TCG Fakes Kate's Image-Based Fakes [Hoenn Excellence in Progress]

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  1. kachitta Team Aqua Grunt


    Feel free to browse and suggest attacks, abilities and ancient traits for cards :) You can also request next card from the set to make!

    Hoenn Excellence [​IMG]
    1/131 Brawly's Heracross (G) R
    2/131 Brawly's MEGA Heracross (G) UR
    3/131 Wallace's Lotad (G) C
    4/131 Wallace's Lombre (G) U
    5/131 Wallace's Ludicolo (G) R
    6/131 Brawly's Shroomish (G) C
    7/131 Brawly's Breloom (G) R
    8/131 Winona's Tropius (G) U
    9/131 Norman's Deerling (G) C
    10/131 Norman's Sawsbuck (G) U

    ✓ 11/131 Flannery's Slugma (R) C
    12/131 Flannery's Magcargo (R) R
    13/131 Flannery's Torchic (R) C
    14/131 Flannery's Combusken (R) U
    15/131 Flannery's Blaziken (R) R
    16/131 Flannery's MEGA Blaziken (R) UR
    17/131 Flannery's Numel (R) U
    18/131 Flannery's Camerupt (R) R
    19/131 Flannery's MEGA Camerupt (R) UR
    20/131 Flannery's Torkoal (R) U

    21/131 Winona's Magikarp (W) C
    22/131 Wallace's Mudkip (W) C
    23/131 Wallace's Marshtomp (W) U
    24/131 Wallace's Swampert (W) R
    25/131 Wallace's MEGA Swampert (W) UR
    26/131 Winona's Wingull (W) C
    27/131 Winona's Pelipper (W) U
    28/131 Wallace's Feebas (W) C

    29/131 Wallace's Milotic (W) R
    30/131 Roxanne's Relicanth (W) R
    31/131 Wallace's Luvdisc (W) C
    32/131 Wattson's Rotom (Water) (W) R
    33/131 Roxanne's Tirtouga (W) C
    34/131 Roxanne's Carracosta (W) U

    35/131 Wattson's Voltorb (L) C
    36/131 Wattson's Electrode (L) R
    37/131 Wattson's Mareep (L) C
    38/131 Wattson's Flaafy (L) U
    39/131 Wattson's Ampharos (L) R
    40/131 Wattson's Electrike (L) C
    41/131 Wattson's Manectric (L) R
    42/131 Wattson's MEGA Manectric (L) UR

    43/131 Tate's Natu (P) C
    44/131 Tate's Xatu (P) U
    45/131 Brawly's Meditite (P) U
    46/131 Brawly's Medicham (P) R
    47/131 Brawly's MEGA Medicham (P) UR
    48/131 Liza's Spoink (P) C
    49/131 Liza's Grumpig (P) U
    ✓ 50/131 Liza's Lunatone (P) R
    ✓ 51/131 Tate's Solrock (P) R
    52/131 Tate's Chingling (P) C
    53/131 Tate's Chimecho (P) U
    54/131 Flannery's Litwick (P) C
    55/131 Flannery's Lampent (P) U
    56/131 Flannery's Chandelure (P) R

    57/131 Brawly's Machop (F) C
    58/131 Brawly's Machoke (F) U
    59/131 Brawly's Machamp (F) R
    60/131 Roxanne's Geodude (F) C
    61/131 Roxanne's Graveler (F) U
    62/131 Roxanne's Golem (F) R
    63/131 Roxanne's Aerodactyl (F) R
    64/131 Roxanne's MEGA Aerodactyl (F) UR
    65/131 Brawly's Makuhita (F) C
    66/131 Brawly's Hariyama (F) U
    67/131 Roxanne's Nosepass (F) C
    68/131 Liza's Baltoy (F) C
    69/131 Liza's Claydol (F) U
    70/131 Tate's Gallade (F) R
    71/131 Tate's MEGA Gallade (F) UR

    72/131 Winona's MEGA Gyarados (D) UR
    73/131 Wallace's Carvanha (D) C
    74/131 Wallace's Sharpedo (D) R
    75/131 Wallace's MEGA Sharpedo (D) UR

    76/131 Wattson's Magnemite (M) C
    77/131 Wattson's Magneton (M) U
    78/131 Wattson's Magnezone (M) R
    79/131 Winona's Skarmory (M) U
    80/131 Roxanne's Aron (M) C
    81/131 Roxanne's Lairon (M) U
    82/131 Roxanne's Aggron (M) R
    83/131 Roxanne's MEGA Aggron (M) UR
    84/131 Roxanne's Probopass (M) U

    85/131 Tate & Liza's Ralts (Y) C
    86/131 Tate & Liza's Kirlia (Y) U
    87/131 Liza's Gardevoir (Y) R
    88/131 Liza's MEGA Gardevoir (Y) UR
    89/131 Winona's MEGA Altaria (Y) UR

