest Ball
    89/100 Skull Fossil
    90/100 Sticky Barb
    91/100 Ultra Ball

    92/100 Bastiodon LV.X
    93/100 Blaziken LV.X NEW!
    94/100 Darkrai LV.X
    95/100 Farfetch'd LV.X
    96a/100 Kabutops LV.X
    96b/100 Kabutops LV.X
    97/100 Lanturn LV.X
    98/100 Medicham LV.X NEW!
    99/100 Mr. Mime LV.X
    100/100 Scizor LV.X NEW!

    101/100 Roserade LV.X NEW!

    SH1 Feebas
    SH2 Lapras
    SH3 Shuckle

    Please post any questions, comments, or concerns you have in this thread, and enjoy the cards.

  2. Zyflair Yes, sir. Of course, sir.

    Advanced Member Member

    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    Hm, I think the body font (not to mention the symbols is slightly big as the middle part seems a bit squished.

    So far, I don't see anything that's amazingly broken nor something of notable decency (50 snipe for three? Eh....)

    I'll be viewing this and will critique more when they come though.
  3. His Goominess PokeBeach's resident Galvantula stan
    His Goominess


    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    If it's possible, could I reserve the Torchic line? Not to worry if I can't.
    This is not a spoiler's set. This is an actual project. Unless you can provide art, stick with critiquing.
  4. PMJ happy thoughts

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    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    Zyflair, you silly goose, I'm pretty sure that this person meant reserve the art.

    Unless you really did mean the spoilers, in which case I must go LOL

    If you do want to do the art though, let me see some of your work first.
  5. Zyflair Yes, sir. Of course, sir.

    Advanced Member Member

    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    Goose? -_-

    I don't remember him making art, but I have seen him spoil... so I assumed.
  6. Seth1789110


    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    PMJ, awesome name for a set. However, I can think of a few other pokemon who are "unseen heroes", like:


    To name a few. Also, Bastiodon is an uncommon. The set looks ok, the pictures and stuff look good, but this set doesn't really showcase these pokemon, moreover they show us WHY they are not seen to much, like Umbreon. His attacks both require flips to do more damage, and mediocre amounts at that. Ninetails attack is Drifblim FBs attack, but 10 more damage, and it cant use an energy gain/any other SP tools, AND not many pokemon are weak to fire. Otherwise, it looks OK. I want to see more however.
  7. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
    Heavenly Spoon

    Advanced Member Member

    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    A set with UUs, yet you fail to include Seaking, which has yet to have even a single decent card, Venomoth, which nobody seems to care about, Hypno, which never got anything but weird damage and sleep gimmicks and way too expensive/weak attacks, Cloyster, which never really got a good card in its life either, Victreebel, which has the record of the worst stage 2 cards in history, Dunsparce, who's, well, Dunsparce (although he did get quite a few good cards), Shuckle, Gastrodon and many more :O
    I'm disappointed in you guys.

    Kudos on having Parasect, Ariados, Farfetch'd, Dewgong, Quagsire and Flareon, though. They better be good :mad:

    I might provide art once I learn how to draw... Although I guess Tomokazu has demonstrated on many occasions that such a skill is not needed when making card-art (Although I love his recent butterfree).

    Good luck with the project :D
  8. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Head Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    Zyflair: Yes. Goose. =]

    Seth: Bastiodon is an uncommon, yes. I made him uncommon on purpose. Rampardos is uncommon, too.

    I'm not sure what you're getting at regarding showcasing these Pokemon. The fact that they're present in this set is showcasing them. You can't fit every aspect of a Pokemon in here. The point is that the Pokemon in this set are winners in their own right, often overlooked for more competitive options. They are, as the name suggests, unsung heroes.

    Umbreon's base damage is deliberately low because it can be further boosted by the Darkness Energy bonus. With just one {D} Special Energy, Eviscerate is doing a minimum of 60 and a possible 80 for 3, which isn't bad, considering he's a Stage 1.

    I'm aware that Ninetales and Drifblim FB have similar attacks. I didn't create the spoiler for that, actually; it was given to me by someone who hates Dialga G LV.X (which explains the damage and the effect, Dialga will die no matter how many real Metals he has on him).

    Of course, this was waaaaaay before I posted this set. The reason I don't want anyone to give me spoilers isn't because I want to do them all myself, it's because there's no need. They're all done already. I've been sitting on these spoilers for about two months, waiting for blanks so we could move forward with this set. Our original Photoshop person has left PB, so I'm picking up the slack and doing the Photoshop things myself.

    All that said, you shouldn't fault Ninetales for failing against the current, real metagame. Were these cards real, Ninetales would be a great assistance against many of the cards in this set, including Vespiquen, Forretress, and Scizor LV.X.

    About a half dozen cards are already finished; they're just waiting for art.

    Thanks for your input.

    c-m: I've always been a fan of Special Conditions, so like every Poison-type in this set is capable of inflicting like, three of them at least. Ariados is no exception (he can inflict four, though not simultaneously), although Swalot can arguably do it better.

    You do make a good point though, we did miss a lot of good UUs who do deserve better. That said, we only wanted this set to have 100 cards, and with almost two dozen cards going to T/S/S and LV.X forms, we couldn't fit every UU in the set. As you said, we got a ton of the really bad ones, like Farfetch'd (who we had to revise multiple times to make it good as opposed to broken), Flareon (who is getting revised because he is too self-destructive), and Dewgong (cause I love me some Ice-types).

