Monday, 6/5, Next Modified, Furthest Ends Translations


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These are my guesses.
Seal: Choose 1 of your opponent's actice pokemon's attacks. That pokemon cannot use that attack as long as the Seal Counter is on it.
Quake: Maybe not able to retreat? (because it's almost impossible to escape an earthquake)

I think that the DX-on will be one of the best things that ever happened to us. Don't have any CG luvdisc? Try Plusle. Missing ludicolo in a non-ludicargo deck (with macargo)? Try jirachi or metagross d. Need a dustox ex-wannabe? Try altaria. (DX) Need to retrive good energy: Use camerupt paired with power tree. Need a copycat? Try claydol. Need a card to combo with porygon2? Dusclops is your awnser. Want a mini-pidgeot? Use mightyena. Then comes Ludicargo. There are much more. If you don't understand a lot of typing like this, I mean that this new format will be great, with some of the best cards still avalible.


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I was quite surprised to hear that the format will be DX-on... So this means that PowDaCham decks will still get EX: DX Jirachi. Crud...

Well, at least we'll still have EX: DX Weezing, EX: DX Metagross, and a few other goodies. Still, this is not consistent with what POP said about dropping a set for every time a new set is released. Oh well, I guess some people will be happy and others will be not so happy. At least I get to keep my Shining Rayquaza for another year...


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RE:   Monday, 6/5, Next Modified, Furthest Ends Translations

pokemunkulys said:
Looks like Tyranical Power lives :D

But too bad Mewtric will still be here:( But it's not that good.

Dark Tyranitar was in TRR.:p
I can't wait for "furthest"  all delta? awesome!

Um... not to burst your bubble, but Tyranical Power uses Tyranitar 'd' and Tyranitar ex;)

Since Metagross DX is staying, I think there will be a lot more Sallygross decks running around. Heck, I might even play it:D


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WPM just buy another modem it will save you so much time and money and if you rent the modem any problem that should ever happen means it is the company's responsibility and not yours. You can probobly rent it for about $10 a month plus tax but it is worth it.:) Any way that looks like a good set and I wonder what the name of the set will be.:)


That was unexpected, Deoxys on? Looks like we won't be able to predict the modified format for next year very easily. Those sly dogs...

And I know what you're going through with that modem WPM. Verizon can be quite a pain at times... ^ ^;


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dx on is a good thing, at least we will have more option on decks next year. The more expansions included in the format, the more different types of decks you can make.;)


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i already knew this would species=delta means fourth
if u count it from deoxys it is the fourth which mean DX to DS will be rotated next


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Erm, was I the only one that expected it to be DX-on since CG will be released after Worlds!? I don't see what was so unexpected...

Looks like Liability and Ludicargo will stay. :D Along with Magcargo, Pluse, and all those other goodies.

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I'm so glad that it's going to be Ex: Deoxys-on! This means 1 more year with Holy Star! ^_^

Weezing...Plusle...Magcargo...Manetric ex...Scramble Energy...

New Special Conditions caught me off guard. I find added effects to the game to be interesting at the very least, I'll guess we'll see how these effects really change things in the future!