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Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Vom, May 2, 2020.

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    I thought "slave" was a banned word when nicknaming your pokemon?

    Although that may have only been a thing in the later games.

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    Any game from HGSS and prior doesn't have a censor. That was a thing that started in Black and White onward, iirc.
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    That's exactly what I did in FRLG, Kadabra STILL destroyed absolutely everything.
    Totally! I didn't think so many people would get behind it lmao
    I really like those! However, I feel like I'd be cheating if I brought the powerhouse that is Garchomp along with me. I know it's not and I actually really like Garchomp as a Pokémon but I feel it would be too good for just a fun playthrough like this. I'll take you up on Roserade tho because flowers!!
    I'm gonna call the HM slave peer because I find that to be an almost perfect analogy I don't have the equipment to actually record the gameplay, so I was going more for a journal type of thing in here. I'd love if you followed along though. :)
    I kinda like this idea, actually. Like, every time I catch something there's a vote to see if it replaces anyone on my team?
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    I've been guilty of using all the Pseudos in my last few runs. (I used both Dragonite and Tyranitar in HGSS which was fun, Salamence in my last emerald run and Hydreigon in my BW Nuzlocke), but honestly I feel as if they've never been the number one contributors to my teams? It's strange. (Legit, my Seismitoad contributed more than my Hydreigon did in Black Tower/White Treehollow in BW2 I did for fun after beating the first game). I just like their designs a lot I think-but I totally understand not wanting to use them as they could be too overpowered at times.

    Roserade is a great choice though, simply on design alone! Good pick!

    I really like this idea too, honestly. It'll allow for some community interatcion and it'll help keep this thread alive. I'm a pretty big fan of it so far as it definitely feels like a good sense of community here and that'll definitely push it.
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    I like this idea!

    ...also you should totally name your rival Turtwig, cuz why not?
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    Hmmm I was gonna name my starter Turtwig but now I don't know...
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    Why not both? :D
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    This thread's actually made me want to start up the run of Platinum I've been thinking of. I want to breed a Beldum (using Ditto it's possible) and bring his egg over to use as my "starter" of sorts. I've been wanting to use Metagross for the longest time but he's postgame-only in Gen 3.

    Only issue is my 3DS I use for trading between cartridges is currently lent to my friend so she can play the later Ace Attorney games, and since I can't really go an hour away to get it I can't really start that run now. But hey! I'll be able to get a bit of the fix I wanted from that game with this thread, so that's a plus!
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    Awn it would've been fun if we could have like traded or something! I hope my shenanigans scratch your itch.
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    It would have! Perhaps there's some kind of run I could make one of these days that would involve the community. (This thread's inspired me to do some form of Nuzlocke or something that involves this forum in the future). But that's not to steal your spotlight or anything, I'm not doing this for a LONG while. I'm definitely excited to see some of these shenanigans though!
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    And So It Begins
    Prof. Rowan: Welcome to the world of Pokémon! Since you don't know what the Pokémon world is (and you have a shiny new DS!) please allow me to demonstrate. Touch the Pokéball down there.

    Me: uhhhhhhh *pokes*

    *Pokémon comes out*

    Prof. Rowan: This is a Pokémon! That's all the explanation you need. Moving on. This is my grandson, what was his name again?

    Me: Wrong game, but his name is Turtwig. Can I go now?

    Prof. Rowan: Yes! Your own tale of adventure blah blah blah

    I find it pretty funny that the game's introductory sequence is so short. It starts off treating you as if you don't know the first thing about the Pokémon world, but it offers very little explanation as to what it actually is. Of course it's never good to just info dump, but some effort could have been made beyond showing you a single Pokémon and being all 'some people fight with these'. -1 cookie. On the flip side, it is much shorter than I remembered so I could freely hold A to speed up the text and move on. +1 cookie.

    I find myself in my room, watching Prof. Rowan say that "Pokémon will always stand by our side. I hope you know the meaning of those words." Deep stuff. I take one (1) step, and suddenly...


    Turtwig: Hey! 10 million bucks if I beat you! Haha! *leaves*

    Me: ???

    So I did what any sensible person would. Open menu, text Save game. I sigh with relief, and promptly go take my free potion from my computer...only to not find it there. Alas, my only option was to follow Turtwig.


