New 'V-UNION' Trademark Filed for the Pokemon TCG!


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Finally, why Vmaxes arent these? These is exactly how Dynamax and Gigantamax should be represented in the game instead of a boring and bland evolution

Could the Spiritomb that return cards from the discard become staple? Completelly nullify Mad Party and now become V-Unions work harder to get the pieces on the discard

I dont want to fight against a 'mon with a good energy accelerator, an energy switcher and a damage booster ability all in one card

Do you mean Shadow Ryder Calyrex? Accelerate the energy, the same accelerated energy boost the attack so its quite damage booster, just change the energy switcher for Draw Power and its pretty much the same thing you mentioned, at least these Monsters are a little bit more hard to get in the field and just one, while Calyrex can be an entire army of 4 in the field


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Soon, we shall have an 8-card super union Pokemon

Then a 16-card ultra mega Pokemon... They're going to have to make bigger tables. Pretty soon we will be able to see V-Union Pokemon from space. That was their plan all along
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Can we 4 cards of every 4 pieces of the V Union?
I *guess* you can't, as the four card have all the same name, so a single V-Union fills the no-more-than-four-cards-with-the-same-name rule. Or at least that's what the rule was for legends, and it kinds makes sense to keep it this way if you consider the "you can't play the same VUnion card more than once per game".

PS: I think there's a small error in the translation for Zacian's second attack: while けんおう can be read as 賢王 (wise king), the same hiragana is the one used when refering to its Crowned Sword forme (so the けん part refers to 剣, swords). So I guess a more fitting translation would be "dance of the sword king" (more literal) or "Crowned Sword dance" (directly referencing the game's translation)

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can't wait to play a copy of the regular art, the full art, the alternate art, and the rainbow art all at the same time for the ultimate chaotic energy


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Still not Turn 1 friendly
You can turbo them out if you go second.
Adventurer's Discovery to search 3 pieces of them
Galarian Articuno to discard 2 pieces and draw 1
Quick Ball to discard the 3rd piece and fetch a Pokemon you need (Crobat to draw more maybe)
Draw the last piece, OR Pokemon Communication for the last piece
Discard the last piece.

Et voila, a V-Union summon.

Some caveats are:
Adventurer's Discovery isn't easily searchable other than Pokegear
Not much reliable discard options that doesn't make you go minus hand (Dedenne GX should have rotated out by this release, Ultra Ball MIA)


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Once they're in play they count as a single Pokémon, so they only take away one bench space. You can safely power-up a Mewtwo V-Union with your 3-4 Calyrex Shadow in play. In fact, the plan seems to be to play these in the late game and then use the proper accel on them to start attacking.
After I think about it, you're right. More obvious in Zacian V-Union in that you can play some sort of Bronzong metal box deck without focusing on the Zacian VU much, then late when theyre all in the discard pile you put it into play, Metal Trans energies to it, then swing for a big finish (340 damage knocks out any VMaxes without tools or other support).

Same idea with Greninja, accel with Frosmoth and swing for 100x5 bench damage.

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These don't seem amazing gameplaywise. Needing to get 4 specific cards into the discard pile requires a very specific loadout of search and discard tech, like playing a weird mad party variant where you can only attack if all 4 mr rime specifically are discarded. Plus it's only an effective 1-of that takes up 4 valuable deck spaces, meaning you're in trouble if one's prized, meaning you have to play 1/2 Peonia or plan around it.


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So much hate I see here.

Still not Turn 1 friendly

Why does it matter if you cannot play this thing turn 1? As others are stating, this seems more like an endgame trump card (or cards, lol). And as others are saying, it'll probably need some sort of energy acceleration to work.

I personally don't think they're bad. I think it was you who talked about Legend Box, but as far as I know, back in the day that card was a meme at most. At least you don't need them in your hand all at once, you can play them from the discard. And in that sense, even if you prize a part, I don't think is that terrible as long as the rest of the deck can function by itself with 56 cards, which I don't think is that difficult to do.

Because, are they worh it? I'll write my own analysis. As I always say, I'm by no means an expert:

Greninja V-Union

Union Gain: It has 300 HP, so taking into account V-Union will probably be "endgame trump cards", it might not be that bad to use this move once so you can do something meaningful, but having an energy acceleration engine prepared is probably far better.

Probing Foot: I've been wanting something to reliably look at your opponent's hand for so long! I remember playing with Fossil's Omanyte when I was a kid, hehe :) How many times does it happen that you Reset Stamp (or Marnie, since this is rotating) your opponent's hand so they have less chances to have that game-winning Boss's Orders, only to give it to them? If V-Union really are "endame trump cards", having this ability in combination with Marnie can be great!

