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Lord Tirek has escaped from his Tartarus prison a second time, and this time, he's not alone. The combined might of Lord Tirek and his allies has resulted in a decisive defeat for the forces of good, and one year has passed under his rule. When Princess Twilight's parents are among those found dead in a mass poisoning orchestrated by two ponies who betrayed her, she declares war on Tirek and forms a resistance group to stand up to destroy him and his Deadly Alliance once and for all. Will she be successful? Or will the combined might of the Deadly Alliance prove to be too powerful? What good is the magic of friendship if you can't even trust your closest friends?

Welcome to Mafia 53. I'm your [favorite] host, PMJ, here to redeem myself after the disaster that was 48. There's no day two lylo here, I swear.


The flavor of this game is that of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic... sort of. It takes place in-universe and using the existing characters, but I've taken a few liberties to make the story a little more interesting. I'm going into this with the assumption that none of you watch this show, so here's a link to the MLP wikia page so you can do whatever research you like on the characters:

It's a cool show and I've had loads of fun designing this game, from the story itself to the roles themselves. If you have half as much fun playing it as I did creating it, I'll be satisfied.

As is the case when using existing characters in a mafia setting, care must be taken to not read too much into the flavor with regards to character alignments. Many of the villains that have been defeated have turned to the side of good, so if you read that a character was initially a villain, don't assume you're seeing a safe claim. Likewise, do not assume that canonically good characters are all aligned with the town. I've deliberately mixed them up to dissuade players from lynching based solely on flavor.

I'll say it again: never assume someone's alignment based on flavor, whether it's of the actual show or this game. If you do, you're gonna have a bad time.


For the general rules of Mafia, as well as a list of terminology you might encounter in this game, please see this thread.

Game-specific Rules READ THESE
1. In regards to what you can and cannot say, with respect to your communication with me: quoting your role pm is okay. Lying about things I have said is okay. Posting quotes from me, real or otherwise, is not okay. Sharing non-game information that I have given you is not okay. Screenshots are not okay. This list is not exhaustive and I reserve the right to determine what is or is not okay. If you're not sure, please ask first.

Additional notes on claims: Claiming can be hazardous to your health. It could also not be. Only way to find out is to roll the dice. Do not attempt to discern a player's alignment based solely on the contents of their role PM. I can't stress this enough. If you think a claim sounds suspicious, good. I did it on purpose. If you think a claim sounds legit, then good. I did that on purpose too. There are a few inconsistencies in the wording of role PMs - done intentionally - in order to stop people from relying on role PMs to scum hunt. Consider these my own anti-claim mechanics. Claim all you want, but the most you'll get out of them is a couple night actions, if that. I suggest not putting too much effort into reading into any claims that are made; you've all got more important things to do.
2. Play to win, but be excellent to each other.
3. Don't "like" posts unless I direct you to. Liking posts detracts from letting players get reads on you by analyzing the things you say.
4. Outside communication (OC) is forbidden. Do not discuss the game anywhere except in this thread or any QuickTopics you are a part of, even if you both are dead!
5. Game host word is law. If you have any questions, ask me privately.
6. Editing your post for any reason is forbidden. This is because each post has valuable information that players must be able to guarantee the accuracy of. The first offense will result in a global warning to all players. Each subsequent offense is a modkill (regardless of whether or not you had done it previously).
7. All roles, including scum safe claims, are written by the host. Any mistakes found in those role PMs are intentional and should not be used as evidence.

Over the course of the game, you'll all have the chance to participate in Friendship Activities, where you can win fabulous prizes! The rules and restrictions of each Friendship Activity will be explained when they're announced. All winners will be announced at the end of the day.


In this war, each player belongs to one of three factions.

The Equestrian Defense Force is the uninformed majority (town). They win when all threats have been eliminated. You'll have to determine for yourselves what counts as a threat.

The Deadly Alliance is the informed minority (scum). They win when all living members comprise half or more of all living players. At this point they will control the lynch, ensuring their victory.

There is a nonzero number of independent players, each with their own win condition separate from town or scum.

Vote using ##VOTE and unvote using ##UNVOTE. Please use these specific verbs. (If you don't, your vote/unvote will not be counted.) If you want to change your vote after you cast it, but you don't remember who you voted for, you can just use ##UNVOTE without the name of a player. For example, this would be a legal play:

##VOTE Water Pokemon Master

Lynches are decided by simple majority (if there are 10 players remaining, 6 votes are required to lynch).