    I hope the rest of them will be to your liking. ^-^
  9. Seth1789110


    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    PMJ, what I mean is that I thought this set would showcase these pokemon by making them good, like make them seem like able to go toe to toe with Flygon sorta thing. Even though they are not, you catch my drift. However, this set just makes them seem so-normal. Like prerelease pokemon at best. I just cant see any real "showcase" of these pokemon's true strength yet so far, and that is a little disappointing. I would like to see some stronger pokemon, like for 3 energy, I would think Ninetails could do a little better, I mean it created an entire illusion of a mansion for brock in the anime, and it can only do 50 SNIPE?!?! WHATS GOING ON?!?! Lol jk. And as for Umbreon:

    Yes, it can abuse Special Dark, but flips are incredibly un-reliable. Today I watched a match of a kid who had 7 electric energy on Electivre, used Discharge and got a single heads. He was battling Frozendukie today, if you want that much proof. That just goes to show you. So a flip of 20 normally turns to-30? This is an example, but it isn't THAT game changing. I would think Umbreon would be more of a sniper/disruptor, cause he is a dark type, and that just looks like something Dark types would do, not flip coins for both attacks. Its body is also very-unique, and has the potential to get a deck built around it, but I wouldnt see that except for at leagues at best. Sorry I am being harsh, I just would have expected better. HOWEVER:

    The set symbol and set name look really really cool, thats a plus!
  10. esperante started there, now i'm at the bottom


    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    Set symbol and name images both look really good, which makes for a good start. I'm interested to see the Lv.X's, considering most of them are pretty interesting Pokemon, and ones I've created Lv.X's for when I've been bored in the past (notably Scizor and Kabutops)
  11. Kingdra King User experience may vary
    Kingdra King


    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    Mr. Mime Lv. X ftw!

    Awsome set guys! Everything looks well organized and I hope that you can keep it that way. Stay determined and don't give up on this.

    Maybe when the set is finished I'll make a deck out of some of them if you let me.
  12. bacon !!!!!


    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    I have a Scizor somewhere in my art thread, you can use that if you need it PMJ.
  13. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Head Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    Seth, yeah I see what you mean. Flygon is some sort of a super beast. Ariados (the only card we currently have completely finished) is more novelty than anything else, and little tiny basics like Buneary and Pineco really can't be anything special (but I sure did try on a few of them), but I've already had to revise a few cards because my spoilers didn't fit on the card.

    I know flips are unreliable... my friend flipped six coins with Exeggutor MT's String Bomb and got 1 heads two turns in a row. The Discharge situation has happened to both of us more times than I can count.

    The thing is, both of these cards were requests, and don't particularly reflect the rest of the set. Hopefully other cards will have the Flygony aspect you're looking for.

    Kingdra King - Do whatever you like. It's not like you can vs anyone with this stuff anyway...

    bacon - I totally forgot you did that rockin' picture of Scizor. I'll use that, thanks. :D by the way let me know when you get version 3 of mole dude finished so I can make another one :D
  14. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
    Heavenly Spoon

    Advanced Member Member

    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    You're not going to make Ariados decent? Then what's the point of having him? Why make another horrible Ariados? :(
  15. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Head Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    O ye of little faith.

    He's novelty because he has four moves, no other reason than that.
  16. Seth1789110


    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    PMJ: Ok, good. Cause in a set that showcases UU pokemon, they should be good, so we can see that they are good pokemon, not folder fodder. Youd think Nintendo would have done better with the set that showcases Arceus, ya no?
  17. His Goominess PokeBeach's resident Galvantula stan
    His Goominess


    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    I have just made my first fake card, which just so happens to be torchic.
    Here is the link.

    I am a beginner with this, but feel free to use my image.

    EDIT: The card is no longer there D=

    B-Ray: If you want to submit artwork for PMJ's set that's great, but posting your own fake cards/broken links is irrelevant to the topic and considered spam. Please refrain from this in the future.
  18. cool kid master555 I'm Back!
    cool kid master555


    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    You have to make it public to see it here^ But most people hate that.
  19. grasspokemonmaster Aspiring Trainer


    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    The cards are lovely. No doubt that they are original too. I haven't looked at the LV. X yet because I think they are so good it will blow me away (from PokeBeach). There are 149 NU Pokemon.

    "Victreebel is wonderful...
    Victreebel is wonderful...
    And its acid..."

    *sing to the tune of London Bridge*

    Vespiquen as a SH? Wow! Why is Roserade X not part of the set?
  20. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Head Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    RE: Platinum: Unsung Heroes

    Don't know how you'd see the LV.X cards since I haven't posted them yet, and even if someone did leak you the spoiler list, I've had to make so many changes it may as well not even be there.

    The original boxtopper for our set was Mewtwo. It was the epitome of silly (it had things like 67 HP and an attack that did 43 damage, for example), and I decided that since the rest of the set was going to be serious, the boxtopper may as well be, too.

    It felt kinda dumb to have Mewtwo, the king of Pokemon, in a set filled with UUs (Darkrai was special request by Xous), so I chose Roserade instead. It won't be out for a while, but I hope you guys like it.

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