Event M Audino-EX wins Worlds?!?

Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by PineDog, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. PineDog Random TCG Trainer


    It wasn't a pumpkin or tree that won this years Worlds, it was a magical symphony! Shintaro won the Masters with an unexpected rogue deck, what's your guys thoughts? Did any of you predict this? Is M Audino-EX a viable choice for the 2016-17 rotation?

    Shintaro's M Audino-EX Decklist:
    Pokémon (13)
    3x M Audino-EX FAC
    4x Audino-EX FAC
    2x Shaymin-EX ROS
    1x Hoopa-EX AOR
    1x Magearna-EX STS
    1x Cobalion STS
    1x Absol ROS

    Trainers (37)
    4x Professor Sycamore
    2x N
    2x AZ
    2x Lysandre
    1x Hex Maniac
    1x Xerosic
    1x Pokemon Center Lady

    4x VS Seeker
    4x Trainers' Mail
    4x Ultra Ball
    4x Audino Spirit Link
    2x Float Stone
    2x Parallel City
    1x Mega Turbo
    1x Escape Rope
    1x Super Rod
    1x Startling Megaphone

    Energy (10)
    6x Metal Energy
    4x Double Colorless Energy
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  2. ZevKyogre Aspiring Trainer


    Night March created a toxic environment that necessitated cheap-tactics and fast-hitting Pokemon, and a Metal Toolbox.
    Volcanion destroyed Metal Toolbox.

    And Greninja had HORRID luck, getting TWO non-Talonflame starts (my word,) and 2 without Greninja in the deck at all.
    Considering that I calculated this (see a related post and the acocmpanying spreadsheet) with his deck of 3 Froakie and 4 Talonflame, no other Basics, it was a 1 in 3 that he would get no Talonflame for each game - he ranked below 11% with respect to shuffle luck.

    It was absurd.
  3. Footballmaniac


    I was pretty surprised that NM didn't make it to the finals. Well done by Shintaro completely coming out of left field with his M-Audino deck and winning Worlds in dominating fashion!
  4. Snek AHHH!


    Absolutely loved seeing a completely unexpected and unique deck win it big. Makes me feel more confident playing a deck few people are talking about for next format.
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  5. Doomsday94 Aspiring Trainer


    It was a fantastic meta call on Shintaro's part. Most people looked at the decks going into the tournament as:

    Things that beat Nightmarch (Trevenant, Vileplume varients, Aquabox, Greninja)
    Things that beat the things that beat Nightmarch (Darkbox, Vespiquen builds)

    But all of these, outside of Aquabox and Darkbox make use of small basics with 40-60 HP, easy KO targets for M Audino, making 2 prize turns super easy. Even most other decks make use of Shaymin, and KOing that plus putting damage down elsewhere is awesome. Its basically the Landorus EX from last year, but with even more to bench.
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  6. Serperior 464/500

    Advanced Member Member

    I was really hoping we'd catch his match with Sam in the semis. I expected Vileplume/Big Basics to win because of Item lock to keep Shintaro from getting set up as quickly as he'd like while hitting hard with something like Yveltal to apply pressure.

    Definitely an incredible call, and I'm super happy for the guy.
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  7. TSweet Aspiring Trainer


    So was his two hands in the semis against what was not a favorable matchup. He pulled that one out with some crazy draws. I don't think it matters that much in the end the Audino starts were too good and there were no shaymins on bench for easy snipes.
  8. The Binder Guy Aspiring Trainer
    The Binder Guy


    I heard about M Audino-EX being a possible NM counter when it came out but I never expected this! I gotta give Shintaro props for going with those whispers, it paid off for him.

    Oh, and I got 50 bucks off a coworker from a bet we made 6 months ago because of him.
  9. treyh37 Watcher of Thorns


    looking at the list only 4 cards rotate: 2x AZ, xerosic and startling megaphone, xerosic and megaphone are for disruption and are mostly techs that can be swapped for other techs, az is the standard reset my nearly dead poke so they don't take a prize move, there's nothing to replace it atm but we'll likely get super scoop up or maybe scoop up reprinted in the next 2-4 sets.

    so can it survive post rotation, mostly will it be still effective... with the loss of NM and trevanent item lock we are likely to see an uptick in mega use, but with that happening other bigger hitting megas will likely rise above it.
  10. freedom8901 Aspiring Trainer