There may be a time in which no lynch is desirable. At any time, you may choose to vote for No Lynch with ##VOTE: No Lynch. If No Lynch receives a simple majority of votes, the day will end without a lynch.

If a simple majority is not reached, the player with the most votes will be lynched. If there is a tie between two or more players, there will be no lynch.

Each phase is a maximum of one week in length. A phase is one day/night cycle. Days will be 96 hours long and nights will be 60 hours long. At the end of each night is an additional 12-hour sunrise period in which no night actions will be accepted. During this time, night actions will be processed and the new day's posts written. Players may not post in the thread during sunrise, as no one should be up at such a godawful hour.

I'm a writer, so I tend to go hard on the flavor (but not too hard, I know no one wants to read a novel in each day update). I've also decided to use this game to sate my desire to write something in present tense, and I gotta say... it's hard :p>

A player's role PM will contain any actions available to a player. A sample role PM can be found in the second part of the introduction, but I will explain everything you will find in your role PM.

First, your name and faction. Refer to above if you need to know what alignment each faction belongs to.

Below is an image of your character.

Below that is a bit of information about your character. Most of it is actual, canon information. Some characters also have additional game-specific information tacked onto the end, for fun.

Following that are one or more actions granted to your character. These abilities can be Passive, Active, or Farewell. Passive Abilities are always on, whether you want them to be or not. Their effects are always active unless the ability specifically says otherwise. Passive Abilities cannot be blocked, redirected, or otherwise stopped by other players. Active Abilities are your night actions. You can use them as often as the ability says you can. Be sure you get the time of day correct. Active Abilities are subject to shenanigans by your fellow players. Some abilities mention "visiting" another player; this refers to your targeting of them.

With regards to night zero: There are some abilities that specifically state they can be used on night zero. It is your option to use them or not. If it doesn't say it can be used on night zero, then you obviously cannot use it on night zero.

With regards to self-targeting: Like night zero abilities, there are some abilities that specifically state they can be used on yourself. If it doesn't say you can use it on yourself, then you cannot use it on yourself.

Some abilities, both Passive and Active, are locked. If you have one of these locked abilities, the ability will tell you the conditions required to unlock it. Some unlocked abilities will also become locked once certain conditions are met, and those conditions for those abilities are also made clear.

Each player also has at least one Farewell Ability. Farewell Abilities unlock only when you die and are highlighted in red in your role PM. (If you are lynched, your unlocked Farewell Ability will appear in your flip.) Some Farewell Abilities require other conditions to be met upon your death in order to activate; unlike normal abilities, these additional requirements are not made clear to prevent players from attempting to influence their play in order to unlock them. (Your Farewell Abilities will be revealed even if you do not meet the requirements to use them.) Since these abilities are unlocked when you die, it stands to reason that some abilities benefit players of the opposite faction. For example, a player who flips town might have an anti-town Farewell Ability to punish the town for lynching them. On the other hand, a player who flips scum might have a pro-town Farewell Ability to reward the town for a correct lynch. Of course, there are plenty of Farewell Abilities that help your own alignment.

Your win condition caps off your role PM. If you are scum, your safe claim will be found directly below your actual role.

If you have any questions about any aspect of your role PM, ask me privately.


For your convenience, I've split the introduction into two parts. The first part is pure flavor and you can read it at your leisure. The second part is much shorter and includes the sample role PM I mentioned earlier.

It is a few hours after sunrise. The sky is overcast and a light rain falls on the small crowd of about fifty ponies that has gathered in front of the Castle of Friendship. Among them in the front of the crowd are six special ponies - the Elements of Harmony, longtime saviors of the kingdom of Equestria and high-ranking officers in the Equestria Defense Force, an organization formed by the sibling monarchs, Princesses Celestia and Luna, as well as Equestria's newest princess, Twilight Sparkle, to stand once and for all against Lord Tirek, the magic-siphoning centaur who has terrorized Equestria with the help of his allies for one year following his second escape from Tartarus, a place where ancient and evil creatures such as he are imprisoned.

