News 'Islands Waiting for You' and 'Moonlight of Alola': Japan's Next Sun and Moon TCG Set!

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The Drill Pokemon. An evolve form of Rhydon.
Why TPCi spoil a FA card already? Are they Normal arts? Me, I love Normal Arts, I don't play Full Arts.


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Mr. Ryperior, the Hala has a regular art. It was released a while back. But boy, The full art is beautiful. Also, I looking forward to a sylveon-umbreon deck.


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Sylveon-GX is awesome! One of my favorite pokemon is a good card. Excited to try and use it :D

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This makes me so happy. I will buy more than I should. I prolly will buy more than I have holo cards. I just wish the Lycanroc binder was also 9-card pages but I will take what I can.
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Both portfolios will hit store shelves on May 5th, the same day as Guardians Rising

Maybe it's just where I get them from but I can't remember the last time I got it the same day as the set.

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May 5= the best day ever!!
Why, you may ask, well I'll explain...
1) Guardians Rising
2)Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
3)Cinco de Mayo

It is truly going to be a great day!!!


That Sylveon GX is a lot better than I originally thought! First attack is basically collect which isn't great but at least helps you out of dead draws, 110 damage is solid, usually two shotting everything, even one shotting with the type change eeveelutions and a muscle band!

But that GX attack... on the last leg of the game removing the final forest of plants and shuffling two decidueye back into the hand? Or Solgaleos? Or a darkrai/yveltal with too much energy? It could be a very good attack if used correctly, much like Umbreon GXs attack.

Oh and Hala looks boss as always..
Sylveon is not collect, it is search. Even with a dead draw, you can get what ever you need.

I'm thinking Quad Sylveon. Like those Lapras decks but with Sylveon. What do y'all think about that?
I don't understand how quad Lap works anyway, how would this work?
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I don't think Quad Sylveon would work. Quad Lapras pretty much works because the second attack (forgetting its name) hits for 160, whereas Sylveon's only hits for 110. Lapras can draw into resources and eventually cycle between Laprases to hit for 160 per turn, or use a Kukui to OHKO EXes/lower-HP GXes. While Sylveon doesn't get the downside of Lapras' strong attack, it also doesn't get the numbers it needs to take knockouts all alone, and doesn't have the panic-button GX attack that Lapras has either. Finally, to top it all off, Sylveon needing to evolve both takes away the deck space for techs that Lap relies on, as well as stops Max Elixir from working.


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Best 8: 【Sylveon GX】

Eevee 4
Sylveon GX 3

VS Seeker 4
Max Potion 4
Puzzle of Time4
Enhanced Hammer 2
Pal Pad 1
Startling Megaphone 1
Head Ringer 1
Captivating Pokepuff 1
Target Whistle 1

Team Rocket's Handiwork 2
Pokemon Ranger 1
N 1
Team Flare Grunt 4
Lysandre 2
Xerosic 1
Delinquent 3

Silent Lab 4
Parallel City 2

Basic Fairy Energy 14

After I posted my comment, I did some research and found this deck that got a top 8 in Japan. Like Quad Lapras, uses a lot of disruption and all. I think an advantage would be the first search move and the typing - less susceptible to grass types. I dunno. Was just saying. Not very familiar with Lapras GX either.

But this finish proves my idea could work. And also that my idea isn't really original. haha
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That's... uh... quite the interesting list. Pokepuff, Target Whistle, Rocket's Handiwork, no Sycamore and only 1 N, 3 Delinquent, 4 (!) Flare Grunt, 14 energy when the attack that makes the deck worth running is 1 energy cost... Also, it only runs 3 Sylveon. I'm genuinely baffled as to how that list even made top cut. I suppose I could see Quad Sylveon working with the right list, but that is certainly not it.


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Perhaps in the future they will make a water pokemon with an attack like Keldeo EX's or Darkrai EX's to go with this.