    Turtwig: Hey! You're so slow! 10 million bucks if I beat you! Hahahahahaha! *leaves*

    This is easily the most annoying and forgettable meeting of a rival I have ever seen. And I've played every main series game, so I'd know. I understand that the formula is the same (go visit rival, person stops you from moving on until you do) but I really don't like this guy as of now. Regardless, I follow him, and as he's about to launch himself at the tall grass for no real reason, we're interrupted by, you guessed it...

    Prof. Rowan: Hold it! What were you thinking!? You have no Pokémon between you, obviously. I mean, you still live here with your parents. Hmmmmm say, do you like Pokémon? Of course you do. But what would happen if I gave Pokémon to two kids who were about to go out in the wild at great risk to their life...hmmmmmmm

    Me: Uh, I was literally just, like, vibing.

    Turtwig: She's telling the truth! Please give at least her a Pokémon. I swear it was my fault.

    Prof. Rowan: So it's settled then! You get a Pokémon! You get a Pokémon!

    Lucas: (materializing into existence) But those are invaluable! They are literally the only one of their species in the entire game-

    Prof. Rowan: Nonsense! Here you go. Bye bye now, do visit.

    And with these words, the Professor and Lucas left. I've never understood what motive some professors could possibly have to start our adventure, and Rowan is one of them. Like, why is his immediate reaction to give us Pokémon? To his credit, he seems to think it over, but I don't really get it. Anyways, it's not like I'm gonna say no. Turtwig the Turtwig has joined the team! *confetti*

    After a brief battle in which apparently Chimchar's only move was Leer, we go to the nearby lake to catch the legendary Pokémon (because that's what you do as soon as you get your first Pokémon, duh), meet some shady blue hair guy (I can see Cyrus fretting that he's been reduced to shady blue hair guy), only to realize we have no PokéBalls. We do the classic visit Professor > return to mom > moving on thing, and then it happened.

    Lucas: I'm gonna teach you how to catch-

    Me: Hard pass. I've been doing this since before you were programmed. Moving on.

    On the way to Jubilife city, I happened upon a Shinx! +1 cookie. And he had Intimidate!! +2 cookies. Named it after bb because Electric type and I feel like bb always has lots of energy in all of his posts. bbninjas the Shinx has joined the team! *confetti*

    Upon reaching Jubilife city, Lucas found me, and we saw a strange man who [REDACTED]. Anyways, I got a free Apple Watch, kicked rival!Turtwig's butt once again so he would let me leave the city, and I was on my way to get my first badge!

    I gotta say, I actually really like the Pokétch. I chose to set it to the screen where it shows your team and their HPs, but only after noting that I could do math on it. Math! Revolutionary. +1 cookie.

    After sidestepping a few trainers, battling some others, and making my way through a tunnel rather uneventfully, I finally made it to Oreburgh, a town apparently reliant on mining if the abundance of equipment was any indication. Youngster Joey took me to the gym, and...the classic 'walking alongside NPC' music started playing! It made me surprisingly happy to hear it after so long. 10/10.

    Anyways...the gym leader wasn't there. As it turns out, I had to fetch him from the mine to challenge him. In the mine, however...

    Geodude: *exists*

    Me, thinking this is free EXP: Turtwig, Absorb!

    Geodude: *lives*

    Me: : o *catches Pokémon*

    Named after AshCo because of the tragedy that was the taking down of legacy servers. AshCo the Geodude has joined the party! *pebbles*

    After finding Rourke, he flexes on a rock with a Machop (that he doesn't even use in the gym, for the record) by using Rock Smash, then leaves. It was time for the gym, and...well, that went about how you would expect. Turtwig absolutely steamrolled everybody. Until only Cranidos was left...everyting was going well, until...he flinched me with Headbutt. No biggie, I can still get the KO next turn. However. The following turn I got flinched again. No biggie, I can still live and get the KO. H o w e v e r. He proceeds to crit me. As if two flinches in a row wasn't enough, the RNG gods decide to add insult to injury. Turtwig goes down, but from the one attack I was allowed to get off, Cranidos had red health and Roarke had already used his Potion on something else.

