McDonald's 25th Anniversary Pokemon Promotion Starts in February -- Way Too Many Goodies!

Raven Zombie

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ok so my experience just happened... im a collector not a scalper.
my stores rules, you can buy up to 5 without happy meals, over that you have to buy happy meal. (im guessing this is per trip)
i asked for different numbers, they said they were sold out of 1 and only had 2. i said, ok but give me different colors.
i bought 5, but they gave me 6. 4 blue, 2 black
black had a different background scene than blue 4/2, but the stickers were 3/3.
the cards were a nice spread, out of the 50 card set, bought 24cards had 4 non holo dubs.


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anyone in Canada finding these in their local McDs? I asked at one and the worker said that the pokemon promotion was done and that they were onto Monopoly. I will check other stores and report.


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Uh, yes there is. I went to my local yesterday, and they were already cleaned out within the first few hours of the promotion...

That is because they have yet to get more in. On average the stock truck for McDonalds comes about twice a week. (used to be three times a week before Covid actually) Whenever they get the stock truck, even when it is the truck RIGHT before a new promotion, they only typically get 1-2 boxes of happy meal toys.

As a note, NO McDonalds gets the whole set right away, usually it is a case of #1, and sometimes a case of #2 as well, but not always. SOME McDonalds also gets a customer satisfaction case that has a limited number of all of them, but not every store will get it as it is all dependent on if the person doing truck order decides to order it or not.

Either way, most stores are indeed supposed to say they are just sold out when they run out of toys for the period until next stock truck. Which is after that is when more toys will come in. No McDonalds will ever start with enough toys for the entire run of the promotion, as that would require stocking at least 6-10 boxes as most promotions run for about 3 weeks and there are very very few stores with enough storage space for all of that AND enough happy meal boxes too.


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After opening a lot of Toy 1, there seem to be only four types of card boxes, each with the starters from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh. I have seen no existence of the other starters on these.
I'm looking at 5 regions in my hands right now, so I'm guessing there are actually 8. I have Kanto, Kalos, Galar, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.

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I’m starting to see teal holo Squirtle’s pop up on eBay and they are calling them “error” or “misprints” because most Squirtles are blue and not teal. I ended up pulling a teal colored holo today. Is this something to keep an eye on?