    Honestly, being a player of rogue decks, I am super happy for him, as I always feel that Pokemon TCG needs more creative play rather than clones of meta deck flooding the field.
  11. Robin Aisaga Ginger Lillie > Regular Lillie
    Robin Aisaga


    I'm not really that happy because this is simply the result of Night March being overused. It's not as if any well thought rogue decks stands a chance now. As long as the TCG keeps making weak and powerful cards as they do now, you will always see overused decks and their counters. Next up: GX

    Mad props to Shintaro though, this was absolutely one of the best choices for Worlds. But It's likely not a very good PRC+ deck.
  12. Latte1504 Aspiring Trainer


    This was just a good meta-call. If Night March can go fast enough, it would beat M Audino.
  13. PMJ happy thoughts

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    I wouldn't be so sure. To get enough Night Marchers in the discard in order to OHKO Mega Audino quickly, they'll have to play Shaymin, which Audino loves to feast upon. Even if one does manage to go down, the second it can Lysandre up a Shaymin it can even out the prize trade, or even come ahead if it can snipe a little guy.

    You can also power Mega Audino up in a single turn thanks to Mega Turbo and DCE so it's not nearly as helpless as you might think.
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  14. In addition to taking out low-HP Basics, Magical Symphony can be used to set up and execute multi-Prize card plays in a similar vein to good old Landorus-EX. I think there is a good chance of us seeing more of this card's success in future tournaments. Snipe damage hasn't been a major factor in a long time, causing players to not include Mr. Mime BKT in their lists (Bench Barrier cannot stop Trevenant BREAK's Silent Fear or Greninja's Water Shuriken shenanigans). If Audino does pick up, Mr. Mime could make a return, although Hex Maniac still gets around it.

    The cool thing about M Audino Is that as a Colorless Pokemon, it can be paired with almost anything. Unlike M Rayquaza, it doesn't require nearly as much devotion to do what it does, leaving a lot of room for tech cards. One possibility might be a toolbox version with Rainbow energy and backup hitters such as Jolteon-EX, Glaceon-EX and Regice AOR, similar to Sam's deck. Alternatively you could use Volcanion STS and Fire Energy to put on some early damage and acclerate Energy. The possibilities for this are practically limitless.
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  15. BraviaryBoi Anonymus


    Mega Audino beats Greninja. Idk what you people are thinking.
  16. 21times Aspiring Trainer


    Things that beat Nightmarch (Trevenant, Vileplume varients, Aquabox, Greninja)
    Things that beat the things that beat Nightmarch (Darkbox, Vespiquen builds)

    This is the funniest way I've ever heard the Night March era described.

    Thanks for the laugh ... I'm ready to move on to the new rotation now!
  17. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    It was super nice to see this battle. The main reason I don't like to write off cards.
  18. Otaku The wise fool?


    I was quite pleased by M Audino-EX being the focus of the Masters Division winning deck.

    It proved that a lot of folks who have been hating on Night March... have been hating on Night March as opposed to justly criticizing it.

    Don't get me wrong: plenty of room for honest criticism of Night March. Most of what I heard levied against it, however, seemed like the same unsubstantiated criticisms I hear novice players levy against Pokémon-EX; not the best Pokémon-EX but all of them. The competitive metagame is made up of the best cards of each Stage. Except for Restored Pokémon because that mechanic is so crippling and even when we get something good which Evolves from them, odds are it can use Archie's Ace in the Hole or Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick.

    Seriously though, if it wasn't so frustrating it would be funny; complaints about how Evolving Pokémon were so useless and when we get a deck built around them that is probably the best in the format, the complaints now are about these guys.
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  19. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    Yeah, I agree with that. Looking at things now, I feel EX Pokemon and Mega Evolution need more support to balance out how powerful evolutions have become recently. Audino EX has been on my radar since 110 damage plus 50 damage snipe is quite strong. Even with my Ho-Oh EX build, the ability to KO Shaymin plus Joltik is very nice so a faster version of that, with more bulk is just too good. I wasn't expecting to see it and was prepared to see Night March and things that beat Night March on stream, which was all I saw and then I heard that a m Audino deck made finals. Also the no VS Seeker tech was a smart choice.

    I don't think the deck can be good outside of worlds but who knows but I do want to say I wish people would stop saying all of something is the problem when the problem is normally something smaller.
  20. Butt3rBob Aspiring Trainer


    What do you mean by no VS Seeker Tech?

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