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Post in this thread if you'd like your name changed.

Rules involving name changes (these are not all inclusive and will change as I think of them):

1. One change every six months.
2. New members (less than a week old) get one free change on the house during that week.
3. Changes in capitalization or spelling do not count towards your one change.
4. Adding or subtracting any characters does count towards your one change.
5. Keep it clean.
6. Special characters are allowed, within reason.

List of changes and date new change is allowed

CardPone -> Pone (July 17, 2024)
Shinxed3 -> ShinxieDim (August 13, 2024)
TheFlyingPidove -> qrorohill (September 23, 2024)
Zangetsu -> Aoki (September 27, 2024)
TheMaskedMeowth -> madibye (October 16, 2024)

The Rhyperior -> N's Rhyperior (January 26, 2022)
Lord o da rings -> Lorde (January 26, 2022)
TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK -> Nick Tornell (January 27, 2022)
Fiery_Lugia -> FrostyLily (January 27, 2022)
Jadethepokemontrainer -> JadeGemTM (January 27, 2022)
James Sena -> xSENAx (July 18, 2022)
Fangarde -> Gardy (July 24, 2022)
AshCo -> Scoop (September 25, 2022)
eef -> gentlefeather (October 7, 2022)
Prometheus -> Zangetsu (February 17, 2023)
Pure Essence -> Anime Psyclone (March 6, 2023)
Tails -> StarlightSearcher (March 19, 2023)
4aScoobySnack -> Pokéfather (May 18, 2023)
pokemon64 -> DuoForce (March 1, 2024)
Jadethepokemontrainer -> JadeGemTM

Get this old name outta here. Glad this is happening!
James Sena —> xSENAx

Using my gamer tag makes me feel like i can differentiate my in-game persona from my irl self
Fangarde --> Gardy

It's just the name most people on here know me by and I'm going to be more active
AshCo --> Scoop

Been going by Scoop on most social medias for well over four years now, would like to have that change reflect on Pokebeach as well. (Also thanks @PMJ for letting me know this exists. lol)
I requested a name change in my Account Details - I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to request it here as well or if it's one or the other but just in case:

eef -> gentlefeather
Pure Essence ---> Anime Psyclone

ill change it back here because the feature on my profile screen apparently takes like 7 months to change it back, based on how i got my name to be this in the first place
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Tails ---> StarlightSearcher

It's my Discord username, as well as my Twitch profile username; so having my username on the forum Discord channel be completely different than my actual username was weird.

And it's time to finally rectify it. Time to make them match.
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Hâlian (which I requested ages ago and didn't know I also had to post here orz)

When the change is made, please redact my old username from this post.

PMJ edit: New change allowed June 30, 2023
:0 I had no idea this was a thing. I've been growing a bit wary of the initials for this username. I'd love to simplify it if the shorter version is available!

CardPone -> Pone
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Secretsof2113 -> Blackstar
I don't remember seeing this notification. I might have been busy at the time, but either way I apologize for not responding to this promptly. Or at any time in the past four months, geez. That's my bad.

That username is already taken. Please choose another.