Two ponies - earth ponies, so named for their lack of a pegasus' wings or a unicorn's horn - stand in front of the castle steps, their hooves shackled together. Two unicorns armed with spears further guard the prisoners, ensuring that escape is impossible. One of them, a short plump blue pony, stares ahead defiantly, refusing to acknowledge her co-conspirator and husband, a lanky orange pony, who looks visibly terrified. Twilight makes her way from the front of the crowd, where Celestia, Luna, and the Crystal Empire's Princess Cadance are all discussing something. She approaches the two mass murderers with purpose, resolved to finally see this particularly dark chapter of her life come to a close.

"Good morning," she says to the blue pony. The pleasantries are far more than she deserves, Twilight thinks, but Twilight says them anyway. The blue pony says nothing, and continues staring silently, straight ahead into the crowd. Twilight turns to the pony's husband and nods in greeting. "Mr. Cake."

"P-Princess," he stammers back, bowing his head politely.

Twilight turns back to Mrs. Cake, raising her voice so the crowd behind her can hear. "Against the other princesses' wishes, I offer you one last chance for forgiveness," she begins, and all the idle chatter stops. "Renounce the Deadly Alliance and your life will be spared."

Mrs. Cake remains silent, but slightly shifts in place, the uncomfortable, ill-fitting shackles starting to make her hooves itch.

Twilight continues in a tone that suggests she was expecting the convicted to say nothing. "Mrs. Cake, do you understand that you and your husband have both already been found guilty of the charges brought against you? Nothing can change that, but as head of the EDF, I and I alone decide whether you spend the rest of your life in a cell... or be put to death where you stand."

A nervous Mr. Cake nudges his wife. "Sweetheart... say something... anything..."

"Quiet," his wife spits back quickly. She clears her throat before addressing the purple princess. "I renounce nothing, dearie. Lord Tirek has promised to return my babies to me once you're dead. I'll do anything for them, Twilight." She looks Twilight in the eyes, fully aware of the extent of the crimes she and her husband have committed. Twilight knows this, too; it was the reason why she decided to form the EDF in the first place. "Anything."

Against Twilight's will, one of her ears flap briefly. It's the only acknowledgement she gives Mrs. Cake that her words have hit the mark. "Princess," Twilight calmly, but sternly, corrects her. "We could have kept them safe, Mrs. Cake. You didn't have to betray us. We have the magic of four alicorn princesses on our side, and we--"

"And we can all clearly see what good that's done us!" Mrs. Cake cuts her off, her voice breaking slightly. "I suppose you're all just biding your time while Lord Tirek ravages our kingdom, is that it? It's been a year, Twilight. What's taking you so long?"

Twilight feels herself twitch. This... pony, this murderer, speaking to her as if they were still old friends catching up over tea, is starting to get to her. Mrs. Cake continues. "I held out hope for you, and you three too!" She shouts it to the other princesses. "We all did, and you did nothing while our kingdom was brought to ruin!"

"So you killed my parents and dozens of innocent ponies, just for a chance at getting your foals back?"

"Yes," Mrs. Cake immediately replies, daring to take a defiant step towards Twilight. The guards react instantly, crossing their spears in front of Mrs. Cake. She glances at each of them in turn before resuming speaking to Twilight. "You aren't a mother, so I don't expect you to understand the devotion a mother has for her children. But yes, I killed them all. And if you hadn't been in that last-minute meeting, your corpse would have been among them."

Twilight lights her horn with a scream, surrounding Mrs. Cake's head with a purple glow. "Enough of this! Cup Cake, for the murders of Twilight Velvet, Night Light, and dozens upon dozens of ponies who trusted you and your husband, I sentence you to death. Do you have any last words?"

Mrs. Cake looks into the air as if considering something, but simply chuckles and shakes her head.

"I wish it hadn't come to this," Twilight says solemnly. "But at least we'll be able to focus all our efforts on killing Tirek once you two are gone."

Twilight is taken aback by Mrs. Cake's sudden burst of laughter. "What is so funny?" she asks; for all her intelligence, she cannot fathom what in this scenario could possibly be construed as amusing.

"Do you honestly believe that my husband and I are the only ponies who swore allegiance to Lord Tirek? You're young, dearie, but you can't possibly be that stupid." A sly smile creeps its way across Mrs. Cake's face as she watches Twilight's expression and it starts becoming clearer that this was not something she considered. "Oh my," she says, giggling as she does so. "You really do believe it, don't you? Oh, that's priceless!"

