'GX Ultra Shiny' Pack Featuring Shiny Pokemon, Worldwide Card Legality After All?!

First of all Metagross <3
Second I think that all reprint will get a shiny version aswell
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And the cards keep coming! This set will crack open everyone’s pocket books!
Also, since we have golden Bulu and Fini, will we get golden Lele?
I was hoping for a second I’d see shiny Goomy. D’aww.
Gotta love those golden Tapus, really getting into that Alolan Dieties are Cool feel.
Me seeing the golden lele being excited and want it ... my billfold sighs and tells me I can't afford them
I was hoping for a second I’d see shiny Goomy. D’aww.
Gotta love those golden Tapus, really getting into that Alolan Dieties are Cool feel.
I agree. I just hope this set releases before our legality switch. Then it will be worthwhile to get here in America.
Also, this set will set new highs for most valuabe card
Ok, got my wishes for Baby Buzzwole and Sudowoodo already, this is really good. Now I'm going to be on the edge of my seat waiting to see if the Empoleon line gets it...
Nice touch with Guzma. Also Ingo & Emmet FA easy top 3 for best FA from the Sun&Moon era imo, even the background is amazing.
247 cards is just stupid. Broken record but they can't even meet demand on 63 card sets. This is the wrong time to pull this nonsense.
That FA Cynthia drawn in Yusuke Ohmura style did some things inside me. This set is super crazy with so many SR cards, though.
Incoming shiny Turtonator GX, Electrode GX, Darkrai GX, Articuno GX, Reshiram GX, and shiny Scyther and Wimpod. So it's safe to assume there will probably be a shiny Golisopod GX?
The garchomp in cynthias card is shiny. We cant tell cuz its looks just like the normal but we can infer this because the lucario is.
151 Aether Foundation Staff
152 Guzma
153 Cynthia
154 Fisherman
155 Ingo and Emmet
156 Hiker
158 Dana
159 Evelyn
160 Nita
161 Scyther
162 Rowlet
163 Dartrix
164 Wimpod
165 Pheromosa
166 Charmander
167 Charmeleon
168 Alolan Vulpix
169 Wooper
170 Quagsire
171 Froakie
172 Frogadier
173 Voltorb
174 Xurkitree
175 Seviper
176 Shuppet
177 Inkay
178 Malamar
179 Poipole
180 Sudowoodo
181 Riolu
182 Lucario
183 Rockruff
184 Buzzwole
185 Zorua
186 Guzzlord
187 Magnemite
188 Magneton
189 Magnezone
190 Beldum
191 Metang
192 Celesteela
193 Kartana
194 Ralts
195 Kirlia
196 Diance
197 Altaria
198 Gible
199 Gabite
200 Garchomp
201 Eevee
202 Swablu
203 Noibat
204 Oranguru
205 Type: Null
206 Leafeon GX
207 Decidueye GX
208 Golisopod GX
209 Charizard GX
210 Ho-oh GX
211 Reshiram GX
212 Turtonator GX
213 Alolan Nintails GX
214 Articuno GX
215 Glaceon GX
216 Greninja GX
217 Electrode GX
218 Xurkitree GX
219 Mewtwo GX
220 Espeon GX
221 Banette GX
222 Nihilego GX
223 Naganadel GX
224 Lucario GX
225 Zygarde GX
226 Lycanroc GX
227 Lycanroc GX
228 Buzzwole GX
229 Umbreon GX
230 Darkrai GX
231 Zoroark GX
232 Guzzlord GX
233 Scizor GX
234 Metagross GX
235 Kartana GX
236 Stakataka GX
237 Gardevoir GX
238 Sylveon GX
239 Altaria GX
240 Rayquaza GX
241 Noivern GX
242 Silvally GX
243 Drampa GX
244 Tapu Bulu GX
245 Tapu Fini GX
246 Tapu Koko GX
247 Tapu Lele GX
248 Lunala GX
249 Solgaleo GX
250 Ultra Necrozma GX
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