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  • Mm, fairly okay, all things considered. Got some good things mixed in with some bad ones.
    The good: Plasma Blast prerelease this weekend and the next. This week I got 13 packs - 6 for the booster draft in which I pulled nothing of note, and 7 for judging (with an IOU of 2) with Virizion EX (FA) and Genesect EX (non-FA) as pulls - nothing else, though, but that's definitely a start, since those are the 'cash cards' after all.
    The bad: I'm in an online class right now, and I found out on Thursday night there's a whole bunch of assignments that's due by the end of the semester - I didn't even notice the folder they were stored in even existed until now. I have about 10 more to go, and the semester ends on Thursday. It is not the difficulty that intimidates me as much as the sheer number.

    As a little aside...I know you don't come around here often, but whenever you do feel free to pop in and say hi. You're a good person to talk to.
    Have you any stories of your own to share?
    Secretsof2113, ...I thought as much. I just remember you used to be really active a year or so back and now I barely see you around.
    Good to know you're still holding up okay.
    Heya, how've you been? I haven't seen you professoring (professing?) around lately; what's new?
    oh not fair! :p I wanted one but they were sold out... They were on ebay :/ lucky jeeze those plushies were so cute! ^-^ you should take a picture of it for me!
    Awwwwwwwwes thats so cool! I am too scared to get a tattoo, lolz I want a milotic tribal art one but naah :p too scared! I saw chibiterasu plushie online a while ago. :p
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