    So I sent bbninjas to finish him off (and get a cheeky Intimidate), only he doesn't manage to get the KO with two Tackles, and also goes down.

    I'm down to my last Pokémon. AshCo, if you get me out of this, I swear I'll get you that promotion. Nodding, AshCo lives a Headbutt by Cranidos, doesn't get flinched, and promptly Tackles for the win. My first badge is in hand!

    Good thing this isn't a Nuzlocke. Yikes.

    Turtwig (Turtwig) Lv. 14
    Ability: Overgrow
    -Razor Leaf

    bbninjas (Shinx) Lv. 8
    Ability: Intimidate

    AshCo (Geodude) Lv. 10
    Ability: Rock Head
    -Defense Curl

    -Mud Sport
    -Rock Polish

    And that's it! I hope this isn't too much on the silly side of things, I'm open to suggestions!
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    Wow, my Geodude equivalent is one stubborn little guy. Gotta say, I like that attitude.

    Seems like you're enjoying the game so far though! And I do enjoy the format you've got going on, little bits of commentary on both the happenings in the game and the mechanics themselves-I do like seeing the thoughts you have on these parts I'm so familiar with going through.

    If I could add a suggestion, perhaps at the beginning of each new update, you could show a little thing what your team is at that time under a spoiler tag or something? I think it'd be cool to see how it changes each update throughout the whole thing, and a little "recap" of the team might be a cool little addition to the experience. That's just a small suggestion I have personally, though I think everything's pretty solid as is. Can't wait to see more!
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    Oml I just realized that by naming your rival Turtwig and choosing Turtwig as a starter... have inadvertently given Turtwig (the rival) a Chimchar.

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    Excited to see Turtwig's blunders and hopeful victories over Turtwig, idk which Turtwig to put my money on. We'll see. But can I interest you in another team member?

    Why Kricketune, you may ask? It is simple. Arriving right on Route 201, Kricketot offers you an early catch and best friend that will bide its time on your team. What's better than a first-route success story?

    Kricketot evolves into the majestic beast above at only level 10, which is easy to do by the second gym, and you have a perfect type advantage. You will have enemy trainers bowing down or falling asleep to Kricketune's victory song. That also means that only an hour or so into the game, you'll have your hands on a Pokemon with a respectable base 85 Attack stat (the same as Swellow). With that attack stat and the solid base 70 Slash, Kricketune will be doing nice, neutral damage against many fearsome opponents.

    Later in the game, you have an easy chance to troll gym leaders and champions with the tactical Perish Song. which can knock out even the infamous Garchomp in a matter of turns.

    Finally, to troll your friends with a Kricketune sweep, you can spam Silver Wind to boost your stats over and over. Plus you have the advantage over Lucian!

    ...What, did you really think I'd forget DELELELELEWHOOOOOP

    But I'd love to see Buizel/Floatzel on the team. Would patch up Turtwig's speed issues and give some nice type coverage for the future.
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    I actually meant to include a little spoiler at the end with the team, but as it turns out that slipped my mind. I've edited in now. Thanks for the feedback!
    You put waaay to much effort into that Kricketune thing lmao. I would also like a Buizel because bbninjas can't just take on Chimchar, and AshCo will also be in trouble once it learns Fighting moves.
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    magikarp would be nice if you dont get buizel
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    The Road To *checks notes* Eterna City

    So, medal in hand, my job in the town was done. I remembered there was a slide thingy that you need a bike to go through north of the city, but I went to check it out anyway. Sure enough, the slide was there, close to a batch of a grass with a visible PokéBall. So I went to get it, and then...

    A wild Ponyta has appeared! Go, Turtwig!

    *Turtwig noises*

    Me: Uh oh. *switches to AshCo*

    Ponyta: *spams Tackle*

    Me: don't know any Fire moves, do you?




    Me: *sigh* c'mere.

    Named after Violet because...well, she'd get why. Violet the Ponyta has joined the team! *carrots* Disappointed that she didn't know a Fire move, but not surprised. Nothing other than Normal types gets STAB until like Lv. 10 in this game, which results in literally everything hitting for some very sad damage. It's not necessarily 'wrong' or 'unhealthy', but I personally like to keep my KOs to 4 hits at most.