"Shut up! You're lying!" Twilight yells, but this only makes Mrs. Cake laugh harder.

"How do you think I knew you were in a meeting, hmm? Or that your parents would be at the party we catered? Lord Tirek's eyes and ears are everywhere, Princess... even closer than you might think," she says, winking into the crowd. Twilight turns her head to see what Mrs. Cake was looking at, half expecting to see some grizzled assassin for hire, but she can't make anypony out besides the princesses or her friends. The sound of Mrs. Cake's voice brings Twilight back to attention. "It's unfortunate that our plan didn't work out exactly as planned, but your parents were a consolation prize Tirek was more than happy with."

"What?!" Twilight fumes, levitating Mrs. Cake into the air with a surge of energy. Pinkie Pie scrambles towards Twilight to try and reason with her, but Twilight simply waves a hoof and sends her flying back into the crowd without taking her eyes off of Mrs. Cake. "What did you say?!"

"You heard me! I'm glad they're dead. I'd kill them again if it meant getting my babies back! Long live Lord Tirek! Long live the Deadly Alliance!"

Twilight growls, summoning more energy into her horn and intensifying the glow around Mrs. Cake's head. Pinkie struggles against Celestia and Cadance, who are both physically and magically restraining the pink pony, and finding it surprisingly difficult to keep her in line. "Twilight!" she cries, desperate. "Twilight, no, please don't!"

With a scream from Twilight, Mrs. Cake's cackles stop immediately as Twilight's magic fries her brain, killing her instantly. Twilight releases her hold on the dead pony and Mrs. Cake's body falls lifelessly to the ground. Pinkie's frantic screams give way to powerful sobs as Twilight snaps her head towards Mr. Cake, her horn flaring and pulsing with power. She lights him up in the same way she did his wife, and he panics. "Your Majesty, p-please! S-spare me! Won't you make me the same offer you did my wife? I have children to live for!"

Twilight responds by lifting him into the sky, and Mr. Cake flails as his legs find only air. "Did you and your wife think of me and my brother when you murdered our parents? Why should I let you live, traitor?!"

Mr. Cake's eyes dart around the crowd. His wife was right when she said that Tirek's spies were everywhere; there was no telling how many of them were in the crowd. But he had to think fast, or else his remaining lifespan would be most accurately measured in seconds. "I'll tell you everything! I know plenty of Tirek's secrets, just keep me safe and I'll tell you everything I know! Just let me live, Princess, please, my babies need somepony to come home to..."

Twilight doesn't respond right away. For now, the only sounds are the hum of Twilight's magic, the rain, and Pinkie Pie wailing into an uncomfortable-looking Rainbow Dash. The rest of the crowd is watching Twilight intently, waiting for her answer.

"Very well," she finally replies, and more than a few ponies, Mr. Cake included, sigh in relief. She sets him on solid ground, but doesn't look too thrilled about it. "Take him into the castle dungeon," she orders the unicorn guards before turning to the crowd. "Everypony else, go back to your homes. We're done here." She nods towards Mrs. Cake's corpse. "And somepony clean that up!"

The crowd reluctantly begins to disperse at this point, the show over. The other princesses return to their posts, leaving Twilight and her five friends outside the castle.

"I simply can't believe the Cakes were spies," Rarity says, aghast. "We've known them both for years... foal-sat for them so many times..."

"Yes... I know," Twilight replies somberly. With the spectacle done and judgment handed out, Twilight was now feeling the full weight of having executed somepony she once considered a close friend. Treason was not something that Twilight dealt with often, and as the Princess of Friendship, this betrayal hurt her especially badly.

She feels a strong, firm hoof on her back.

The spy!

Twilight flinches at the touch and spins around only to find Applejack sitting next to her. She doesn't bat an eyelash at Twilight's reaction.

Calm down, Twilight. It's just Applejack.

Sighing heavily, Twilight nuzzles against her, finding comfort in Applejack's strong frame, and Applejack nuzzles her back. In the weeks leading up to the Cakes' trial and subsequent conviction, Applejack has been indispensable in keeping Twilight from losing her mind over the deaths of her parents. "You gonna be all right, sugarcube?" she asks.

