Finished Mafia LVII: Big Brother Betrayal: Game Over! Postgame Part 1 Up!

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  1. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    I would disagree with this assessment; Geyde was definitely scumhunting earlier on and just so hasn't been around much like the many other players. I think lynching Geyde of all people over low activity is a bit ironic and also a bit rude.

    Curiously, it's a reason as weak as inactivity that has made you do a 180 on this statement from yesterday...

    The reality is that NP doesn't have enough subs for all the people that needs subbing out, and NP also can't just modkill everyone without screwing with the game balance. It's a lose-lose for everyone.

    Yeah that's fair. Main reasons:

    - holding a strong position that Aqua is scummy but not nominating him for lynch
    ----> Vom said that he held an unwavering position because he thought I was treating Aqua with a confo-town status, and he wanted to show me incorrect. (neutral / townie)
    ----> Alternatively Vom wanted to get Aqua mislynched and tunneled hard to do it, but was unsuccessful (mafian)
    ----> Presumably Vom didn't nominate because he didn't want to attract more negative attention from myself and Cel who did not think Aqua should be nominated
    - slight FoS for being elected the first HoH, at least because I didn't expect it, which could suggest mafian involvement

    The Vom lynch makes more sense in context, so you might like to reread Page[8, 9, 10]

  2. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    For the record, we have two subs that will become available at the end of this phase, which means that GekkisaiDaiNi and Geyde (if he survives this eviction; otherwise Nyora will be subbed out unless she likes the role confirmation post, makes 5 posts, and/or votes) will be subbed out shortly.
    You may continue.
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  3. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    Imma be Echoing what BB said about activity of Geyde D1. (It won't let me quote it)
    I he dissapeared basically yes. But I don't think they have been that scummy so far.
    I believe Vom is a very good lynch. He seems a bit fishy and secondly even if he flips town that clears and clearifys a few things for the future.
    Geyde Lynch won't provide us with much information for now.

    But they are a potential lynch target for the next day.
  4. VioletValkyrie Too Cute to be Straight ♡

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    Just woke up, I'll take the time to read those pages sometime soon. Thanks bb. I think if anything the confirmation that Geyde can actually sub out takes my vote off him too, bb's right about his inactivity. Cel seems to be saying that it's better to kill inactive people than it is to kill scum? I may be misunderstanding but isn't that kinda... really bad? It'd lower the amount of town players without allowing them the chance to come back and would keep scum in the game to continue to kill us off.

    If I had to make a quick read on who I think is scum it'd probably be Nick, then Vom because this has been clarified with me and I don't see issues with what you're saying, and then a bit of suspicion on Cel for that previously mentioned, unless that's just a thing that people who are town actually do.
  5. Celever Wheeeee~


    On phone so no quote but

    @bbninjas what did Geyde say that contributed to scumhunting? My whole point is it looks like scumhunting but has no true substance or direction.

    @VioletValkyrie it's about the long game. If an inactive player doesn't talk we can't read him; since Vom's sticking around we'll have even more reason to lynch him later if he's scum, or sparing him gives him a chance to verify that he's town and prevents us making a mistake.

    Geyde being able to be subbed out is cool but what'd be even cooler is getting rid of the inactive and then Nyora being subbed out, so that way we get rid of 2 people who we can't read instead of 1.
  6. Celever Wheeeee~


    And @bbninjas the stuff about mirdo was making use of the nominations we had on the table. Of the two options, mirdo was the better choice because of information they'd provide [on active players] upon flip, tho mainly if they happened to flip scum. Since he seems to be town at least imo it was a town/town vote anyway. If we had an open floor with who to vote for I would have been going for Vom, as gunning for inactives on D1 is generally unfavourable as they don't get an opportunity to pick up activity or be subbed out, and there's normally a plethora of inactives to vote for so which one ends up dying can normally be steered by scum onto a town inactive.
  7. Celever Wheeeee~


    So it's not a 180 :p
  8. VioletValkyrie Too Cute to be Straight ♡

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    So you're just kinda keeping Vom around and hoping she ends up being town, or that if she's scum then town isn't ripped apart enough to just figure out she's scum and get rid of her then?

    I think either eviction option here is just a question of giving benefit of the doubt to either of the two, and I think if we give the benefit to Geyde and he swaps out into someone who's no longer inactive (which I hope for the game itself happens), then I think your whole thing about evicting Geyde falls apart.
  9. Celever Wheeeee~


    No it's moreso that Vom will give us a way to read him at all, whereas Geyde won't, or if we keep Geyde around and he gets subbed out, Nyora won't as I doubt we'll get another sub. Being able to read people is the bare minimum town needs.
  10. VioletValkyrie Too Cute to be Straight ♡

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    I guess? I don't see that as a good enough reason to keep Vom around though. It's kind of up in the air with what happens with Geyde's sub and how active they end up being, I'm still fairly confident even if Geyde won't give us a way to read him, the sub will give us a way to read them and we won't have to worry about that from that point. Nyora? No clue.
  11. Celever Wheeeee~


    The idea is that killing Geyde gives us a clue about Nyora because the sub that currently would sub in for Geyde if he survives would sub in for Nyora instead

    The point of voting Geyde isn't to hit scum it's to ensure we don't have a scum hiding in an empty player slot and that's more important, plus Vom isn't THAT scummy anyway she's made some misplays but placing full culpability on her could well be a scum narrative, as normally so much focus isn't placed on a player because of Day 1 actions even on Day 2
  12. Nyora Ticked Off ^^


    I'm a little confused, how would that give clues about me?
  13. VioletValkyrie Too Cute to be Straight ♡

    Chat Room Staff Member

    It'd give clues about you because there'd be another person posting under your role, so we'd have messages from them we could use to get a read on them, instead of the messages or lack of messages we're getting from you. It's the same with Geyde, so it's basically the next person in line subs in for one of you (from my understanding) and they'll give us more to work with.