    90/131 Winona's Dratini (N) C
    91/131 Winona's Dragonair (N) U
    92/131 Winona's Dragonite (N) R
    93/131 Wattson's MEGA Ampharos (N) UR
    94/131 Winona's Altaria (N) R

    95/131 Norman's Pidgey (C) C
    96/131 Norman's Pidgeotto (C) U
    97/131 Norman's Pidgeot (C) R
    98/131 Norman's MEGA Pidgeot (C) UR
    99/131 Norman's Kangaskhan (C) R
    100/131 Norman's MEGA Kangaskhan (C) UR
    101/131 Winona's Gyarados (C) R
    102/131 Norman's Aipom (C) C
    103/131 Norman's Ambipom (C) U
    104/131 Norman's Slakoth (C) C
    105/131 Norman's Vigoroth (C) U
    106/131 Norman's Slaking (C) R
    107/131 Winona's Swablu (C) C

    108/131 Balance Badge (I) (I) C
    109/131 Brawly FA (Su) R
    110/131 Dewford Town Gym (St) U
    111/131 Dynamo Badge (I) C
    112/131 Feather Badge (I) C
    ✓ 113/131 Flannery FA (Su) R
    114/131 Fortree City Gym (St) U
    115/131 Heat Badge (I) C
    116/131 Knuckle Badge (I) C
    117/131 Lavaridge Town Gym (St) U
    118/131 Mauville City Gym (St) U
    ✓ 119/131 Mind Badge (I) C
    120/131 Mossdeep City Gym (St) U
    121/131 Norman FA (Su) R
    122/131 Petalburg City Gym (St) U
    123/131 Rain Badge (I) C
    124/131 Roxanne FA (Su) R
    125/131 Rustboro City Gym (St) U
    126/131 Sootopolis City Gym (St) U
    127/131 Stone Badge (I) C
    128/131 Tate & Liza FA (Su) R
    129/131 Wallace FA (Su) R
    130/131 Wattson FA (Su) R
    131/131 Winona FA (Su) R
    132/131 Hoenn FA (St) SR
    Artwork: Ken Sugimori, Blank: aschefield101
    Artwork: CoronaFox, Blank: aschefield101
    3D model: bogeymankurt, Blank: aschefield101, Exterior: Balcarka cave, Czech Republic
    3D model: bogeymankurt, Blank: aschefield101, Exterior: Prachovské skály, Czech Republic
    Blank: aschefield101
    Artwork: Nisego, Blank: aschefield101
    Blank: aschefield101, Exterior: Smrk, Czech Republic
    Blank: aschefield101
    Blank: aschefield101, Exterior: Temelín Nuclear Power Plant, Czech Republic
    3D model: portadorX, Blank: aschefield101
    Blank: aschefield101
    Blank: aschefield101
    Blank: aschefield101, Exterior: Klokočské skály, Bohemian Paradise, Czech Republic
    Blank: aschefield101
    Art: Edo--sama, Blank: aschefield101
    Art: Nintendo, Blank: aschefield101
    Cards in need of changing set logo and number are marked with *
    Preview cards waiting for attack suggestions are marked with #

    My first try
    Artwork: pikaranger, Blank & symbols: ShiningBill, Font guide: icycatelf, Ability icon: aschefield101
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  2. Zygarde Z-Dawg


    Why is Musharna's image so different from Slugma's? I understand they're different blanks, but Musharna looks quite blurry. Flannery looks pretty, but depending on the Pokémon you make for her it might become pretty OP.

    I see you submitted Slugma to CaC. I like the trainer icon and how you used flavour text as if said by Flannery. However, the Ability and Attack were already made before on (more than one) real cards, which hurts your creativity score a lot.

    I love to see new fakers emerge, so keep 'em coming! If you need help with something specific, PM me. If it's something beyond my knowledge/resources (such as how to make textured full arts), I'll point you to people who can help.

    Welcome to faking!
  3. kachitta Team Aqua Grunt


    Thanks Zygarde :)

    Musharna was my first attempt two years ago and I don't have file with layers any more, only this version overlaid with some creepy texture..

    Card texts aren't important to me as I'm making fakes for the graphic fun. The best approach I can think about is to team up with skilled text-based faker.

    Thanks for your offer! I'm always trying to do best on my own, but it's nice to know there is someone willing to help :)
  4. Rhesis Chandelure Fan


    Hi kachitta, I like your Slugma (I want to see the Magcargo :) ) and the weakness/resistance. There isn't yet any type resistant to Fairy in TCG and i think Fire is a very good option.

    But Flannery as a Supporter Card is too powerful. The artwork is great, i love it, but i think that you can put "flip a coin" or "one of Flannery's Pokémon" because like that is a "Breaking Card" (Walter White approves this joke).