Twilight nods. "Yes, I'll be fine. I'm more worried about Pinkie, to be honest."

Pinkie Pie is still crying uncontrollably into Rainbow Dash's shoulder, her thick pink curls dampened into straightness by her sadness as well as the rain. Fluttershy whispers soothing words to her friend in mourning, and Applejack and Rarity both go offer their condolences, leaving Twilight to reflect on the whole situation.

The Cakes were trusted friends. If they could be swayed, then any of my friends could be...

She looks on. Pinkie glances up and notices Twilight staring at her. She sniffles, pushing her friends off her, and finally gets her chance to confront Twilight.

"How could you?!" she screams, her eyes wet and shining with tears. "Answer me, Twilight! You didn't have to kill her!"

Twilight reaches a hoof out in a comforting gesture, but Pinkie hits it away. Twilight takes a breath and lets it out, remembering that she lashed out similarly when she first heard the news of her parents' murder. "I'm sorry, Pinkie," she says, and means it.

"Are you? Are you really?" Pinkie challenges her, wiping her eyes with her hoof. "Because I don't know if I believe you."

A collective gasp is heard as the five other ponies express their disbelief. Applejack is the first to speak up. "Now hold on, Pinkie, you know Twilight's been going through a hard time right now. That ain't fair of you to say."

"That's right," Twilight chimes in. "Do you think I wanted to kill her? You heard what she said about my parents, about all those other ponies she killed. She was our friend, but she was the enemy. EDF law states--"

"You are the law, Twilight!" Pinkie yells, her sadness giving way to righteous anger. "Celestia and Luna didn't agree to put you in charge of the EDF just so you could execute anypony who says something you don't like! There was no reason to kill her. None at all..." Pinkie looks over to the steps where Mrs. Cake was killed, and she closes her eyes tight. "You were wrong, Twilight."

"Excuse me?" Twilight turns Pinkie's head back to face her. "I'm sorry, what was that?"

"YOU. WERE. WRONG!" Pinkie shrieks it at her, jabbing her in the horn to punctuate each word.

Rainbow Dash sees the look of indignant fury on Twilight's face and jumps between the two girls, physically separating them before things get any worse. "Whoa! Okay, let's all calm down. Everything's cool, right?"

Pinkie ignores her. "Are you going to kill me, too, Princess Twilight? Or have I not made you angry enough yet?"

Fluttershy falls behind Rarity and hides, barely peeking out from her long pink tresses to see what's going on.

"Girls, please!" Rarity interjects, stepping between Twilight and Dash, increasing the distance between Twilight and Pinkie. "Stop this ridiculous fighting at once!"

Twilight lights her horn, effortlessly pushing Rarity and Dash out of the way, leaving Pinkie wide open. Pinkie feels herself surrounded by magic, and she cowers at the sight of Twilight looming over her, tears threatening to spill at any moment. "Twilight?" she asks, her tone weak and submissive. Before, she was trying to make a point; now, she's genuinely afraid of the purple alicorn, afraid that Twilight really might kill her.

In a flash, Rainbow Dash is at Pinkie's side. She stands in front of Twilight, spreading her wings defiantly, blocking Twilight's view. "Twilight! Get ahold of yourself!"

Twilight is breathing heavily, still furious at the party pony.

Calm down. She didn't betray you. Pinkie Pie is your friend. What's gotten into you?

Twilight's breath hitches in her throat as she feels her eyes well up with tears. She releases her magical hold on Pinkie Pie and reaches out with a hoof again. Pinkie flinches as if it were a hot coal, scrambling away several feet. "Don't touch me," she says weakly, turning around and heading down the path towards Ponyville.

"Wait!" Twilight cries, flying directly into Pinkie's path. "I'm sorry, please, wait! I didn't mean it!"

"I know you didn't mean it," Pinkie says, not making eye contact with her friend. Twilight starts to feel better, but Pinkie's next words send that feeling crashing to the ground. "But still... we've known each other for a really long time. We've been through a lot, fought so many bad guys together, but today was the first time I've ever been afraid of you. Afraid you would hurt me."