Aqua Edge: 130 for just one energy. That's far better than 150 for 1 in RS Urshifu VMax, without having to make retreating shenanigans. Althought, for an "endgame trump card" it doesn't seem like much, at least you can attack for one energy, lol. It might allow you to finish of your opponent's second VMax with just one attachment.

Antidote Jutsu: Well, it is an extra, better than nothing!

Twister Shuriken: Okay, so, how can someone look at this attack and say it is bad? 100 to EVERYTHING!! They really want to end small one-prize support pokémon's existence, for real. And again with the "endgame trump card" theme: this is AWESOME to finish up games people.

Shinobi Body: Well, so you're not affected by hammers, nor Pokémon Catcher... I don't recall if there's anything else meaningful here. Being immune to those two might be nice though.

Waterfall Bind: 2HKOs any VMax all while avoiding manual retreat. I think it's not bad!

All in all, I think Greninja V-Union is a card designed to play towards the end of the game, that can really put its weight to close it. It might benefit more from Frosmoth than Melony as an energy acceleration engine, so it can use its three-cost attacks right off the bat. And since it's played from the discard directly to your bench, that makes it easier for Frosmoth to do its job.

My first idea here is maybe a Rapid Strike Inteleon VMax deck with Baby RS/SHH Inteleon on bench. You slowly chip away at your opponent while using Cheryl to heal, and you finish off the game with a big 100-to all bench attack, or a 180 attack to the opponent's active.

Zacian V-Union

Union Gain: Same thing.

Wise King's Dance: Ok, so this move is just INSANE people. It makes Zacian V-Union literally unKOable outside of weakness. And you laugh at RS pokemon's faces. Oh, and do you remember Ruster Sword? Oh, of course you do. Just hope it doesn't work with this monster, but I think it DOES. Not that it is easy to use on it, but...

Steel Slash: And if you just want to 2HKO things, you've got that as well!

Master Blade: OHKO anything.

Just. broken.

Metal Saucer and Bronzong makes this monster absolutely playable. I'm now thinking about a possible Duraludon VMax/Bronzong deck with Cheryl that slows down your opponent until you can finally get that OHKO machine into play. Then it's the end of the game for your opponent! Unless they are playing fire-types, and even so, the first move and/or coating metal energy con cover you from them as well.

Mewtwo V-Union

Union Gain: Same thing, same.

Super Recovery: Healing 200 damage is more than enough to nullify almost any attack in the game. But your opponent can still gust your benched pokémon to KO, and if those are really "endgame trump cards", I don't think that move will be too useful. Zacian's Wise King's Dance is far, far better.

Psysplosion: Well, that can also be useful in finishing up games, but probably not as much as Greninja's attack.

Photon Barrier: It might be useful in certain match-ups...

Final Burn: It doesn't even OHKO anything, since Tag Teams are rotating.

I think this is the worst V-Union out of the three. It can benefit from Shadow Rider Calyrex VMax, but... I'm not sure it's really worth it.

Now, if those V-Union come in special decks, we won't need to worry about having to pull them from packs. It is like this in Japan, so I hope we get the same treatment here.

Aaand again a long post. Thank you to anyone reading :p


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How will you deal with prize problem in standard? If any one piece goes to prizes, you can't play a union at all.

Peonia is random


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These are our first foray into the V-Union mechanic. Our november set will probably include some of these, and the next japanese set.

I'm pretty sure that you're not meant to play these as the sole strategy of your deck, because once they're KO'D they're gone forever. You're meant to play your deck as usual, if you prize a piece try to use Peonia and draw prizes as usual, and then bust them out as your trump card at the end of the game.

Running them as the sole focus of your entire deck seems as a pointless endeavor from the get go. If they print some more V-Union of the same type, then I guess, sure, but I would still try to include some non V-Union attackers for versatility and so you can attack while you setup.


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Would have rather had LEGEND cards back that would be more you know normalish, also that is an insanely nerfed Battle Compressor


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How will you deal with prize problem in standard? If any one piece goes to prizes, you can't play a union at all.

Peonia is random
I think the plan is to dont think about the V-Union early game, grab a knockout on an Opposing VMax (3 prizes). If somehow you STILL dont have all the V-Union cards you need, then you Peonia for the other 3 prizes.


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If V-Unions will appear in regular sets, I suspect they will take up the reverse holo slot, much like BREAKs or Prism Stars before them.

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could this have something to do with the 4card anniversary packs?

also, this makes me want to cut up my Jumbos for no reason, lol