    After the successful catch, it was time to return to Jubilife and head north, to that one little town with the honey meadow thing. I was just about to head inside the tunnel, when-


    Me: Pls don't fight me again I just wanna move the plot along

    Turtwig: Jeez you're a crybaby. I just wanted to tell you exactly where to go because that's definitely not the only place this tunnel takes to at this point in the game. You need the HM the gym leader gave you, but you'll also need the badge you just got to clear the way.

    Me: Thanks?

    Turtwig: gotta go fast *runs off*

    The game babies me again. This would make more sense if he appeared on a wrong turn or something, but the fact that he appears literally as you're about to head in the right direction seems kind of unnecessary since you already figured out where to go. Anyways, back in Jubilife...

    [REDACTED]: Hey, nice seeing you again! I'm happy to announce that after inspecting this whole city, I am absolutely positive there is no criminal activity going on here.

    Me: Nice, but who are you again? Let me fix that.

    James Bond: See you! *leaves*

    Meanwhile, literally 10 steps away...

    Grunt 1: Hand over that research, Professor!

    Grunt 2: Yeah! *moves aggressively*

    Prof. Rowan: Never! Pokémon evolution cannot be controlled. It is something beyond us.

    Lucas: Yeah! *moves aggressively*

    Me: (entering scene) Did you guys rehearse this?

    Prof. Rowan: Ah! Vom, just in time. So, how is your PokéDex? And your mother? And-ohmygodisthatOreburgh'sBadge

    Me: *telepathically* Now is not the time to use that!

    Grunts: *in unison* give. paper.

    Prof. Rowan: *proceeds to roast the absolute crap out of both grunts*

    Grunts: *in unison, eyes rolling back* G̸͇͍̼̝̉̿ ̷̜͑̌̆͝ͅI̷͔̊͝ ̸̠̖̈V̴̤̗͋ ̷̡̛̩̕Ě̶̘̘̻̦͊͌ ̷͉̻̀͜ ̸̠́̓̋͐P̷̳̤͚͓̈́̿͆̏ ̸̙̞̰͛̇̉ͅĄ̶͓̕ ̸̞̲̬̪̾͊̈͐P̷͍͈̅ ̶̲̘̥̘̓E̴̪͋̓̾ ̷̥̃̓͝Ṛ̶͊

    And so I was dragged into a tag battle with Lucas. I gotta say, Prof. Rowan lecturing these guys has got be the funniest thing I've ever seen in Pokémon. Like, first he doesn't even bother with them and starts asking about my PokéDex, and then he destroys them? Top 10 epic moments. I also happen to love tag battles, so this was certainly welcome.

    After an unsurprisingly easy battle, the grunts left us alone, and Prof. Rowan and Lucas were off. Back en route to Floaroma Town, I finally stumbled upon a Starly! Immediate catch because fangirl you never know. And of course, named it after Staraptor fan FireLizard! FireLizard the Starly has joined the team! *seeds*

    After quickly healing up at Floaroma, I headed east, as the entrance to the meadow was blocked by yet more Galactic grunts.

    Little Girl: Miss! Miss! You've gotta help me please! They have my papa!

    Me: No worries! I'm the protagonist.

    Little Girl: They have him in the Valley Windworks! It's over there!

    And I was on my way to help out this poor guy, when...

    A wild Buizel has appeared! Go, Violet! (she was first because I was trying to level her up for the next gym)

    Me: I won't bother switching because obviously you don't know a water move.

    Buizel: *starts channeling inner Katara*

    Me: *sigh* c'mere

    I named this one after Jade because I have vague memories of Buizel on the anime always trying to play games with Ash. Jade the Buizel has joined the team! *confetti*

    After the successful catch, I confronted the grunt at the door of the building, swiftly made him swallow his pride, and then...he locked himself in. And then he told me where the spare key was for no apparent reason. I got it, came back, and made my way to the big bad.

    ???: I, Mars, will tell you everything about why we're here! Mwahaha! Let's make a bet. If I win, you leave, if you win, we leave. Got it? Good.

    Can't really fault them for this one, since many many villains do this exact thing, but I literally didn't even ask what was going on. She just, like, straight up told me. Oh well. Purugly was annoying even with AshCo tanking its hits because resistance, but it eventually went down with no losses on our side.