"Pinkie, I would never--"

"Don't," Pinkie sharply rebukes her. "You don't get to say that. Not anymore. You got mad and you took my family from me, and I'll never see Mrs. Cake again. But that's okay, because you didn't mean it, right?" Pinkie sighs. "Just leave me alone, Twilight. I really don't want to be around you right now."

Twilight halts at that, shamed into silence, and Pinkie continues her resigned walk home.
The next day. Twilight is on her way to Mr. Cake's cell to bring him to be interrogated when a guard nearly smashes into her. "Your Majesty! Come quick! It's the prisoner!"

"What?!" Twilight balks, falling into step with the panicking guard. "Did he escape?!"

"No, ma'am," she replies, rounding a corner leading towards Mr. Cake's cell. "He's dead."

The two approach the cell. The door swings on its hinge, still technically locked but brute forced open with magic, Twilight notices. Mr. Cake lay in a crumpled pile in the corner, his eyes glazed over, very much dead.

Mr. Cake has died. Mr. Cake was:

You are Carrot Cake, and you are aligned with the Equestrian Defense Force.


The proprietor of Sugarcube Corner in Ponyville, and Pinkie Pie's employer and landlord. You and your wife, Cup Cake, love Pinkie Pie like a daughter, much like you do your own children. Running a business on top of being a parent takes up all your time, and you can be a bit high-strung as a result. In this conflict, agents of Tirek captured your children and blackmailed you two into working for him. The two of you did terrible things in his name, not the least of which was delivering a shipment of poisoned cupcakes which led to the deaths of several ponies, including Twilight Sparkle's parents. Seeing your wife executed for her part in your crimes right in front of you was almost too much to bear. Though you agreed to flip on Tirek and the others, an assassin got to you before you could reveal anything useful. It's probably just as well. Tirek, having no use for foals, simply consumed their magic and killed them.

Passive Ability: Double Traitor
At the start of day one, you will be told the names of all members of the Deadly Alliance.

Active Ability: Party of One
You feel bad for your part in the murders of Twilight's parents, but you hope that you can make up for it with the information that you know. Once a night, you may PM me ##ISOLATE: Player. If that player is aligned with the Deadly Alliance, they will be cut off from the Deadly Alliance factional QuickTopic for the rest of the game. (You can use this ability on yourself.) (You can use this on night zero.)

Farewell Ability: Going Out of Business Sale
Farewell, Carrot Cake. You betrayed your friends' trust, and therefore, all your customers have abandoned your store. Not even Pinkie can get them back... or can she? If Pinkie Pie (or whoever has Pinkie Pie as a safe claim) is still alive, you may PM me the name of any dead player. They will return to life with their full role intact.

Win Condition: All threats eliminated

Twilight recognizes the cause of death immediately. "A unicorn did this." She waits for the unicorn guard to concur, and turns when she hears nothing. The guard has subtly backed away a few steps, and has an uneasy look on her face. Twilight rolls her eyes. "Relax, Minuette, I don't think it was you."

Minuette is visibly relieved. "Oh, thank goodness. I was worried because Mrs. Cake said there were more traitors and I couldn't understand why anypony would want to betray y--"

Twilight silences her with a raised hoof. "I know what Mrs. Cake said. But I trust my friends."

"With respect, ma'am, the Cakes were also your friends." Twilight glares at her, and Minuette recoils as if struck. "Forgive me if that's out of line, but you're one of my oldest friends, Twilight." Twilight ignores the informal address. Unlike the traitors, she has no problem with Minuette, or any of her other close friends, referring to her by her given name as opposed to her title. "I saw the look on your face after you executed Mrs. Cake. You looked like you wanted to cry."

Twilight doesn't confirm this audibly, but her silence and the look on her face says everything. She changes the subject before she really does start crying. "I trust my friends. All of them. And that includes you. If you want to help, then help me find out who's responsible for Mr. Cake's death. Who had access to this area?"

"No one that shouldn't have, ma'am," Minuette answers, all business again.

"Well, obviously, that's not the case, because my prisoner is very clearly dead," Twilight barks back, annoyance clear in her voice. "I want a list of everypony who has been in and out of this room in the past 48 hours on my desk before lunch. Is that clear?" Twilight turns away without waiting for an answer and begins heading out of the dungeon.

Minuette salutes sharply, feeling better now that she's gotten her feelings off her chest. "Yes, ma'am, but where are you going?"

