News Japan's SM4+ Set: 'GX Battle Boost!'


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I was really hoping Ultra Beasts wouldn't be GX's, but their own thing. I guess they still can be like Team Plasma Pokemon or something, but I want some special energy and cards especially for UBs.


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It's cool that we're finally getting (some of) the other UBs here (as I'm sure SM4 probs won't have them all), I'm interested in seeing their art in GX form.

On another note, how have I only found out about SM4 today when we knew about it for like 3 weeks? That makes like no sense.


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HYPE! I wonder if this'll be in SM4 in the States due to 3+ being it's own set. Also, don't forget that Japan will probably also get the Koko Alternate art from the tin in this set

Edit: now that I realize the UBs are in this set it's likely it'll be in SM4


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It seems to be unlikely that GX Battle Boost will become the 3rd Legendary treasures styled pack, unless there's another pack they could use for the Radiant Collection part of it (the closest we have is Shining Legends, which is their own pack).


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4+ already??
ughhhh... this gen is the most $$$$-driven one so far IMO, at least the one that has an impact on me anyway.
Sm3+ Shining Legends was leaked only a few days ago, and now this.
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