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As expected, the first Paradox Pokemon cards were just revealed during the closing ceremony at Worlds! They will feature “Ancient” and “Future” mechanic labels. This means there will be certain Abilities, Trainers, and attacks that enhance them.









The “Ancient” cards feature a swoosh in the...

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We love Huntail
Roaring Moon looks like a beast with emergency jelly! Guaranteed KO, 200 damage to itself, heal 120 back. Then there's unrevealed stuff that'll synergize with ancient pokemon, it'll likely be the deck to watch for.
we know at the very least each archetype will have their own Booster Energy Capsule, if Brute Bonnet's ability is any indication. What that card does, we'll just have to wait and see. I'm excited!


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Thats how past and future Pokemon should have been, with specific arquetypes; not sure why they drop the Domphans so early and without any kind of special feature, I think that most people dont have even realized they exist due how mediocre and lackluster they are... And now they are out of the archetypes which make it worse for them

Future looks to be related to move pokemons
Delibird move the Pokemon of the rival
Volcarona get any energy it want when it moves from bench to active
Gallade make damage when it moves as well

But Ancient doenst look to have any specific theme...


Oh no! Rotation in sight
Reading that anti-evolved thing on Iron Bundle already made me sigh...
This games power creep to mostly try to stay at basic is just showing again.
Maybe I'm just old, but I'd love to see an absolute full stop to the power gallop and them releasing only underwhelming sets that will form a new start for the game.


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okay, initially thought Iron Valiant was underwhelming but now that i think about it...

imagine a board state where your opponent has 2 VMaxes or 2 Vs or exes or 2 single-prizers, 1 on the brink of death, the other within 200dmg range...

promote IV then ability for the 2 dmg snipe then attack for the double KO then draw 6/4/3/2 prizes.

also, the ability doesn't have a limit so you "can" play 4 IVs then switch them out (lost box lol) for 8 dmg snipes.

Garde ex just might live post-rotation! oh and ACE SPEC cards ✨✨✨✨


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Paradox feels similar to single/ rapid strike. There'll likely be 'paradox' labels as well in a future set that resemble fusion strikes.

Ace spec to replace radiant/ prism star sounds cool. Lets hope they expand it to ace pokemons as well. 😃😁


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Kind of sad that they didn't wait for this set to do iron treads and great tusk ex with these epic designs. With like the sort of bland 3d art they had it could've really helped. Paradox pokemon cards are super unique though and fits the mons well. Overall, pretty sweet reveal


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The cards design and art look lovely.

The return of ace spec is interesting. Almost intrigues me enough to want to learn to play the game, but not quite lol.


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Ancient's theme seems to be self damage. Scream Tail deals damage based on the amount of counters on it, Brute Bonnet poisons your side as well, and Roaring Moon kills with a whopping 200 in recoil.

Yep, I wrote my comment before have pictures of the ancient Pokemons, thought Jigglypuff attack was based on damage on the opponents Pokemon

So that make easy to know what ancient special energy will do, any energy but it damages the Pokemon. That leave Future energy what could supposed to be? Turbo already move Pokemons from bench, I dont think they will fuse escape rope with energys also that would make Delibird useless, how crazy could it be that future energys can move from Pokemon to another one once per turn if are on the field but discarded at the end of the turn, would be too much?


child kidnapping balloon
looking at it now, scream tail seems to be a better drifloon in general, being able to bench snipe and whatnot… what’s more, scream tail has more hp and bravery charm…


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Scream Tail - actually a good replacement for Drifloon in Garde ex. same combo, Bravery Charm for 140 HP, so that's 6 energy from Psychic Embrace, so that's 120 DMG, then multiplier is 20x PER DAMAGE = 240 DMG SNIPE. moi gusto.

Iron Bundle - Irida searchable, good. Escape Rope for opponent, bad but depends on the situation. good counter to Stage 1/2 decks. can escape from harm. meh.

Iron Moth - GLC :| haven't played enough Standard Fire decks, so i'm sorry haha

Brute Bonnet - ok so at first, meh but then, plug it in the Alolan Raticate deck, remove Paldean Clodsire. not affected by path, single-prizer, GREAT.

Roaring Moon ex - jesus holy christ... Dark Patchable... great Darkrai VStar support!

Iron Valiant ex - my last comment basically sums it all up. HAS A LOT OF POTENTIAL.

excited for N's Rhypherior's anlysis! 🙏🏻


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The Pokémon cards that were revealed in this article can definitely be added to the Partial Set List with their confirmed numbers.


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Indirectly revealed card in the presentation is Booster Energy Capsule on Brute Bonnet. No clue what it will do, but it will likely synergize with the Paradox mons well. The Past Future is also most definitely this generation's versions of Battle Styles. Roaring Moon will always and forever be my #1 Paradox pokemon, and the card has some intriguing uses.