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Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by corabed, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. corabed Consistency is Key


    Any ideas for new pokemon? Post them here!
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  2. His Goominess sue me
    His Goominess


    An epic evo of Stunfisk with epic ground type and electric type Sig moves, two not-so useless abilities, and epic stats.

    I would also want a bug/dragon type that could be a huge dragonfly. Another cool thing would be a Poison-Steel with Levitate and epic Sp.D. Think if Weezing and Bronzong merged, and Blissey gave it's huge Sp.D to it.
  3. corabed Consistency is Key


    Personally I want to see a Donkey pokemon.
  4. PokeMedic Don't talk to me or my Pokemon ever again

    Activities Staff Member

    Do we have anything based on a stinkbug? They would make a nice addition.
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    Dork Void


    A Ghost-Steel type Pokemon that is an undead knight, with armor, swords, and all. It would be awesome.
  6. Nigel Extra Spicy


    An Alpaca/Llama Pokemon...
    ...Nonono...A flying Alpaca Pokemon... about an Emo Flying Alpaca Pokemon?

    Flying/Dark Type
  7. FlyingChainChomp Ruff, ruff!


    A dark/psychic type legendary kind of like a new Mewtwo/Deoxys.

    Legendary trio based on ghosts.

    And more type pairings that haven't been done yet. Seriously, some of Black and White's typing were already done so I dunno why they didn't spice it up a bit. *cough*emboar*cough*
  8. Card Slinger J Aspiring Trainer
    Card Slinger J


    How about go back to doing what Nintendo and Game Freak were doing in Gen IV,
    giving new Evolutions to old Pokemon like at least give us new Eeveelutions based on the other elemental types that they haven't covered already. Something that should of been done in Gen V but never came about, more like a missed opportunity IMO.

    Give us a Dolphin Pokemon as well as a Pokemon based on the Jersey Devil, I've also yet to see a Pokemon based on the El Chupacabra. Come on Game Freak make it happen, I know you're better than what you did in Gen V (though some of the new designs weren't bad I'll admit) it was still somewhat solid nonetheless. Give us a Griffin Pokemon at least...
  9. PsychedelicBreakfast We can live beside the ocean leave the fire behind


    A panda. Spinda was a lame excuse for a panda Pokemon.
    A wolf. I don't think there's been a true representation for a wolf. Lots of canine Pokemon, but no wolf. And don't make it Normal. -_-
    A kangaroo. There's Kangaskhan, but I would like a more sleek version of it, without a baby in the pouch.
    A toucan.
    Another turtle/tortoise.
    Something, something... already ran out of ideas.
  10. don()shinobi PokeBeach's Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiast. I guess.


    A Kangaroo that has access to the best Kick and Punch attacks and has the stats and Abilities to back it up.
    Oh, and it's Normal/Fighting as well.
    Good times.
  11. Zyflair Yes, sir. Of course, sir.

    Advanced Member Member

    This cannot be emphasized enough.
  12. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    How about a Komodo-dragon based pokémon? It'd be cool and could be Dragon/Poison...
  13. Juliacoolo Always happy to talk! Send me a message :)

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    A rock-dragon would be delicious competitively. As would a non-uber Steel/Dragon and Water/Dragon.

    I'm personally hoping just for more new evolutions with added types. BW is really boring in that respect.
  14. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


  15. don()shinobi PokeBeach's Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiast. I guess.


    Well, I can't blame him for forgetting about Kingdra. Without Swift Swim and Drizzle on the same team in OU, Kingdra's nearly useless.
  16. Cinesra obsevitative


    Snorlax would like to have a word with you.
    I'd like to see more mythological based Pokemon like the Chimera, griffins, unicorns, etc. Is a blue jay, cardinal, or a dolphin too much to ask?
  17. A Dolphin. Its one of the most requested concepts, and I'm surprised Gamefreak hasn't made it yet.

    I'd also like to see some paradox type combinations, like Water/Fire, Grass/Fire, Ice/Fire, and Psychic/Dark. They did it with Ground/Flying and Ground/Electric, so I don't see why they couldn't make other type paradoxes.
    Dork Void


    And who could forget the infamous Ghost-Normal, immune to both Fighting and Ghost?
  19. Shining Dragon Aspiring Trainer
    Shining Dragon


    They are probably saving these ideas for future games so they don't run out ideas. I completely agree with the Dolphin Pokemon! I think they should make it a starter Pokemon somewhere down the line. :)
  20. Hyperion64 Aspiring Trainer


    Fighting-ghost jiang-shi, fighting-rock gorgonops, water-rock placoderm, dark-psychic fortune teller.

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