    Finally Musharna has a very good Ability. Now Laserbank is not so popular, but your opponent would think twice if he wants to poison you, or Malamar EX Ability for example.
  5. kachitta Team Aqua Grunt


    Hi Rhesis, thanks for your feedback!

    Musharna was created with Laser in mind and I also wanted to carry over Synchronize ability from VG.

    Text on other cards wasn't created with real cards in mind and I also thought of making all Flannery's Pokémon supportive.

    Will try to come up with something interesting for Magcargo
  6. kachitta Team Aqua Grunt


    Added Tate's Solrock made for June's Create-A-Card to the first post.
  7. Looking awesome! I'll recommend an Ancient Trait Regigigas and Steven's Metagross.
  8. thegrovylekid Makes fake cards


    That Flannery card is Very Broken.
  9. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Oh my gosh!!! That artwork is absolutely stunning! The colours also seem to really match with the AT format. <3<3<3 from me ^_^
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2015
  10. Athena Envoy of Mediation

    Advanced Member Member

    I really love the artwork for your new Solrock card; so amazing! :D I saw it in the CaC thread first, since you have your own thread, I figured it would be better to comment here. :p
  11. Jabberwock #Jovimohnaeliackvid


    The art on Solrock is incredible! It fits perfectly in the background, and the glow around it is a nice touch.

    What are you using to change the color of the Ancient Trait bar, though? I'm trying to get into Ancient Traits myself and I'm feeling a bit limited by the options we have now, especially since Pokémon's made it clear that they're not just going to keep to the Hoenn legendary Traits.
  12. kachitta Team Aqua Grunt


    Thanks for your feedback :) Seems like I have found another way for creating beautiful, unique artwork. More cards are on the way :)
    I'm using GIMP. Colors > Hue-Saturation, choose Master, then move Hue handle. Sometimes it's needed to modify the new color with other tools.
    It depends on effects of Flannery's cards :)
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  13. Glad to see you're using gimp! For Ancient Trait Cards I'd really like a font guide- so could you post an xcf file of one of your ancient trait cards? It'd be a big help to the gimp faking community :D
  14. kachitta Team Aqua Grunt


    Steven's Metagross is on the way, but Regigigas is out of scope for now, because I'm focusing on pure Hoenn right now.

    I am doing a lot of text transformations and layer duplicating and manipulating, so there is almost no text layer left. But I think I can come up with some sort of 2in1 guide/manual :)
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  15. Alright, great! And instead of Regigigas maybe Wallace's Regice?
  16. kachitta Team Aqua Grunt


    Added set name, logo, setlist and Liza's Lunatone and Mind Badge :)

    I have to stop faking for a couple of weeks and will make just Badge tools when I come up with some idea for them, so I will make the guide/manual sometimes in the future when I will be doing new AT card from scratch.
    I was working on the setlist this night and came up with cards based on Pokémon which are owned by their respective Gym leader in B2W2 and ORAS (with exception of few cards). Maybe in the future :)
    I'm now thinking about restricting the card or changing the effect completely after I came up with setlist and decided that Flannery will have two Megas :)
  17. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Once again you've blown me away with the art! I hope you don't mind me critiquing them (tell me if you do :) ).

    The Mind Badge is probably a bit too enhanced. -40 would make more sense, especially considering the Klefki of FuF.

    The Lunatone's Missing Power is a OP. Consider Fairy Toolbox decks. They use primarily special energy. If you discard all of them, there is effectively no way to get the energy back, and in one attack you could literally prevent your opponent from winning the game. Plus, since you have the card, you can prepare against the Solrock. If you want to do something with Special Energy, you could do "Discard a Special Energy attached to the Active Pokemon." That would make the card much more realistic and will deOPise it :)
  18. kachitta Team Aqua Grunt


    Thanks! No problem :)

    Oh, I forgot about the Klefki. It's wording is different than that of Vileplume BCR, I have to change the wording of Mind Badge, thanks :)
    Tool is far easier to remove from play than an Ability, is restricted to the Pokémon it is attached to and needs to have an effect comparable to other powerful tools, so I came up with -60 Resistance.

    I belive that every mainstream deck should have a big weakness :) Lunatone really isn't a card that you can throw in for countering as you need 2 different Pokémon and 4 Energies to trigger it, moreover you can't simply use DCE because it targets both players. Liza and Tate's Pokémon are based on discarding, which is a mechanism that I really like :)

    Would the card be even a little playable if it does discarding one Special Energy from just only Active Pokémon for 4 energies and has so few HP? :)
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  19. kachitta Team Aqua Grunt


    Added preview of Magcargo, looking for suggestions for its attacks :)
  20. Ice Arceus #Jovimohnaeliackvid
    Ice Arceus

    Advanced Member Member

    It might be a good idea to post the new cards as a post in addition to updating the OP. That way, it'll be easier to check out and comment. :)

    And I second what most people have been saying in this thread. The artwork you've been incorporating recently within your cards has been phenomenal!
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