"To find Pinkie Pie. She deserves to know about this, and I'll be damned if I let her find out on the news." She leaves the dungeon on foot; magical dampeners put in place prevent the use of magic, even for somepony as powerful as her. Once she's out of range, she decides against teleporting and opts instead to walk to Sugarcube Corner, needing time to take all of this in. She magics the castle doors open, and feels the sun shine on her face. It's a pleasantly warm spring morning, but Twilight's mood did not match the weather. As she made her way towards Ponyville, Twilight felt that this was only the beginning of her troubles in the war against Tirek.


This ride seats eighteen. If we don't hit that number, I'll need to rearrange some things to make sure things are still balanced, and I promise to triple check my math this time.

In a similar vein to NinjaPenguin in his game, I don't want you guys to just post /in to sign up. Instead, I want you to tell me two things:

1. How familiar you are with the show. It's okay if you're not, I'm just gauging general pre-game interest. There used to be a thread where all got together to discuss the show, but it died after one of the season finale hiatuses and never picked back up.
2. A fond memory of yours. This game may focus on deception and lying, but the show it's based on focuses on the importance of friendship, and it's important to remember that this is just a game, and we're all just looking to have fun here (see rule 2). So before we get into the nitty gritty and you all start tearing each other's throats out, I want to start this thread with a little happiness. You don't have to go into a ton of detail, but you do have to do it. I'll start, and I'll keep it simple to give you an idea of what I'm looking for.

I've always suffered from really bad social anxiety, but acting has always been interesting to me. I was finally forced to take the plunge thanks to a theatre instructor I had in college and he ended up unearthing a love of performing I didn't know was in me. I've sang, danced, even been almost completely naked in front of a live audience, and every time I go out on stage, I'm thankful for the numerous friends I've made over the almost six years I've been acting since. I shudder to think where my life would be without theatre.

That's plenty. Even a little less than that is fine. Now get posting!

1. Keeper of Night Starlight Glimmer (Town) - Killed Night 6
2. scattered mind Princess Luna (Town) - Killed Night 2
3. NinjaPenguin Discord (Survivor) WINNER
4. GM DracLord Fluttershy (Town) - Lynched Day 5
5. quakingpunch73 Camoclone Trixie (Scum) - Lynched Day 5 WINNER
6. TOTAL_EPICNESS bbninjas Twilight Sparkle (Town) - Killed Night 5
7. Mariano11887 The Cutie Mark Crusaders (Town) - Killed Night 6
8. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK Luispipe8 Lord Tirek (Scum) - Lynched Day 3 WINNER
9. Jabberwock Big McIntosh (Town) - Lynched Day 4
10. roz_the_eevee Spike (Town) - Lynched Day 1
11. Celever Princess Celestia (Town) - Killed Day 4
12. Professor_jplap Pinkie Pie (Town) - Lynched Day 2
13. Zone Q11 King Sombra (Scum) WINNER
14. Jadethepokemontrainer Rainbow Dash (Town) - Modkilled Night 1


1. Luispipe8 joined the brawl night 1
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Keeper of Night

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1. Not super familiar, though I watched it with my little brother a while back. Fluttershy is best girl and Discord is my spirit animal.
2. Wow this is a surprisingly difficult thing for me to think up. I'll go with my Culinary graduation. All my chefs were there, and family. Had to walk up on stage to accept the certificate from the headmaster, and of course there was food afterwards. Made me feel proud of what I'd worked toward for so long to share it with so many people.

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1. Never watched it, but I am familiar with it from various sites and memes.
2. It’s a small moment of happiness that happened a few days ago. Me and my wife tried to gather our brothers and sisters for a fun evening to get to know each other, watch a movie etc. It went really well and we all had a great time. I was really happy to see us growing as a family.


Always standing out from the crowd.
First off, Keeper hype! Looking forward to playing with you again!
I also really enjoyed that opening flavor and I'm also super excited to see what you come up with this game, PMJ! :D
1. I think I saw 10 minutes of an episode once?
2. I've been traveling a lot this summer, and one night at about 10 PM, I stood outside and looked up at the sky and it was completely filled with stars. As somebody who has always lived in or near cities, it's rare for me to even see a single star, but this night I was able to view what must have been hundreds of stars. I was completely struck by the beauty of something that in this age is so often forgotten and unseen, yet is so vast and spectacularly beautiful. It sounds like such a simple thing, but it was able to provide a large amount of happiness to me.