    With that being said, Cel, I'm not fully convinced? If we kill Geyde and have this person sub in for Nyora, we still lose Geyde. Meaning no matter who it is we're still killing off someone for just being inactive, rather than killing Vom who we at least have some suspicions about.
  14. Celever Wheeeee~


    Yeah but losing Geyde isn't a hit when we can't read him and we gain the ability to read Nyora

    Though @NinjaPenguin is that still on now that Nyora has posted?
  15. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    @Celever Now that Nyora has posted and liked the role confirmation post, she will not be subbed out immediately at the end of today, though she will get a warning if she fails to meet posting/voting requirements.

    P.S. The week ends in 15 minutes, so if you're currently making a large post, now is the time to get your thoughts in before the Sabotage Phase!
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  16. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Game Freeze
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  17. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Week 2 Eviction Results
    This week on Big Brother:
    After Diane became the first evicted houseguest of the summer, the outcast got her revenge, with her opinions mattering more than ever to crown the next HoH. In the end, Nakomis knew her the best, becoming Head of Household.
    Nakomis then nomninated Jase and Will, saying "one hundred percent strategy."
    Houseguests were then faced with a shocking array of powerful prizes, of which the only the Power of Veto was revealed to be chosen by Jase.
    Jase then used the veto to take himself off the block, and Nakomis nominated James as a replacement nominee.
    At the eviction ceremony, Julie announced that the votes were again split, but that James was the second contestant evicted this summer. She then revealed that he was the first member of the Secret Alliance to be evicted, an exciting piece of news for all the Houseguests.

    By a vote of 5-3, the player who has been evicted is:
    Vom, who was James, aligned with the Secret Alliance

    GekkisaiDaiNi did not vote.

    The following players have received their first warning for not making five posts this week, and thus will not be able to be picked in the random draw for the next Power of Veto competition (unless they possess the Automatic POV Draw):
    @GM DracLord

    Week 2: Sabotage
    As this is an even-numbered week, the Sabotage Phase, in which the members of the Secret Alliance will choose a player aligned with the Houseguests to be eliminated from the game, has now begun. It will last for 23.5 hours, or until 9:30 PM EST on Friday, March 22nd.
    If the Secret Alliance does not pick anybody in time, their target will be randomized among the players not in the Secret Alliance.

    You may not post in-thread during this phase.

    GekkisaiDaiNi has been subbed out for @Lord o da rings. Lorde, please like this post to confirm your role.
    Geyde has been subbed out for @Marluxion. Marl, please like this post to confirm your role.
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  18. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Week 2: Sabotage Results
    The celebration didn't last for long. The blender suddenly began to whir, before a shrill scream and the sound of hair extensions dropping to the floor arose. Janelle rushed into the Diary Room, screaming that blender must have been rigged by somebody wanting it to grab her hair and kill her. The producers checked the blender and cameras and assured her that nothing was wrong, but Janelle knew better and left the Big Brother house, the first victim of the Secret Alliance's sabotage.
    @bbninjas has been sabotaged by the Secret Alliance. He was Janelle, aligned with the Houseguests.

    Week 3 HOH: Alignment Quiz
    Welcome to Falling Stars Week! This week, there will be two Heads of Household crowned, who will give their nominations together, by one of the HOHs posting their nominations in-thread. If the other HOH disagrees with those nominations, however, they will be able to voice their disagreement by choosing to dethrone both HOHs, leaving them and the other HOH instead as the final nominees for the week. This week, not even a victory in the HOH competition can guarantee you safety.

    In the spoiler below are 10 quotes from past mafia games. The first five are from the first 200 posts of their game; the second five are made during a LYLO/MYLO situation or the last day of the game. Player names have been censored in these quotes, as to prevent anybody from remembering these games. Your goal is to identify which of the quotes came from scum, and which of them came from townies, and submit those answers via PM:
    Quote 1:
    Quote 2:
    Quote 3:
    Quote 4:
    Quote 5:
    Quote 6:
    Quote 7:
    Quote 8:
    Quote 9:
    Quote 10:

    Please submit your answers to these questions to me via PM in the next 36 hours, or until Sunday, March 24th, at 9 AM EST. The two players with the most correct answers will become co-Heads of Household this week! (In the case of a tie, the player/s with the most correct answers in the first 5 quotes will win. If there is still a tie, the player/s with the most correct answers in the first 4/3/2/1 quotes (checked in that order) will win. If there is still a tie, the player/s who submitted their answers first will win.)

    This should be obvious, but do not search for these quotes on the forums. This is a test of your scumreading skills, not your Google skills.

    If a player chose the HoH Advantage last week, they have been privately informed how it will work in this competition.

    As outgoing HOH, TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK is ineligible to compete.
    Since Blinkehyo has received two warnings, he is also ineligible to compete.

    You may now speak in-thread, but you may not discuss this competition in any way (this includes in the Secret Alliance chat).
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  19. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


  20. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    Hi, Geyde's slot reporting for duty
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