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Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by corabed, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Uralya *ponders everything*


    If you'd like, I made some mythological Fakemon for Pokemon Naranja. You can check chapters 21-23 for Derrick and Typhon's battle featuring Chimorror and Griffire, and a Cerberus, Cerebluster. Also, 24-25 have a Stymphalian bird, Fire-Steel Stympherno, and 27-28 have a Scylla, Scyllava. And I've also made a Hydra (Hydormant), Orthros (Orthrosion), Thanatos the death god (Thanatorch), and Phoenix (Phoenoxious) to premier in later chapters. Just an idea.

    I need a Grass Dragon made. Hydreaf or Tytannorus maybe. And a Fire-Dragon other than Reshiram, Mortragon or Mortarak, maybe Drinferno.


  2. Hazz Kirlia


    I want a new fish pokemon with an awesome design that is actually good. I loved seaking, its design was emmence. But it was hardly usable.
  3. Cinesra obsevitative


    I'd also like to see some more dinosaurs that haven't been used.

    What does this mean?
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  4. corabed Consistency is Key


    It means large, good,awesome... that kind of thing.
    (But I think he/she spelt it wrong)
  5. Chaos Ripper Obsessed w/ TES-Oblivion, Lamb of God, and GH-WOR
    Chaos Ripper


    I think another mythical pokemon should be made, like something based on Big Foot, or the Chupacabra (a Mexican beast-vampire). What would also be cool would be a duo of dragon pokemon that are equal but opposite.
  6. Lucario495 Aspiring Trainer


    They should make a Dark/Electric type!!!{D}{L}
  7. Chaos Ripper Obsessed w/ TES-Oblivion, Lamb of God, and GH-WOR
    Chaos Ripper


    I think they should have something like a Fire/Dragon type, as that should be standard. but there are none. Maybe Metal/Dragon? That would be awesome. Don't forget about some Eeveelutions, like Dragon and Metal.
  8. King Arceus Aspiring Trainer
    King Arceus

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    I'll allow this to remain open so members can continue discussing new ideas for Pokemon.
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  9. Juliacoolo Always happy to talk! Send me a message :)

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    THeY sHouLdDd mAkee a {P}{W}{L}{L}{M}{G} typyYpypye!!!!

    :p I think it would be cool to have an evolution of Smeargle that not only had Sketch, but had an ability called sketch which lets you permanently copy another ability. (Excluding Terravolt/TurboBlaze, Wonder Guard, etc.)
  10. Luckyfire Aspiring Trainer


    They should make a rainbow type. Rainbow means that you combine all the elements and are super-effect against every type created. That would be really cool. :)
  11. catutie Ahhhhh of


    We have so many horrible basic ones that just sit there like sore thumbs and have no practical value like Dunsparce, Stantler, Jynx, and so on. We need evo's for them...but no...we get pre-evo's for them because those are necessary? Ummmm no. Come on...MY LVL 100 DUNSPARCE NEEDS TO EVOLVE....oh wait....he can't...
  12. Chaos Ripper Obsessed w/ TES-Oblivion, Lamb of God, and GH-WOR
    Chaos Ripper


    I totally agree with catutie. We NEED evos for a bunch of the basics that essentially sit there like bumps on a log. BW filled that space even more, with uneeded basics that are not for anything exept for EV training, like Stunfisk, or Drudiggon. I can't believe that Druddigon doesn't have an evo, it looks so awesome!
  13. catutie Ahhhhh of


    I thought Druddigon was the evo...but noooooo it's a basic that sucks :/. I remember when everyone thought Tauros was gonna get an evo :p. It makes me sad when they gave Lickitung an evo...but not someone like Stantler or Dunsparce...Lickilicki was unneeded xD.

    I personally want a more Eeveelutions :3. Dracoeon :D.
  14. dBlue ...


    I think fighting ghost would be really cool.
  15. Blah DBT


    Why do you always have to post the ideas we come up with while I'm at your house before me? One day, I'll beat you too it.

    Ghost-Steel, yeah. Either an undead knight like DV said or like a creepy floating spiked ball.

    I also think triple types would be interesting. Ghost Steel Dragon would be the most epic thing ever.
  16. corabed Consistency is Key


  17. TokenDuelist YGO TCG is Cheaper. Fight me.


    I like the basics in B/W .n.;;

    Also I use them on teams.

    EV training everything is more pointless in my opinion lol.
  18. Austin Eafford Aspiring Trainer
    Austin Eafford


    Three brand new starter pokemon for the another generation.

    Name: Calfurnace
    Pokémon: Young Cattle
    Type: Fire

    Name: Hydropus
    Pokémon: Tentacle

    Name: Budny
    Pokémon: Bush Bunny
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  19. Marshadow?
  20. Calling Feebacarp!

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