In regards to what you can and cannot say, with respect to your communication with me: quoting your role pm is okay. Lying about things I have said is okay. Posting quotes from me, real or otherwise, is not okay. Sharing non-game information that I have given you is not okay. Screenshots are not okay. This list is not exhaustive and I reserve the right to determine what is or is not okay. If you're not sure, please ask first.
So for clarification, I can say something like "PMJ has told me I can't block the nightkill" but can't actually directly quote the conversation where you told me that?
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GM DracLord

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In for sure

1.I know the show existed but never saw it other then some random post on 9Gag
2.That would be my last time I spend time with my mom on a trip. I cant remember much as it been 8 years since she passed away,


At The Beach

1. My sister used to watch the show a little bit, and I'm familiar with a few of the characters, but I haven't seen any of it in years
2. My fondest memory is probably getting all As last year in school. I got recognized for it, and I had to work really hard for it. It was great to see all that hard work pay off!


A Cat

I was gonna play. Now I'm not.

loud crying in the distance


it wouldnt let me put morse code
As for the 2 questions
1: I’ve heard of it never watched it
2: Last week I was in the hospital (nothing serious I had some chest pains and some other stuff and thought it was bad it wasn’t) my parents were there and while we waited for the doctor to see me we just talked. Sounds simple but that doesn’t happen often where we just have a conversation like that cause I’m usually busy despite it being summer.


I'm in!

1. I've never watched it, but I've seen some memes built around it.
2. This is fact happened a week ago. I passed the subject at university that kept my career stuck for 7 years (no kidding). After doing the same subject 4 times and not passing it, I got frustrated and left the university for 4 years. Thanks to my girlfriend (and future wife from the next Monday) that encouraged me to start studying again, I could finally pass that damn subject and I feel that nothing's gonna stop me now!

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Loved the description of what a litlle cute princess pony can do.


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Nice to see some old faces. Keep em coming and convince @Athena to sign up <3


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If Keeper's in, I'm in.

1. I thought about it for a bit and can name Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle off the top of my head (without having read the flavor). I think that's the full extent of what I know about MLP and I'm p sure most of it comes from memes from the time Keldeo-EX was a thing. Dx
2. Fond memory? I'm actually gonna go with the two times I met people from PB IRL –– @PikaMasterJesi and @thegrovylekid at Worlds '16, and later on @Keeper of Night when he was in town and I practically begged him to show up to my local league. There was a lot of Pokémon played all around (including old TCG formats, woo \o/), plus they're all just really cool people. Definitely a fond memory. :D


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When I get home from work I'm going to find a disappointed pony reaction image and post it in response to this post.

I'm not really a fan of you right now; that's two games in a row where your inactivity has caused problems for everyone else. The last thing I want is to give you a spot only for you to go for the threepeat of inactivity. Why should I let you play? You obviously didn't read the OP and that's a bad sign.

Nick Tornell

Haha, art go brrrr
When I get home from work I'm going to find a disappointed pony reaction image and post it in response to this post.

I'm not really a fan of you right now; that's two games in a row where your inactivity has caused problems for everyone else. The last thing I want is to give you a spot only for you to go for the threepeat of inactivity. Why should I let you play? You obviously didn't read the OP and that's a bad sign.
My past absences have been the result of overbearing parents. I would have been more active if they hadn't been how they were. Since, I have had a talk with them about the issue and it has been resolved.


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First, because I said I would:


This image is better.

My past absences have been the result of overbearing parents. I would have been more active if they hadn't been how they were. Since, I have had a talk with them about the issue and it has been resolved.

Let's hope so. I'll allow you to play, in the interest of filling up my roster fairness, but if I even get the faintest inkling you're going on vacation, you're gonna go on vacation, if you get me.

Thanks to everyone who signed up! Plenty of seats left on this roller coaster of fun. Get those butts in the seats! TIL roller coaster is actually not one word.


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I was gonna play. Now I'm not.

loud crying in the distance

I mean, technically this is a mafia setup about a Twilight princess... Does that count? D:

Using tag powers to tag people who don't suck and should totally sign up and may or may not just be people from the last couple games plus Athena

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