Jamming Tower Revealed from “Mask of Change!”


Miss Vaanjie
Jamming Tower, a new Stadium, has just been revealed from SV6 Mask of Change! The set will release in Japan on April 26th. It should then combine with March’s Crimson Haze to form our Twilight Masquerade set in May.
Jamming Tower – Trainer
Pokemon Tools attached to Pokemon in play (both yours and your opponent’s) have no effect.
You may play only 1 Stadium card during your turn. Put it next to the Active Spot, and discard it if another Stadium comes into play. A Stadium with the same name can’t be played.
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Oh wow! This is gonna definitely be pretty impactful on the meta.

Nearly every meta deck utilizes some kind of Tool card. FSS, TMs (Evolution, Devolution, and Crisis Punch), Defiance Band, Heavy Baton Pass, Bravery Charm and Luxurious Cape, Rescue Board, Ancient and Future Capsules, and the Ace Spec Tools. It doesn't shut down decks as hard as Path to the Peak, but it still shuts them down enough that you're gonna want to be able to bump this thing as fast as possible. Though I'm not sure whether this is gonna lead to a healthier meta or a worse one.

I wonder if this soft confirms/denies an Ogrepon Ace Spec Tool for this set. It would be a bit cruel to print such a nasty counter before even revealing it.
If this is here, and no lost vacuum, you can remove tools, but without lost vacuum it is hard to search out a way to remove stadium as there are no stadium tools right now. This doesn't seem so great for the meta, as it just screws over tool based decks.
So much for them Ace Spec tool cards having any good use. I hope they reprint chaotic swell or marshadow to deal with this stadium. It does cancel off the annoying capsules for ancient and future box though, which is neat. ??
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One wording difference I noticed between this and Lysandre Labs is that Lysandre turns off all tools in play whereas Jamming turns off tools attached to Pokemon in play, so does that mean Jamming can't stop tools attached to Doll cards like Lillie's and Snorlax?
Lost Vacuum already exists, and Future Hands is still a good deck. This doesn't destroy Future Hands, it just provides a balancing feature.
lost vacuum removes one at a time -this is much more powerfull as it leaves a dead attachment for all tools used.