Japan's SM6+ Set, 'Dragon Storm,' Plus 'Champion Road' Mini-Set!


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Seems pretty good, looks like the kind of card that'll see play. I wonder what insane decks will be made with Kingdra?

Zero Umbreon

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I like it. It’s worth playing, and we still don’t know what Horsea and Seadra do. If Seadra has a attack like water duplicates or something, this could be exceptional.


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Focus on one point of the deck. Too many diversions leads to clunkiness. What if Garb is around and your strategy is ruined.
Isn't that why people run stuff like field blowers, or have ways to kill a garbador or trubbish when they have the chance? If there are counters your deck, obviously you should consider options to prevent those from causing you to lose.


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Wow this is a great card and I think with Quagsire, this could be great. Baby Kingrda snipes with the GX attack maybe???


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So it's probably not gonna be that good or anything. i mean, it's a stage 2 that needs 3+ energy to get knockouts. However, it might see some play. Just watch this get to be the BDIF, with my luck. It's like they're TRYING to make me look like an idiot when i said I didn't like Quagsire. Oh well. I still think it won't be that good.


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Artwork sadly looks like a notch down from it's EX counterpart. I've noticed it occur also with the Legendary Beasts. Damn.


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So my current thinking:

This with Zoroarks/Quagsire to accelerate Water energy via Patch/Quagsire. You can then use other Supporters instead of your typical draw supporters.

It has a really nice health of 230 that, outside of Golisopod match-ups, makes it a prime target for Acerola. Puzzles can help replenish your Aqua Patches and/or supporters.

I'm definitely going to play with this thing once it comes out.


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I absolutely love the artwork! Kingdra, the bubbles, the background, everything works so well together!!

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I love it! I loved playing Kingdra-EX with BKT Magnezone, and this one will be nearly the same feeling. This thing looks like it has such a huge potential to sweep with all the right cards and setup. It's also got a pretty unique way of doing damage while uncharged, options being either hit and run or set up damage Tapu Koko-style. I would love to argue this thing being used with Splash Energy, but this will be in the set coming right before Worlds happens. Still though, I jumped a little when I saw this in the news, and I'm happy to think that this card can be great, and I'm looking foward to using it in the future!


Reverse thrusting to Glaceon-GX when necessary sounds like half a plan already. Scatter some damage counters round the board with baby Kingdra to make Glaceon's GX attack ferocious. I like it, like it a lot.