    We were leaving anyway, we got what we came for. Let's go Mars.

    Mars: You will not give me orders, Charon!



    *leaves with everybody else*

    After seeing the only slightly heartwarming reunion between the little girl (who must have seen them all leave or something) and her dad, it was time to continue to Eterna City, home of the second gym.

    Unfortunately, the only way was through the Eterna Forest, the obligatory early game dungeon. However, I was able to tag with a really nice girl called Cheryl who healed my Pokémon at every turn, and thanks to the high number of trainers pretty much everywhere, bbninjas has evolved! That's not to say nobody else gained levels, in fact...FireLizard has evolved! But that's not all! A bunch of our team members were able to level up and catch up to my higher ups. Besides the insane exp gains, nothing really eventful happened, there were just a lot of battles.

    So after that whole ordeal, we finally found the exit! I got Cheryl's number and then we said goodbye. And then we...went the same Eterna City.

    After a quick rest, it was time to find the gym! Except...


    Turtwig: Hey slowpoke! Come check out this dank statue. Wait, what gives? It's that guy from that thing!

    Shady blue hair guy that we saw at the lake at the beginning of the game: Pardon me. *leaves*

    Turtwig: Well, that was weird. *leaves*

    Still a bit confused by that interaction, I went back to my mission of finding the gym.

    ???: Hey, is that a PokéDex? That really brings me back. My name is Cynthia btw.


    Anways, I must get going. Have an HM just in case!

    Me: Thanks?

    And so, I finally made it to Eterna City Gym, led by Gardenia. I remember this gym as being way cooler, I guess I was more into the whole clock thing as a kid. This time around however, it dawned on me that it was really only one path and it only looked fancy on the surface. Oh well.

    Even after all the levels she got, Violet couldn't quite get the OHKO on Gardenia's Turtwig. All hope was lost, until, for some inexplicable reason, Turtwig used...Sunny Day. I guess she just wanted to trigger Cherrim's Ability, but it was so not worth it to power up my fire moves. With that bonus, even her Roserade was burnt to a crisp - she had no choice but to admit defeat and award us our second Badge!

    After that, I noticed this gym had some parallels to Erika's gym all the way in Kanto: both grass type gyms, both only had women in them. Hey, at least this one didn't have that old man peeping in from a window. Yikes.

    And that's it! Made some good progress today, had two evolutions in one episode! Furthermore, with 6 Pokémon in hand, we unlocked the PC! This is where all Pokémon I catch go when they aren't immediately subbed in by popular vote. Throughout this whole time, I've been catching Pokémon that I didn't include in the initial team, and these all went unmentioned because honestly it would take too much space if I just listed them all every time. So be sure to check back often!

    But that's on subbing in. What about subbing out? Well, at some point, some Pokémon might start to fall off (like Ponyta, who evolves at Lv. 40) or I might need to switch things up for whatever reason. When this happens, I'll just ask who you guys want to come on the team and we'll go from there.

    Thanks for reading!

    Turtwig (Turtwig) Lv. 15
    Ability: Overgrow
    -Razor Leaf

    bbninjas (Luxio) Lv. 17
    Ability: Intimidate


    AshCo (Geodude) Lv. 14
    Ability: Rock Head
    -Rock Throw

    -Rock Smash
    -Rock Polish

    FireLizard (Staravia) Lv. 15
    Ability: Intimidate

    -Double Team
    -Quick Attack

    -Wing Attack

    Jade (Buizel) Lv. 12
    Ability: Swift Swim
    -Quick Attack

    -Water Gun

    Violet (Ponyta) Lv. 21
    Ability: Flash Fire
    -Tail Whip

    -Flame Wheel
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    I did catch Buizel, but I'm absolutely open to eventually switching him out eventually.
  20. AshCo The Salt Factory


    I hope that the day the good ol' AshCo Geodude gets boxed (because I'm sure he will be eventually as being unable to evolve to Golem), he gets to go out with a bang. A good ol' Selfdestruct or something on something really stupid, lol.

    Can't wait to see more of this though! Been enjoying seeing the team grow and evolve (ha ha get it funny ha ha).
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