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  • kachitta, how are things in the US? A bit rough but manageable. Right now (it's Tuesday) I need to write up a practice speech to give in class today, to give the real thing either later this week or start of the next one. I did what I did for the last 2 speeches I wrote this way - couldn't get inspired all day Monday and ended up working on half of it Monday night (a terrible procrastination habit, I know). It's half done (I think I only have 2 sub-points now as opposed to the usual 3), so I'll finish it up today, writing in the 2nd point and then cleaning it up. It should go well, I hope.

    Ah, and I dropped you a response to your PM as well. I hope you like it.
    kachitta, aw, thanks for the compliment!
    I'm going to head out myself soon to league. Sleep well, and catch you later!
    kachitta, all right then! I'm always glad to lend a hand to people when I can - makes me realize I actually am good for something!
    kachitta, nah, it's all right. I'm partly at fault for not catching on. Still, I really like you! you're a great friend.
    kachitta, I'm glad to be working alongside you also.
    And thanks! Hah, it's come up again so fast :D
    Welcome to the Beach! Hope you enjoy it here, and I am most pleased to see that your first post was a contributing one! :D Very well done! Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me or a mod! :D
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